20 Reasons Why Hollywood Forgot About Olivia Munn (With Photos Showing Why They Should Reconsider)

Olivia Munn is a character we simply haven’t seen very often in the world of entertainment lately. She seemed to have just vanished from the scene in a flash. She was once on a poster in every guy’s room, but whether she was playing a geeky girl on a gaming show or a serious role in the acting world, it seems like it just wasn’t enough to keep her on trend and snatching up those headlines. As much as people seemed to love her, there was a darker side to her career and what she stood for. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing yourself for who you are, many people believe that Olivia Munn was just playing a character, a more exaggerated version of herself and that sense of falsehood really drove individuals away because of how fake it all seemed at the end of the day.

When she was consistently trending everywhere you could back then, it’s surprising that she faded away so quickly. It could have easily been her own choice because in today’s current world she seems content and always looks flawless even when the paparazzi follow her around. Olivia Munn isn’t a bad individual whatsoever, but we do want to explore the possible reasons she could have been forgotten so quickly, and why she might have just embraced the fact that her time was over in the spotlight. With the talent she held onto so dearly, just so she could impress the guys, we have no doubt that we’ll see her somewhere again in the future.

20 She Has A Questionable Dating Past 

Olivia Munn has always somehow found a way to get involved in other relationships that aren’t really any of her business. Of course, you can’t choose who you fall in love with, but that’s no excuse to allegedly have a fling with them when they happen to be seeing someone else. Overall, Olivia Munn has been involved in some pretty bad rumors regarding this kind of stuff, which wouldn’t be hard to imagine that she possibly caused her own downfall from Hollywood by her own actions, not because of other people. The more we learn about her, the more it seems like this is probably the case. According to US Weekly, “After exchanging numbers, he ‘started chasing her immediately,’ says an insider,” referring to her past relationship with a big name in the industry.

While this is only rumored, there have been many sources regarding this interaction who don’t exactly seem to be on Olivia Munn’s side in the overall situation.

Whether this happened or not, it’s not the first time people have accused Olivia Munn when it comes to ruining a relationship that’s already been going on. Maybe in the future, she will make an effort to stay away from this kind of shallow drama that always comes and goes so quickly, if you blink, you’ll miss it.

19 Her Rebound Relationships

She’s had seemingly serious relationships in the past but then, as soon as they broke up, she just would move on so quickly it was shocking. This happened for a few of the past relationships she has been in recently, constantly moving on from person to person. Perhaps it’s because she’s insecure or needs to be with someone, which would be totally fine, but you would think you would try being with someone for a bit before revealing it to the world and making it obvious you’re with someone new. Most people should probably just wait a bit to see if the relationship will go anywhere serious.

According to a recent publication from E! Online, Olivia Munn has been rumored to have rebounded too quickly when she started getting involved with the star, Kinnaman. This relationship came out of nowhere and really seemed to have shocked many people in the process. While they might not have lasted that long, it’s no surprise that they did have some sort of attraction to each other since they worked together for so long. It still was almost too quick and random, it just looked like a simple grab for headlines and fame that wouldn’t even last.

18 Rumors Of Causing Family Issues

It’s never a cool thing to get involved with someone who has a family and just try to make them focus only on you. It’s simply not going to happen, and if it did ever happen, you probably shouldn’t even be with them because they have their priorities completely messed up. Apparently in a publication from the Bleacher Report, ever since Olivia Munn was involved with Aaron Rodgers, he “has not spoken to his family since December 2014.” The source also alleged that Rodgers had “sent back Christmas gifts from his parents, blown off a hometown friend’s wedding in which he was supposed to be a groomsmen, and even failed to attend his grandfather’s funeral.”

With all the quick relationships that seem to come out of nowhere, it’s not really a surprise of any kind that this problem occurred with another individual. Aaron Rodgers even confirmed in a later interview that this article was right and very accurate. This overall was a pretty sad situation for Rodgers, but he should have honestly seen it coming, especially with what Munn was involved in before he even came into the picture. He should have just played it smart and listened to his gut at the end of the day.

17 Her Gossiping Is Coming Back To Bite Her

When you do something pretty messed up, the worst thing you can do is low-key gossip about it. Many people believed that she was referencing a specific past relationship. Whether that’s true or not, it’s something that really does match the personality of Olivia Munn back when she was in the spotlight. Any little thing to get her one step higher than the rest, and anything to push her fame to new limits, even though building your career like this can be so dangerous.

The moment you act as your true self, no one even cares anymore. Olivia seems to have done this with many of the relationships she’s been involved with in the past, which is never okay, but it honestly shouldn’t have garnered that much attention. At this point, what else did people even expect?

This kind of drama in Hollywood is so shallow and not worth anyone’s time, but so many people paid attention to this issue and the back and forth problems between these two, it’s actually awful. After the relationship between these two, Rodgers wanted to shy away from the media and attention for his career most likely, but Munn kept prodding up to fight publicly, at least, that’s what it seemed like with her passive aggressive comments.

16 Sabotaging The Upgrade In Her Career

But even after the many years of just being really messy while everyone was watching, Olivia Munn had a great chance to redeem herself on The Newsroom, it was a moment where she would be able to prove herself as a professional, not just some nerdy girl who liked to show off for the guys. But apparently, she constantly pushed people to their limits, almost harassing individuals on the set, to the point that her co-stars didn’t want to even talk to her. Radar Online didn’t hold back when it came to the comments about Olivia Munn’s work on The Newsroom, “In fact, ‘Olivia and Aaron’s relationship soured so completely during season two of The Newsroom that it created a poisonous atmosphere on the set,’ according to the cast insider.”

That’s not really something you would ever want to hear from someone you’re actually working for. But Olivia Munn never seemed to win them over while she was on the show, she kept giving everyone red flags, and it never got better. It got to the point that her co-stars wouldn’t even talk to her when the end of the day came around. They wanted nothing to do with her outside of work, sometimes, even when work was still happening! But there also have been people who have come to her defense, so who knows who’s really telling the total truth?

15 She WAS Rude To Taylor Swift

In a moment to try to be funny and, most of all, relatable, Olivia really blew it in front of millions of individuals. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably remember when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye saying “I’mma let you finish,” that’s exactly what Oliva Munn did to Swift during The People’s Choice. She kept a whole moment going that was beyond awkward, she basically kept interrupting Swift while she was trying to receive her award. It wasn’t cool and this little moment she created was just too over the top. In a video by People’s Choice, Olivia Munn is seen giving the award to Taylor Swift, first off implying that it’s awkward right off the bat, even making a face when Taylor Swift gave her a hug. She just ended up taking it way too far.

The whole interaction was beyond awkward and honestly, we wish we didn’t even see it happen! The joke isn’t even there, it’s hard to even tell if this was a skit or if Olivia Munn is actually jealous, or what exactly happened. Whether or not it was supposed to be funny, it was weird and uncomfortable for everyone, no one even laughed in the audience.

14 She Is Often Contradicting Herself 

One huge thing that has bothered a ton of people is the fact that Munn seems to only care about fame and money. Ethics seem to be completely out the window for some reason. Why this has happened, we’re not entirely sure, but it has, and it’s honestly a bit strange. Olivia Munn has made some very questionable choices in how she has increased her fame, and at the end of the day, it’s made her very infamous. There have been many instances where Olivia Munn has done something simply for a check, or at least, it seems, but we have an example below that just might even shock you, especially if you have opinions about meat.

Overall, Olivia Munn seems to always go for the attention that requires her to stir up some drama for her to stay even remotely relevant. If only someone could come to her rescue and just tell her that if she was just herself, she would have been able to do so much more that actually mattered in the industry, but instead, she just burnt out in the process and no one wanted to forgive her after too many weird and shallow drama instances where she just wanted to flaunt her fame.

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13 Her PETA Campaign And Carl’s Jr. Deal Are Hypocritical 

For example, she took advertising celebrity spotlights with both PETA and Carl’s Jr. Whether this was because she just wanted the money or because she wanted to stir up even more rumors and headlines— that second option worked. This had many people outraged, to a point that it would be hard to imagine her ever having a better reputation even years from now. This rubbed people the wrong way so intensely that people just wanted her out of Hollywood.

Munn has always voiced her opinions about animal rights, but the fact that she would pose for both PETA and Carl’s Jr., brands with two very different messages, it seems a bit strange and unethical.

The PETA blog had this to say in an article about the ad campaign Olivia Munn was a part of: “Olivia also has a soft spot for animals and was shocked to learn that elephants used in circuses are torn from their mothers at birth and bound and electro-shocked as babies in order to break their spirits.” It’s an awful reality that Olivia Munn seemed like she wanted to change but apparently, that only lasts until another opportunity comes up where she has a chance to grow her fame how she wants to.

12 Some Things Just Don’t Make Sense

All of the points we’ve already mentioned, and the number of hidden truths behind Olivia Munn, has really made people question whether she’s ever going to come around to be a genuine person. Olivia Munn seems to have always been the type of individual who just plays a character and who doesn’t even know who she really is. Whether this came from insecurity or even fear of becoming forgotten, we might not ever know.

We do know that Olivia Munn has hidden so much about herself from her “fans” that it’s no wonder people have moved on to individuals who are much more open and involved with their fan base. She should start being more up-front with her audience.

She’s brushed off many claims people have created when it comes to her beauty routine and her lifestyle. She even told The Cut, “In eating them, I saw a huge difference. I started noticing it with my flexibility. Even though I had been working out over time, I was only able to go 40 percent into a split. And then, after months [of eating the potatoes], 80 percent into a split. I could see the difference. Usually, in the morning, I would get the pillow creases [on my face] and rub them out with lotion. Now, after a month of doing the potatoes every single day, the line would be gone as it was when I was younger.” She went on to talk about these strange Japanese potatoes that she tries to eat daily to keep her skin looking healthy and young. It’s strange, but what else could you expect from Olivia Munn herself?

11 Some People Think Her Engagement Was Fake 

Back in one of the many relationships that Olivia Munn has had, she seems to have embraced the rumor of an engagement when apparently that was never going to happen between these two individuals. Why did she go as far as promoting this kind of thing, or at least not denying it whatsoever? It could have been because it created more and more headlines and that’s what she thought she needed to actually be remembered. Either way, it’s a bit sad that someone would think that promoting something so special when it’s completely fake would really just be in the spotlight because of it. According to the Daily News, “Amidst the Green Bay Packers star and X-Men Apocalypse actress’ decision to call it quits after three years of dating and a rumored engagement, it’s hard not to wonder how much stress their relationship was under following reports Rodgers’ family was unhappy with the romance.”

There was a very big scandal around these two because of all the rumors people were constantly throwing around in the headlines. Whether people believed that the engagement was fake, or even that Olivia Munn was making an effort to keep him away from his family, there’s just too much to even know 100% what the true story was.

10 Some People Are Just Salty

You can’t help jealous people, they’re literally around every single corner. We believe that many people were just so jealous of Olivia Munn that they turned against her in her early career. This probably made her panic to some degree and go on a whole rampage of trying to regain her attention and fame that she once had. This seemed to have worked for a while, but she messed up one too many times, and it just ended up falling through. Sources gave this quote to the publication Daily News, “sources revealed to Us Weekly that the NFL player’s parents weren’t big fans of the movie star Munn, and apparently ‘didn’t trust’ she was in a relationship with him for genuine reasons.” But with all the rumors that surrounded Olivia Munn when it came to her late career, it’s really not a surprise that people would simply not exactly trust her, even if she was being honest. At this time if anyone even associated with her, they would be brought into the drama most times. Maybe that’s why people just wanted to stay away from her all together, and she just vanished from Hollywood.

9 She Apparently Just Plays A Role

Attention seeking and the approval from a male audience seems to have been the motivator behind many moments in her life. It’s actually pretty sad that this was something Olivia Munn thought she needed to do to make a difference. Apparently, this role has really stuck with her, even when modern celebrity culture and society has changed greatly in that respect. While it would be perfectly fine if all of this was something she really wanted to do, but we believe, just like many others, that she didn’t do everything she could have to make this character more ethically acceptable. Big Think published a piece of work about Olivia Munn and her character she seems to put on, they had this to say:

 “Munn plays a pathetic character but she takes her act very, very seriously.”

While it might be a bit harsh to label her as pathetic – we would never go that far – but it does seem interesting that during her Hollywood years, she always seemed to play the same role over and over again, never being more creative outside of that role she was comfortable in. Plus, the rumors of her being difficult to work with made it seem like she didn’t even like those roles, but didn’t want to be something outside of that character. Of course, this is all just speculation because no one knows the truth except Olivia Munn, but maybe it might be true.

8 Her Persona Pushes Down Other Women

This character she constantly wore whenever people were paying attention constantly put down other women, just like the Taylor Swift moment. She constantly tried to put herself on top of everyone else in the ladder of fame, even if that meant making other women look bad. It didn’t really end up working in her favor because it just made her look jealous and rude, as well as bitter.

It’s never okay to shun other women in a community of people that often have been known to look down on what women can do in the industry, but it gets even worse when women put each other down to get more of a gain of attention from it all at the end of the day.

It’s pretty questionable and constantly puts a bad taste in people’s mouths when they discuss this topic. Munn has even come out saying some comments that really lessen the problems most women have faced in a corporate environment and even in day to day life, basically saying to suck it up and using profanity to bring across her point. This is lost on most people, because it’s just overall hateful and rude. While this could have stemmed from her own point of view and problems she faced, it doesn’t make her a bad person per se, but she should take some time to reflect on more positive attitudes.

7 She Just Wants To Be Part Of The Boy’s Club

Similar to above, this kind of character really made it clear that Olivia Munn played up her appeal for the guys in the room. Whether she was on set for a serious HBO show or on G4 gaming network, she constantly made it clear that she wanted the attention, and that she was going to get it no matter what. While she wasn’t around long before her fame just vanished, it is quite strange that she would be so focused on this part of her audience, when that’s not a real way to create a connection with a fan base if you want to keep growing your fame like she seemed to so desperately want.

But we’re not alone in thinking that her turn around when she was on a more serious show was quite remarkable, Think Progress published an article discussing some of the key points in Olivia Munn’s career, they had this to say, “Munn’s work on The Newsroom as the brilliant business anchor, Sloan Sabbith, has also been strong.” If Olivia Munn decides to ever come back to Hollywood in a bigger and better way we can only hope that she plays a role like the one mentioned above, one where she can really show off her talent in a much more creative way.

6 People Think She Tried To Get To The Top In Questionable Ways

While we won’t go into detail, many people believe that because she just wanted more and more fame with everything she did, she didn’t ever deserve to be famous. We don’t completely agree with that, because if someone is willing to put themselves out there and still have the confidence that Olivia Munn had, that’s pretty amazing, in a way, but the gossiping and bitterness is never really that cool, even if you’re trying to play it off like comedy or a joke.

Many individuals have labeled Olivia Munn as the type of woman who just uses her looks to get ahead, who knows if this might have happened at some point, but she has worked hard for what she’s reached in her career before she fell off the map. She tried many different ways to grow her career and reputation, and often times, they worked. This isn’t just something that happens overnight, it wasn’t just given to her because of her looks. She has had some very questionable moments, but haven’t we all if we just look in the mirror for a moment? Let’s not even talk about the National Pie Week, as Big Think graciously reminded us recently

5 Acting Like She Supports Misogyny

This kind of behavior is never okay in any way, but it doesn’t really seem like it was always the case like people wanted it to be when it came to Olivia Munn. Her fame was in a time where people looked down on women who wanted to do things for attention. Now, it’s perfectly fine to do whatever you want as long as you’re a good person and don’t hurt anyone. For people to have been so hateful towards her back then, when she probably wouldn’t receive the same amount of flak for it now, is actually a bit crazy.

Big Think argues, “What’s exasperating is that Munn has gotten famous with a shtick based on unalloyed self-abasement and misogyny.”

This kind of behavior Munn has always entertained did get her headlines for many years during her prime with her career, but times have changed so much that it’s pretty much impossible to get that kind of fame from this gross behavior of constantly putting other people down. Hopefully, she will realize that maybe she didn’t go about this kind of thing the way she should have. Maybe there’s still hope for her to find the best way to go about her career in a modern day for feminists and modern individuals who just want to be kind to one another.

4 She Doesn’t Care About The Critics

Just because she doesn’t care, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing, whatsoever. It simply means that she’s living her life, and she’s confident in who she is. While there have been many haters surrounding Olivia Munn for her choices as a woman in the spotlight, who are we to judge? If Olivia Munn has the guts and the confidence to go out there and do what she wants, why is that so bad? While she might not have the same amount of fame she once had, maybe, in the future, if she ever tries to grow her career again, she will embrace what she likes and will no longer hold back just because people are watching.

It’s great to not care what people think about you, but when there are publications like Salon who have said things like this, “Looking back, it was ridiculous of me to even prepare!” one Daily Show hopeful complained to Jezebel. “Should I have gone to the gym more? Done Playboy? It’s such a joke.” While that might be a bit of jealousy, it really does seem like the fact she obtained certain roles has rubbed people the wrong way, because it was almost too easy.

3 Her Comedy Is Uncomfortable

Her comedy always seemed to almost make fun of herself for being a woman. This is honestly some of the worst comedy because it just forwards a narrative that’s so hateful and could make anyone fall apart with self hatred. Most of her comedy revolves around this kind of narrative, and it was never a pleasant thing to see unless you were her target audience which seemed to always enjoy it way too much. Constantly entertaining some of the most insensitive comments about other women, basically implying they’re lazy, isn’t really a good look when you’re trying to grow your fame, what kind of woman will want to support that? But maybe comedy is an outlet for her, and a way to get out all that aggression she’s dealt with when it comes to her experience as a woman.

While we might never know the answer, it’s important to not be so quick to judge, especially when the whole entertainment industry basically turned their back on her, maybe she just acted out because she was scared of this happening, causing it to be a reality. According to Salon, Olivia Munn even said this about herself, “I’m easy to hate. I get it.”

2 She’s Might Not Be Modern Enough For Today’s World

The kind of audience she constantly swarmed herself with was always very traditional and dated. Most of the audience was men, and she honestly catered to them most of the time because of how much attention she regularly got, not only because of how she looks, but because she was also into geeky things as well. At least, her character she regularly played was. This made her a dream for many people who didn’t even care who she is on the inside— this can really mess with someone’s head. Maybe it got to Olivia Munn too much, maybe more than she first thought when she began her career in the spotlight.

But even when Olivia Munn seemed to have gotten her big break on The Daily Show, they wrote her in the show just like her exaggerated character that seemed just a bit too ditzy. Big Think had this to say, “Unfortunately, The Daily Show writers have Munn playing to type. They’ve written her as a ditz, and the audience is laughing at her instead of with her.” It’s actually almost sad to think that she was so excited to be on the show, then having to just play her old character so many people thought was the truth.

1 Some Think She’s A Pushover

Anything for a bit more fame— that’s what Olivia Munn seems to be attracted to. While she’s not in the spotlight currently, when she was in the headlines constantly it was always because of some new dramatic ploy to get viewers or attention for her own fame. We completely understand you have to do what you have to do sometimes, but many times, it’s just a bit strange how far someone is willing to go just for a bit more attention that will likely fade away if you choose to leave it all behind like Olivia Munn seems to have done. But honestly, after looking through everything surrounding her and her life, it seems like her fame was almost taken away from her.

Her style of comedy and the audience she attracted aren’t really the main audience you should limit yourself to. Maybe that says something and gives a bit of hope at the end of the day. There have been many very big cases where Olivia Munn could have shown a better side of herself but she chose not to, whether that was out of panic or simply not thinking of the big picture. Maybe now, she understands more as to why she has had such a rough time in Hollywood, especially with the openness that so many famous celebrities share with individuals on a regular basis.

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