20 Surprising Things About Porsche’s First Fully Electric Car

Tesla has been in the news a lot lately and some of the news has been bad, including reports that errors resulted in delivery delays of the company’s Model S electric vehicles. More bad news may be on the way when Porsche launches its high-performance, all-electric car, the Taycan, in 2019. It’s pronounced, “tie-con”.

The Taycan initially had the project name, the Mission E. Now, like the rest of Porsche’s lineup, it has a name which embodies its unique characteristics, and it’s slated to go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S. The Taycan will be in the same price bracket as Tesla’s high-performance Model S.

Today, it’s time to share up-to-date information about the features of the Porsche Taycan. Sources for all facts and rumors will be cited.

Will the Taycan eclipse the Model S? Only time will tell. According to Businessinsider.com, the Taycan will offer impressive and sustainable speed, as well as cutting-edge driver’s assistance elements, but may not accelerate as rapidly.

When the Taycan is launched, a lot of people will be watching and waiting. Everyone wants to know whether or not the Taycan is capable of grabbing significant market share from Tesla. Tesla has been weathering some storms, so Elon Musk is probably keeping close tabs on the progress of the Taycan development.

20 It’s Going to Have 600 Horsepower

According to Fortune.com, the Taycan will have six hundred horsepower. This all-electric and ultra-modern beast will accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just three and a half seconds. In testing, it achieved track speeds of one hundred and twenty-four miles per hour in just under twelve seconds.

Porsche has spent a whopping billion dollars developing the Taycan. It represents a big leap into the future for the respected German auto manufacturer. The company is currently linking the Taycan to the grid, by setting up the very first Porsche Taycan charging station at the Berlin-Adlershof Porsche center. More charging stations will be added in the future.

19 The Car’s Functions Can Be Modified Remotely

If you buy this beauty in 2019, you’ll have the option of configuring your Taycan externally, through the Porsche Car Connect system. When you utilize the “over the air & remote services” feature, you’ll be able to modify the functions of the car from your tablet or smartphone, according to Porschelondon.com.

Regular updates to the data module will make it possible for you to enjoy the brand-new information and entertainment features and access the latest suspension and engine settings. Also, you’ll have the power to charge your Taycan remotely, which is pretty awesome.

Clearly, the team at Porsche know that people are devoted to their mobile devices and want to use them to control their vehicles. They are preparing to deliver the remote configuration options that discerning consumers want.

18 Its Name actually has a meaning

The name Taycan, is a Eurasian name. It means, “lively young horse”. This fits the imagery of the iconic Porsche logo, which includes a leaping horse. Like a stallion, it is bestowed with strength, beauty, and agility. According to Marketwatch.com, it’s an auto that “epitomizes freedom”.

Once production of Porsche Taycan vehicles ramps up next year, there will be a stable of Taycans at Porsche dealerships worldwide. The company’s chairman, Oliver Blume, believes that the Taycan is going to offer a lot of dependability, in addition to plenty of raw power. Other fun and alluring Porsche names include the Cayenne, the Boxster, and the Cayman.

17 It’s Being Promoted Via An Augmented Reality App

According to the Newsroom.porsche.com website, it’s now possible to experience the technology of tomorrow today, thanks to the new Mission E Augmented Reality App, which comes directly from Porsche. To create the app, Porsche partnered with Google. The app displays the Porsche Mission E (now named the Taycan) in a way that really pops, thanks to the power of augmented reality.

When you utilize the app, you’ll access a variety of view modes which give you the capacity to explore the features of this all-electric sports car. You can find the app at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

16 It’s Got a Shorter Front End Than Tesla’s Model S

While the Porsche Taycan that is rolled out in production next year won’t be exactly like the Mission E, it should look pretty much the way the concept car does and this means a distinctively short front end.

According to Stuttcars.com, the shorter front overhang and overall high style of this all-electric car make it superior to the Model S, just based on design. Porsche has already spent a cool billion developing the Taycan, via the Mission E project. By 2022, it plans to invest another six billion dollars, with a mind to becoming a key player in the electromobility niche.

15 The Production Version Is Expected to Have 5 Seats

According to Wired.com, the Taycan will feature five seats and four doors. It’ll also have a rear that resembles the back end of the Porsche Panamera, in addition to fashionable, sleek headlights that tuck into its front fenders. Another key feature of the Taycan is its swooping roof, which boasts a very low profile for a sophisticated and sporty look.

With this roadster, Porsche’s powers-that-be plan to erase the fears of those who think that all-electric cars just won’t go the distance. A typical American travels fifty miles or less in a vehicle each day, but gas-powered autos travel up to four hundred miles per tank and gas stations abound. This is why Porsche is committed to building an array of charging stations for its upcoming five-seater.

14 It Has a Lower Front End Than the Tesla Model S

An Electrek.co journalist used Porsche’s new augmented reality app to do a virtual, side-by-side comparison of the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. He noticed that the Taycan has a lower front end, in addition to a shorter front end. He felt that the wheelbases of both all-electric, high-performance cars were very similar.

He also got to check out the Taycan in a variety of hues, beyond the fresh white that is featured in most pictures found online. Dark grey and black Taycans will be options for those who don’t want bright white sports cars. Light or dark, this car is going to be a game-changer.

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13 It Will Travel 500km Without Needing a Drop of Gas

Range is a big deal when it comes to all-electric cars. The range for this model, without needing a single drop of gas, will be 310 miles, or 500km. According to Express.co.uk, it’s also possible to recharge one hundred kilometers in only 4 minutes, if the auto is attached to a “fast charger”.

Also, you should be aware that Porsche is rumored to be working on an eight hundred volt system which facilitates a maximum charge rate of three hundred and fifty kW. If this system becomes operational, it will permit the Taycan to charge from zero to eighty percent in a blisteringly fast fifteen minute period.

12 It’s the Porsche 911 of Electric Cars

The Porsche 911 is coveted, curvy and legendary. Porsche’s designers are interested in making the Taycan just as singular and beloved. They want it to be Porsche 911 of all-electric sports cars.

According to Bloomberg.com, Porsche has a lot riding on the Taycan. It’s part of the company’s plan to guard its market position and ensure good profits for years to come. The parent company of Porsche is Volkswagen AG. Like all auto manufacturers, Porsche is investing heavily in electric car technology because the vehicle industry is changing.

Environmental regulations are becoming stricter and prompting car manufacturers to provide battery-powered auto options, even though gas-powered vehicles are a lot more profitable at the moment.

11 It Features Elegant and Clean Design

This car is gorgeous. Its front end curves gently and then dips low for the ultimate in sleek sophistication. Its lower roof profile is futuristic and exciting. Anyone who appreciates luxury autos with minimalist beauty, rather than a lot of overdone design elements, will appreciate the elegant simplicity of this make and model.

According to Beverlyhillsmagazine.com, this model looks to be one of the most impressive electric vehicles and promises to be a serious Tesla rival, thanks to its good looks. Taste is subjective, but even a quick look at the Taycan makes it clear that this is a car with real glamour, which features elements of other amazing Porsche autos, including the 911 and the Panamera.

10 It Will Have Dual Motors with LeMans Features

According to Porschelondon.com, this “all-electric” will be equipped with dual engines. These PSMs (permanent magnet synchronous motors) are a lot like the those found within the 919 Hybrid that was victorious at Le Mans.

The motors propel a vehicle and help it to regain energy during the braking process. One of the engines powers up the car’s rear axle, while the other provides power to the front axle.

Altogether, the two PSMs offer six hundred horsepower of output and allow the Taycan to hit one hundred kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds or slightly less. The car will hit two hundred kilometers per hour in twelve seconds or less.

9 It Will Handle Curves with Ease

Good performance on the straightaway isn’t hard to achieve. The real test of a sports car is how it performs while it’s taking curves. According to Teslarati.com, the Taycan was out on the track for testing at high speeds on July 11th of this year, at the famous German Nurburgring.

Onlookers who watched the laps realized that the all-electric vehicle handled like a dream, even on curves, and also had plenty of reliability, run after run. During the test run, it went through corners at impressive speeds, thanks to its lower center of gravity. The car’s battery pack design has enabled a low center of gravity that really enhances handling.

8 It May Charge in Just Fifteen Minutes

According to Porschevancouver.com, Porsche VIP, Stefan Weckbach, believes that 15 minutes is the right time frame for charging an all-electric vehicle. People who are interested in electromobility are very concerned with car range and with charging times. This is why the team at Porsche are pushing the envelope by doubling the typical voltage for charging to eight hundred.

This means briefer charging periods, as well as lower weight, due to power that is transferred through narrow copper wiring. The car will go five hundred km on one charge and then require just fifteen minutes to recharge for four hundred additional km of range.

7 It Will Go 500 km On Just 1 Charge

310 miles of range on a single charge equates to 500 km, so the Taycan goes 500 kilometers once it’s fully charged up. This is a good range, and better than the range of the Tesla 85 kWh Model S, which, according to Electrek.co, gets 272 miles on a full charge, which equates to four hundred and thirty-eight kilometers.

It’s obvious that Porsche is committed to outdoing Tesla’s Model S in all respects. Whether Porsche will succeed in offering a better range in real-life driving conditions remains to be seen. Lots of variables impact range. The team at Tesla are probably planning to boost the range of their autos in response. It’s war and Porsche is an intimidating opponent.

6 Its Weight Distribution Is Superb

If you want an electric vehicle with superb balance, you’ll probably love your new Taycan once it’s in your driveway (if you can afford it). According to Auto.ndtv.com, the underbody of the Taycan features a mounted battery with the most modern technology. It’s a lithium-ion battery which spans the length between the rear and front axles. The design of the battery distributes weight to the rear and front axles in an even way that promotes the most exceptional balance. This is a sports car that will be a pleasure to drive. Its precision German engineering will ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

5 You May Charge It Cordlessly

One very cool feature of the Porsche Taycan is its cordless charging option. The great minds at Porsche have devised an ultra-modern system, whereby the Taycan owner just needs to drive the car over a particular spot at the charging station in order to initiate a charge.

With no cords to worry about, Taycan owners will enjoy unprecedented freedom.

According to Insideevs.com, this wireless induction charging setup is in-floor and will be showcased shortly after the Taycan production model is displayed, such as a few months afterward. It’s safe to say that plenty of EV fans are waiting with baited breath to see this wireless charging system, because it will be revolutionary.

4 It Comes With An 800-volt Powertrain

According to Motor1.com, this car’s 800-volt charger will get the auto to an eighty percent charge in only fifteen minutes and a wireless induction system for charging, which is “in floor”, will be introduced after the Taycan is launched.

To compete with the Tesla S, Porsche is pulling out all of the stops. It’s going to position this car, which definitely has a powerful and appealing powertrain, between the 911 and the Porsche Panamera. Expect to pay around eighty-five thousand dollars to get your own Taycan. Porsche has added fourteen hundred jobs to handle the demands of bringing the Taycan to market.

3 It Has Flow-through Design For Superior Cooling

According to Porsche.com, the Taycan has a flow-through system that ensures amazing performance, by facilitating proper cooling while the sports car is in operation. Since it has smaller electric engines, lacks a combustion engine, doesn’t have an exhaust system and doesn’t require a transmission tunnel, Porsche’s engineers and designers were able to create a brand-new sports car design that pushed the limits.

The car’s aerodynamics come straight from motorsport. This is an all-electric car that is all about high performance. This car’s heart is electric and its soul is out on the race track. Porsche has spared no expense to make this stylish EV exceptional.

2 The Control Panel Has An Eye-tracking System

The control panel of the Porsche Taycan is getting a lot of positive buzz all over the world, in part because it features an innovative and practical eye-tracking system. According to the Newsroom.porsche.com website, this system will detect by camera which instrument its driver is looking at.

The driver may then activate that instrument’s menu, just by hitting a button which is found on the electric car’s steering wheel…and then move through the menu. The interplay of manual activation and eye-tracking is very futuristic. Also, the display will follow the body attitude and seat position of its driver, which is called “the parallax effect”.

1 It Has OLED Round Instruments

If you want a cutting-edge control panel, you’ll find it on the Porsche Taycan. Its cluster of five instruments is showcased virtually upon its free-standing, flat panel, according to Porschelondon.com. This panel assists with creating the Parallax effect, which keeps the auto’s steering wheel from blocking vital data. As you can see, this electric car is loaded with features that hold so much promise. It’s no wonder everyone is talking about the Porsche Taycan and its capabilities. Will it beat the Model S? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess! What’s a sure thing is that it will have all of the cachets that the Porsche brand is known for.

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