The 23-Year-Old French Photographer Making Sex Fun Again

Everything can be a little sexy, if you look at it the right way. And while we all think about sex hundreds of times a day, leave it to a French photographer to put a finer point on the everyday double entendres we're not seeing. The Paris-based, 23-year-old French-Filipino photographer Allyssa Heuze won the Grand Prix at the prestigious Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography this year for her series Oi, which puts banal objects around the house—a potato, a bunch of asparagus, a hula hoop—into positions that are sexual but not overtly sexy. But Heuze understands that the suggestion alone can, deployed correctly, go all the way; the restraint and just-so-slightly unbuttoned playfulness in her pictures pushes you to let your imagination run wild. The recent art school graduate also shows the same formal verve with human bodies, which is probably why a certain set of indie fashion labels will come calling for her (the first to spot her potential is the French denim brand 13 Bonaparte, who tapped Heuze to shoot their new lookbook). See her breakthrough pictures, here.

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