25 Cities Ideal For Women To Live In And 5 To Avoid

Whether you’re happily single or searching for a partner, there are certain cities that are perfect for ladies to live in and enjoy being single. When February comes around, most single ladies watch romantic films, hoping for Mr. Right to come along, but that is because there are cities that single ladies should move away from. However, we are going to be the bearer of good news to all the intelligent, independent, and beautiful women out there who don’t have a partner at the moment and inform them that the ratio of great cities to dwell in is way higher than the cities to avoid.While there are particular cities that are known for romantic soirées and date-night hotspots, other cities are perfect for single people to mingle. What makes a city a great city to find love? We compiled our list together by using statistics from the ratio of men versus women in the city, the gender age gap, the number of single people, and the vibe of the city. Below are the results of both the best and worst cities for single ladies to live in — read on to see if your city made the cut.

30 Live In Cleveland, Ohio

One city where women rule is the city that holds the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum — and that is just about it. But, they do have a very special event to celebrate those in their city that are not hitched. It’s called “National Singles Week” and it takes place every year on the third week of September — talk about ending the summer season with a bang. And thanks to The Buckeye Singles Council, the jumbo singles event is now nationwide.

29 Live In San Francisco, California

If you want to be or remain fit, live a long and healthy life, make money, and have the chance of finding a successful man, then your single-self should be living in San Francisco. The hills in San Fran are endless, but so is the number of wealthy and well-educated single men. According to research, San Francisco is the “it” place in all of America to find a Full House (pun intended) of single men —140% of golden men are single.

28 Live In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Being a bachelorette is a little easier when you live in a city where there is a fair balance between single men and women. Therefore, whether you are trying to find love or just a summer fling in Minneapolis, this city has got it covered. The percentage, according to research, of unmarried fellas and ladies is 64%, which means that people are taking more time to date. In Minneapolis, there are not many children, and in a city that boasts a vibrant nightlife, happy hour for the ladies is a regular outing.

27 Live In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Want to find it easy to roam the streets with your single babes and go out on the town without all the crowds and hassle? Then make your way to the wide streets of Philadelphia. Philly makes our list as a great city for single women to wander in, as it offers Manhattan-like vibe without all the hustle and bustle of New York City. The largest city on the East Coast, Philly, is famously known for its endless selection of restaurants and bars — and it’s affordable.

26 Skip New Haven, Connecticut

Being single sometimes feels like an uphill battle, so what do you do when your city is not dating-friendly? If you live in New Haven, Connecticut with all the smarty-pants people who attend Yale University, you might not find love in this hopeless place. According to research done by WalletHub, New Haven is the city with the most expensive cost to dine out. Basically, if you’re planning on wining and dining and don’t have a fat wallet because you’re still paying your Yale tuition, then dating can be difficult unless you found a way to keep it cheap.

25 Skip Glendale, California

To live an active single life, you need to live in a city that offers a ton of activities, recreational opportunities, good gastronomy, and a vibrant nightlife, but, it also needs to be decently priced. California is a go-to state for many single gals, but the suburb of Glendale is not. According to WalletHub, Glendale offers its inhabitants little to no fun and recreation opportunities, which means the same for dating opportunities. And going to the movie theatre here is apparently a luxury since it ain’t cheap.

24 Live In Seattle, Washington

Consistency is key, and one city that has remained consistent in their dating opportunities is Seattle. The city is famous for the rain, excessive amounts of coffeeshops, Microsoft, and Amazon. What more do you need? Like San Fran, Seattle is a city that is known for having a society full of very healthy and fit people, which appeals even more so to single women. With fit men, coffeehouses all round the city, and networking happening just about everywhere, it is no surprise it always ranks in the top 10 cities for dating.

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23 Live In Denver, Colorado

Another city with many possibilities to connect with new people is Denver. If you’ve watched Hollywood romance movies before, then you would know that many people fall in love in parks while they are playing fetch with their dogs. Sounds impossible, right? Well, Denver is known as one of the fittest cities in America since it holds the lowest obesity rate, which means the men are always on the run somewhere. With all sorts of outdoor activities happening, bumping into “the one” while jogging around the park is not too far-fetched.

22 Live In Hoboken, New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot more to offer then just the Jersey Shore, and the city of Hoboken is probably where Carrie Bradshaw would have resided if she didn’t find love with Mr. Big. An up-and-coming city, Hoboken is the new groovy place for women to call home — move over NYC. With the knowingly-expensive rents it costs to live NYC, women who live on their own are now moving to Hoboken since it is more affordable. Finding love is just a drive away from NYC in Hoboken!

21 Skip South Burlington, Vermont

This city is the walking dead for all single women and is the absolute worst city you want to avoid; this city is known as South Burlington in Vermont. When a city comes in last for all dating opportunities, women who do not have a mate should run as fast as they can from there. This is because South Burlington has a low percentage rate of singles, and little to no dating opportunities because of the minimal Tinder use. Also, there is sweet nothing to do in the city — stay away.

20 Live In Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City does not only offer casinos, it apparently also has a great dating scene. While many wouldn’t consider Las Vegas to be a very romantic city, if you think about it, Vegas is a city full of life and things to do. People from all over the world are busy gallivanting though the streets, casinos, and clubs in Vegas which creates a culture full of exciting people. The city’s single population is high, and don’t forget, there a bunch of tiny chapels around.

19 Live In Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City may just blow a man your way if you’re a single lady on the prowl. Everyone who makes their way to Chicago falls head over heels in love with the city, but falling head over heels in love with a man there is tremendously probable as well. According to Forbes, moving to Chicago means dating various men since 63% of the men are single and mingling. A city that is easy to get around, with a vibrant nightlife, means love is not too far away.

18 Live In Portland, Oregon

If you fall off your bike in Portland, your Prince Charming might just be there to pick you up and make sure you’re alright. When a city vouches for an outdoorsy culture, what most people do not know is that there are more possibilities of finding love. For one, people are healthier, and secondly, the people are happier, which makes the men more approachable for women — and Portland has just that. It is every hiker’s dream city and biking is more common than driving, so you just never know.

17 Live In San Diego, California

Ranked as the third best city for dating is the sunny and cool San Diego. When it comes to dating, traffic and commute congestion has a lot to do with it, and when the traffic is low, people are happier, and it makes it easier for men and women to get around (pun intended). The less time you spend in traffic, the more time you have to find a man strolling the hot streets of San Diego, right? By the way, the men here love their fruits and veggies.

16 Skip West Valley City, Utah

If you’re not meeting men at clubs, bars, and restaurants, then where are you meeting them? Well, if you live in West Valley City, Utah, you’re probably living solo on your couch watching rom-coms. Unless you expect to go to the movie theatre alone in hopes of meeting your man there, then this may be your city. However, realistically, we believe if you’re looking for a man, running away from this spot without any hotspots is the right move.

15 Live In Tampa, Florida

When people think about Florida, they immediately think of Disney and Miami, but you may have forgotten the city of Tampa. My fellow chicks who are single and love the heat should head on over to Tampa to find a potential male suitor. In Tampa, with all their bars, it won’t cost a man $50 to buy you a drink like in Miami, which is probably why Tampa has so many single women moving there. And with a laid-back vibe, what more can a single women dream of?

14 Live In Los Angeles, California

Why would I want to be a single lady living in Los Angeles with all the insane and stressful traffic? Because of exactly that, since it is a cultural city with so many people to choose from. With people from all over the world living in the car-centric Los Angeles, it makes meeting unmarried people of all cultures and personalities easy. And seriously, with all the nightspots they have to offer, it is not required to drive around the entire city to find your next fling.

13 Live In Bridgeport, Connecticut

Sometimes, when it comes to deciding which cities are the best for single ladies to live in, we look for cities that support feminism. Bridgeport is one of them, with a restaurant called Bloodroot that supports feminist ideals. And, as we mentioned previously, deciding which cities were the best for single women to live in was also determined by how safe it is and Bridgeport is one of the safest on this list. This means you can be a little more at ease when you’re out and about at night.

12 Live In Manhattan, New York

The Big Apple is a bustling city, and is not the greatest city for your wallet, but, this only means one thing, that there are many people looking to hook up and fall in love. With so many people rushing around daily on the hectic streets of New York, you are bound to find a lover somehow and somewhere. There are pizza slice spots on every corner, so you may just meet a man who loves pizza as much as you do. You can find anything and everything you want in New York, so you can find any type of man you want, too.

11 Skip Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you’re still struggling with the dating scene and live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, then you must declutter and move to a place where there are more single men. When it comes down to it, the ratio of single women to single men plays a big role in the dating scene. You may be looking for love, but the location is just totally off, like Winston-Salem. In this  city, there are 134 single women per every 100 single men, making this city the third worst dating city in the United States.

10 Live In Houston, Texas

Dating has a lot to do with finance, and when a city is budget-friendly, then it is more likely to make the “best” list for single women. Texas, which is all-around economically friendly, has Houston make our list for single women looking for love. Houston has made our list because it has many outdoor dating options, which do not break the bank, and Houston also has a low cost of living and unemployment rate. Convinced yet?

9 Live In Washington, D.C.

We are in 2018 and fair pay is an issue we are still in the process of resolving, but of all major cities in America, Washington is the one with the lowest median wage gap. Now, because women who live in Washington make 91% of what men do annually, it means there are more single women because they are more financially independent. However, men and women who live there are also very fit and are constantly seen exercising. Add that with fair pay and you can find a lover in an 800-acre park or healthy restaurant.

8 Live In Boston, Massachusetts

Is the man of your dreams a Harvard grad? Then your go-to destination should be Boston. The city itself does not sound as intriguing as the California cities that have made the list, but you’re looking for a man and not the beach, correct? What makes this city an easy to find love in, is that it is easy to get around, and it is known for its mouth-watering restaurants and watering holes. And we cannot forget to mention that 70% of the people are unmarried.

7 Live In Arlington, Virginia

Apparently, there is a quaint place in the USA that boasts the most successful, educated, and single women. According to a Bloomberg study, Arlington is one of the best cities to find amour. Arlington is home to plenty of locations to mingle and date, so with so much to do, many different venues, and different people hovering around, love may be easy to find. Plus, it seems like the men in this city appreciate a woman with a head on her shoulders.

6 Live In Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you’re looking for love, lesser-known cities like Ann Arbor should be on your go-to list. Go off and be a wanderer in a city that is considered to be very safe, that has many intellectual men, as it is known as a university town with a ton of feminist bookstores. Thanks to the glorious amount of single men in this city, it has made our list because the study found that 78% of men between the ages of 20 and 34 have never been married.

5 Live In Palo Alto, California

Despite all the means to meet someone nowadays with social media and the Internet, it is still all about the location. And with all this technology, finding a tech-savvy man in Palo Alto should not be too difficult since it is home to Facebook and Google. And when we are talking about men who are tech savvy, smart, and cultural, that means most of them are looking to settle down, so women without a ring on their finger won’t have a problem here.

4 Live In Austin, Texas

Though this is another city from Texas that has made our list, what gal doesn’t like herself a cowboy? Can we get a yee-haw for Austin? To all you lovebirds out there, according to a WalletHub study, Austin ranked fourth when it comes to finding love — the single men outnumber the single women in this town. With a ton of bars and plenty of restaurants that are always jammed with students and sociable singles, Austin entertainment may help you find the one.

3 Live In Miami, Florida

No matter how old you are, being single at any age is normal nowadays. For those who are in their 40s and still looking for their fairy-tale fun summer fling, take a flight to Miami or move there. Because Miami is a sunny city that is always full of life, people who are looking to date will be out and about at fancy restaurants, not inside working or watching television. With a luxurious nightlife scene as well, Miami men will not be hard to find.

2 Live In Phoenix, Arizona

What screams love more than a city with a good percentage of single men? The sunny and hot Phoenix, Arizona. And nowadays, with so many different cultures and beliefs, it is hard to find someone just like you in your city. However, in Phoenix, a HowAboutWe.com study has stated that the single people are not snobby or ignorant, but rather very open-minded. And since 30% of the male population is still single, you’ll certainly find a man willing to settle.

1 Live In Atlanta, Georgia

It is not just the metropolitan cities on the East Coast that boast a cultural and hip lifestyle with many singles, but also the South. Making the top of our list is Atlanta, who climbed to the top as they made the number-one spot for three very important factors to take into consideration for single women. The city is hip, it has a lively nightlife with various options, there is a good balance between men and women, and, it has a high percentage of unmarried people — 70% of people in the south.

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