25 Most Expensive Gucci Pieces Ever Sold

The Gucci name has had its fair share of ups and down; the name that everyone knows so well did not grow without some drama — family drama. However, the Italian fashion brand name, that started on a small street in Florence, is a success story beyond words. Nowadays, though, Gucci is on top of their game and have become even more popular because of how we hear often the name blurted around; it is the fashion brand name that we hear most in hip-hop tracks. And with the power and influence social media has, people now, more than ever, scramble to get their hands on anything luxurious from Gucci.

Fashion gurus and fashion-conscious customers know very well how well-respected around the world the Gucci name is. Evidently, such an aristocratic brand cannot be available to everyone, so the prices for their luxurious items are costly; the most talked about celebrities are always seen sporting the reputed GG logo. Made with genuine Italian leather and each item wholly fabricated by the hands of one artisan, it is only normal that the brand name that has been around since 1921 tag their Italian goodies with hefty price tags.

From handbags, to belts, to shoes, to clothing, anything stamped with the GG logo is always super expensive, and here are the most Gucci items (because people use Gucci as an adjective now).

25 Gucci Sofia Etoile

The Gucci fashion brand offers products of the highest quality, and with that, comes high prices. And that also means a pair of shoes can cost in the thousands; any woman who loves heels and knows her fashion, would probably pay whatever to own these babies despite the costly price tag. The Gucci Sofia Etoile shoe must be the most beautiful heels we’ve seen;

the shoes that come in various colours and materials and are embellished with sparkles come with an exuberant price starting at $1,195 and going up to $2,300.

So you better be sure you can walk in them before buying these babies.

24 Gucci Eraser

We did mention already that Gucci makes everything, but did you ever think they handcrafted erasers? Not the most expensive Gucci item to be produced, but the most expensive eraser in the world, this ridiculous item had to be included — and hey, we’re sure some people bought it.

The tiny and white eraser with the Gucci emblem printed all over it, that would obviously in due time get erased, had a lucrative price tag of $130.

And to protect it, it even came with its own leather case.

23 Gucci Python Low-Top Sneakers

Leave it to Gucci to kill the sneaker game by introducing python. In recent years, the sneaker phase has gone on a major craze; men are obsessed with sneakers, whether they be high-tops or Yeezys, and own numerous pairs. Gucci is a fan favourite and are always experimenting with new prints, and these low-top sneakers show you that Gucci has always got it.

The Gucci Python Low-Top Sneaker went for $1,400, and if you haven’t figured it out, the hefty price tag is because of the exotic python skin used.

Animal-rights activists won’t be too happy about this.

22 Gucci Fuchsia Wool Wrap Coat

Everything Gucci makes is an attention grabber; no matter how extravagant or simple their runway looks may be each season, every fashion lover wants to get their hands on a Gucci product. Their Fuchsia Wool Wrap Coat is no different; the wool coat is emblematic of what Gucci is; unique, luxurious, classic, bright, and Italian.

This coat can be spotted from a distance and anyone who knows fashion will know the quality of the item without seeing the Gucci logo and its $3,200 price tag.

If you’re going to spend the money, might as well stand out.

21 Gucci Woven Leather Boots

It is no surprise that Gucci shoes often make the lists of the “most expensive shoes;” ask any fashionista which country in the world is the best to buy the greatest quality shoes, and they will tell you Italy.

Hailing from Florence, where leather is found in abundance, Gucci permit themselves, as an aristocratic brand to charge $3,750 for a pair of leather boots.

The gorgeous camel leather boots, that were hand-woven, like everything else Gucci, came with a luxurious price tag — but look at the beautiful craft.

20 Gucci Genius Jeans

If customers have the luxury of having “made in Italy” imprinted on their products, such as jeans, then they need to pay the price for the unique manufacturing. As we previously said, anything that comes out of the Gucci fashion house stands out, and these jeans are the most vivid example.

Made of African beads and embroidered with a pattern of flowers and feathers, these jeans, that were first released in 1998, now retail for $4,000.

You can now walk into the fast-fashion retailer Zara and find replicas of the jeans, but there’s only one Gucci.

19 Gucci Sequin Dress

Anything that Gucci does is very Gucci; it is luxurious, it is original, and it cannot be imitated or duplicated. Though some of their most expensive items are not ones you can wear casually, this eye-catching dress did sell. Looking at this gold-sequinned dress that looks like it was dipped into a million dollars of gold, could hypnotize a person.

The dress made from silk-georgette, is definitely a staple item for those Hollywood heavyweights begging for attention and willing to spend $12,900 on a dress that could pretty much only be worn once.

We bet Beyonce would totally rock this look.

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18 Gucci Spike Loafer

Nowadays, men are all about shoes the way women are, and so, it is not surprise many stylish men are opting for luxurious shoes fabricated in Italy by Gucci — and the price tag does not stop them.

With a variety of loafers that the luxurious fashion brand offers, why not opt for those that you could only wear occasionally and pay $1,590 for?

The Gucci Spike Loafer is made for those men who are confident enough to swerve the streets by breaking the bank.

17 Gucci Fur Slippers

What about slabbing a load of fur onto a sole? That should be relatively cheap, right? Wrong. No matter what Gucci does, it will make a fashion statement and will come with a hefty price tag, even slippers that only Chewbacca would slay. All jokes aside, since the very beginning, Gucci mastered the loafer footwear style and decided to release horse fur-lined loafers in 2015 for women. Evidently, fashionistas followed the trend, and the fur slippers, that are just that with a hint of gold metal hardware, went for $1,800.

16 Gucci Logo T-shirt

To think that after centuries of existence, Gucci is still the top fashion conversation is mind-boggling, until you inform yourself of the reasons as to why. And, because we all love the Italian brand, as it remains in the top 3, it is no surprise that we are seeing the Gucci logo graphic T-shirt splattered all over social media.

The designer tee has been a fan favourite for about 2 years now, and fashion influencers, A-listers, and celebs have all been digging the trend and buying the $800 tee.

If you really like it, you could find cheaper replicas.

15 Gucci Sylvie

One of the things that always leaves a fashion lover speechless is a classic handbag; that purse that will have people staring forever. A Gucci purse will never lose its charm, and since 2016, though not the most expensive item to grace the Gucci name,

the Gucci Sylvie bag can range from roughly $3,000 to a whopping $10,000.

Fabricated in so many colours and styles that we lost count, the Sylvie purse is classic and sophisticated Gucci with an edge to it. This is all thanks to Alessandro Michele!

14 Gucci Princetown

Men, women, and Gucci cannot get enough of loafers, and when loafers are as comfortable as slippers but are also luxurious, people will pay whatever cost for them. Vogue Italia editor Anna Della Russo once said, “I can leave the house naked as long as I’m wearing the right pair of shoes.”

And quite honestly, we do not blame anyone for thinking that when they slip the $2,543 Princetown Shearling Mules on.

With tan-coloured lamb fur sole lining, the classic Gucci hardware and a leather sole, the cost is no surprise.

13 Gucci Biker Jacket

Gucci started as a small leather-goods shop and evolved into a global luxury brand. It has always been the best-selling Italian brand, hence, the very expensive prices stamped on their items. Creative designer Alessandro Michele is all about the aesthetic of each Gucci item, and does not pull away from making each design stand out more than the next, hence this heavily-embellished leather jacket for men. The studded leather jacket, made from Italian calfksin and inspired by London’s punk scene with plenty of zippers and chains, will make any man look badass if he wants to pay $18,650!

12 Gucci Soft Stirrup Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Some commoners could afford to buy themselves an iconic and luxurious Gucci handbag, unless it is made of crocodile skin. With Michele, the latest Gucci creative director who believes that more is more, releasing many crocodile Gucci handbags is a trend.

And so, if you ever have $28,000 laying around somewhere in the house and you are a fan of pastel, soft-toned, and neutral handbags, opt for the ubiquitous Gucci Soft Stirrup Light Pink Crocodile Shoulder Bag.

The high-quality crocodile skin means it is worth every Gucci dollar.

11 Gucci 1921 Collection Green Medium Shoulder Bag

Apparently, if you’re a rich A-lister, then it is normal to place all your essentials in a lavish and posh $28,990 purse.

Much like the previous entry, but a whopping $1,000 more, this handbag remains a conversation starter until this day.

Gucci are still producing green coloured crocodile skin purses that carry on the 1921 look of this one. The brand always mixes things up to keep things interesting, but the year of this bag, how vintage it is, and the originality of it lent to its boosted price tag.

10 Gucci Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Merging design and merchandising makes Gucci the best it is, but Gucci handbags like these do not even need that as they sell like hotcakes to their elite clientele. Also, do you recognize a trend?

The tiniest added details on a handbag that is crafted by the artisans in a small town in Florence, means the price slightly goes up — by $1,000.

The richness of Gucci products, like this handbag also fabricated with crocodile skin, is what makes them cost prices close to $30,000, like this shiny black purse that is $29,990.

9 Gucci Stirrup Brown Crocodile Top Handle Handbag

Gucci attracts a variety of clientele because of their evolving style, but since the very beginning, when Gucci became a luxurious and trusted brand, stars have flocked over to Gucci knowing they’d be purchasing the highest quality products. Any fashion mogul will recognize a Gucci handbag without the famous GG logo on it, and the Stirrup Brown Crocodile Top Handle Handbag is one of them.

The classic bag was first introduced in 1975, and now has been constantly revamped and modernized, making the price of this medium sized elegant bag $26,500.

However, the colour and style can pretty much go with any outfit, so really, it’s an investment!

8 Gucci Pink 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag

Gucci purses are timeless, and it is Gucci’s strategy that has made their luxurious products always at the top of rankings. Another fashionable purse from the Italian fashion house, the bright pink 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder Bag is another one of Gucci’s most expensive artisanal products at $28,990. A highly-desirable product, this pink crocodile skin bag with gold hardware was produced as a special edition purse for Gucci’s 90th anniversary. This purse is a basically an Instagram-worthy one.

7 Gucci Light brown 1921 Collection Medium Shoulder bag

If you’re looking for a versatile handbag that is elegant, timeless, and made of genuine crocodile skin and you are willing to spend $27,000, then splurge on the 1921 Collection Medium Shoulderbag in light brown. Like all the previously-mentioned 1921 collection bags on the list, the light brown crocodile versatile purse costs a grand $27,000. The light brown that is a neutral tone looks very exotic on the crocodile skin, and with a detailed strap and light gold hardware for some extra flare, the price tag of this luxury brand purse is visible.

6 Gucci Neutral Soft Stirrup Shoulder bag

It takes consistency like Gucci to be able to constantly put out new lavish and timeless purses that are instantly recognizable as the Italian fashion house. The Soft Stirrup Shoulder Bag in neutral, like its sister bag mentioned on this list, is evidently just as costly at $29,990.

By now, if you’re not an avid brand lover or fashion guru, you may have realized that Gucci uses oval-shaped gold hardware on their purses without splashing their name across it.

This neutral and non-dyed crocodile skin bag is striking in appearance and worth the many Benjamins.

5 Gucci crocodile Tote

Their products represent Italian craftsmanship at its finest, and this Gucci tote lead the way for many designers that came after the Italian brand. The Gucci Tote, which is the staple and most recognizable bag of the high-quality luxurious Italian brand, is dreamy for many fashion lovers. If the lavish brown and beige tote was not $32,000, many women would instantly stop dreaming about the product that features brown crocodile leather and rustic nickel hardware and go out and purchase it. This purse is certainly Gucci!

4 Gucci Bamboo Tote

If Gucci was a song, it would be mellifluous to all. Everything Gucci does, people want, and this includes a bag made with exclusive bamboo. Like every other Gucci product, this one is also crafted by the hands of one artisan in a small town near Florence, where Guccio Gucci first opened his little shop. From rags to riches, years later, Gucci is producing purses like this one, with detailed crocodile skin and a handle made from bamboo for $32,000.

3 Gucci Men’s YA114217 I-Digital GRAMMY Special Edition Black Watch

This Gucci watch is unscratchable! Do you expect anything less from a Gucci product anyways? Made with sapphire crystals, Gucci ensured their clients that with this watch, they got exactly what they paid for — a big bang for your many bucks. From purses to socks to watches, every product is of the highest quality, and this bold digital watch without the sports-junkie factor is a prime example.

Going for $7,900, anyone who got their hands on this watch made specifically for the Grammys probably has the watch stored away like the award.

This is definitely a worthy Gucci collectible.

2 Gucci Jackie Crocodile Shoulder

If ever you are curious and want to search on Google the most deliriously priced handbags, then you will certainly see this Gucci gem make an appearance on the list. The Gucci Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag is the most expensive posh purse at $37,400 from the Italian fashion house that are still dominating the world. This brown crocodile leather purse is roundly shaped in true 60s style, and holds the name Jackie, for the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy, who was charmed by Gucci and loaned her name to them.

1 Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt

Scroll through your Instagram feed, and it won’t take long before you see women and men sporting the GG across their hips. Right now, the trending item to own is a Gucci leather belt with the double-G buckle, and people from all corners of the world are paying whatever to wrap themselves in one.

However, one can dream about the Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt, as it is not only the most expensive Gucci belt, but the most costly Gucci item ever at a mind-blowing $250,000.

The double-G logo is encrusted with diamonds, making the belt a work of art and not one to be worn.

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