25 Of The Most Expensive Sneakers Money Can Buy

It’s hard not to get excited about sneakers. If there’s one part of your outfit that you’re justified in spending a lot of money on, it’s some sweet kicks. After all, even those with the most basic knowledge of fashion know that shoes are the most important part of any outfit. But sneakers are unique in the footwear world. There is an entire culture of people obsessed with sneakers, and these people often have massive collections of their favorite shoes. Some never even wear them. Sneakers invoke a unique kind of obsession in many of us, and this is the reason some shoes have mind-boggling price tags.

There are a number of reasons a shoe might skyrocket in price, but the most common is the shoe’s rarity. The most expensive sneakers known to man were released in very small numbers, and sometimes only a handful of shoes were ever made available to the public. Smart individuals managed to get their hands on the rarest kicks, held on to them for a couple years, and then sold them for a huge profit. Many people today are learning that sneakers can be a legitimate investment. Here are 25 of the most expensive sneakers we can buy in 2018…

25 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra”

Let’s kick things off with some kicks on the low scale of monetary worth. But when we say “low,” it’s still an enormous price to pay for a pair of sneakers. As Culture Kings reports, these shoes were only released in limited number, despite being some of the most iconic Yeezys on the market today. The reason these shoes are so rare and expensive is not because of the model of the sneaker, but rather that beautiful Zebra color scheme. From what we’ve seen, these sneakers range from $500 to $1500, but as you will see from the rest of these sneakers below, that’s really not too bad…

24 Nike Air Mag

Do these sneakers look familiar? Well, they should – at least if you’re a fan of Back To The Future (and who isn’t?). That’s because these kicks are exact replicas of those futuristic sneakers worn by Marty McFly in the second movie, when he and Doc go to the future. To say these shoes are one of a kind would be a massive understatement, and they’re some of the most expensive shoes in this article. According to Sneaker Freaker, these auto-lacing shoes are worth about $25,000, and only about 100 pairs were ever released.

23 Adidas NMD Hu Race Trail “Cotton Candy”

According to Complex in 2017, these shoes are worth a whopping $1751 in resale value. The value of these sneakers is so high because they were apparently sold initially in just one store in New York City. As you might expect, the first batch of these shoes were quickly snatched up by eager sneaker enthusiasts, and the price skyrocketed as people tried to do anything to get their hands on a pair. This is just one of many collaborations between Pharrell and Adidas.

22 Air Jordan 12 OVO

For those who don’t know, the legendary musician Drake also has his own clothing and fashion line – which is called October’s Very Own. His clothing is almost exclusively made in Canada, and it’s become a cult favorite among those in the know. But perhaps the most hyped item ever released by OVO was a legendary pair of sneakers – the Air Jordan 10 and 12 OVO. According to The Idle Man, Drake handed out two pairs during a concert, and the rare sneakers were immediately sold for about $77,000.

21 Jordan 5 Tokyo T23

The Japanese market has long been one of the biggest appreciators of sneakers, and this shoe was released in honor of the Empire of the Rising Sun. More specifically, as the name implies, the shoes were designed to commemorate the city of Tokyo. And if you want to get even more specific, the kicks feature a “23” written on the sidewall, which is in reference to Japan’s Shibuya Ward. According to HYPEBEAST, they were only released in Japan, and because of their rarity they range from $2,000 to $4,000 in resale value.

20 Supreme x Louis Vuitton Sport Sneaker

We all know how popular the hugely hyped Supreme label is these days, but what happens when you mix that legendary hype with an established luxury fashion brand like Louis Vuitton? What you get is the sport sneaker, one of the most desired sneakers of recent years. Of course, many sneaker fanatics pointed out that the shoe didn’t really look that special, but it was sold at a retail price of $800. Furthermore, as Sneaker Freaker reports, the resale value reached a whopping $2500 recently.

19 Buschemi 100 MM Diamond

Why wear jewelry and sneakers when you can combine the two? That was essentially the logic that went into the creation of the Buschemi 100 MM Diamond, a sneaker that features real gold and diamond additions. If you think that’s over the top, well, that’s kind of the whole point of these shoes. As Sneaker Freaker reports, these shoes are inlaid with 11.5 carats of diamonds set in 18-karat gold, which brings the price up to a staggering $135,000. Did they go too far?

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18 Rick Owens Geobasket Iguana

Those who are animal rights activists might want to look away. Yes, that is Iguana skin lining these rare Rick Owen sneakers, and that’s essentially why the price is so high. As Sneaker Freaker points out, the addition of this rare material pushes the price up to $3,000, and tons of sneaker enthusiasts have shelled out the cash. Rick Owen is a well known sneaker designer, but some might not be too thrilled at the amount of animals that went into making these kicks.

17 Nike Dunk High LE (WU-TANG)

As Sneaker Freaker reported back in 2016, these Wu-Tang themed Nike Dunks are worth about $15,000 on the sneaker market. Why are they so expensive? Well, aside from the legendary hype associated with the Wu-Tang Clan, the shoes were also released in limited number. In fact, no one really knows how many pairs were sold back in 1999, but some think there were only 36 pairs ever made. That might explain why these kicks are so expensive, and why so many people want a pair.

16 Air Jordan 4

A collaboration between Eminem, Carhartt and Air Jordan might seem like a pretty random mixture, but sneaker fanatics went wild for this one of a kind shoe. These kicks were released back in 2015, and as Sneaker Freaker reported back in 2016, the shoes are now worth about $18,000 on the open market. Why are they so expensive? Well, apparently there were only a measly ten pairs ever released to the public, and those who got a pair were lucky to say the least.

15 Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October

These are the sneakers every self-respecting sneaker aficionado knows about. The name “Red October” is whispered among sneaker heads, with many not truly knowing whether they are even real, or merely an urban legend. According to The Idle Man, someone was once offered tens of millions of dollars for a single pair. A few searches online will tell you that these kicks will set you back at least $5,000. Why are they so expensive? Apparently, these shoes were released by Nike after Kanye stopped working with them, making them the last pair of Nikes he worked on.

14 Nike Air Max 97 

These all gold sneakers might be a little too over the top for some sneaker enthusiasts, but there’s one man that is no stranger to winning gold – and that’s Cristiano Ronaldo. This sneaker is named after the legendary Portuguese footballer, and the 33-year-old is still banging goals in for his country to this day. Normally we see soccer players get soccer cleats named after them, not sneakers, which makes these shoes unique. And as Daily Design News points out, these kicks were almost immediately sold out due to the player’s popularity, and today these are worth about $500.

13 KITH x Nike

LeBron James is another legendary athlete, and it only makes sense that he has been associated with some amazing sneakers in the past. But this pair might just take the cake. It’s an awesome collaboration that results in one of the most luxurious basketball shoes ever made. As Daily Design News points out, these kicks were Rococo inspired, and the attention to detail is just stunning. The embroidery is definitely fit for a king, and LeBron James is arguably the king of basketball today. You can find a pair for about $500.

12 Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Remember in Back To The Future when Marty McFly put on those futuristic sneakers and they laced themselves up? Well, that’s real now, thanks to the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0. Of course, sneaker fans around the world probably already knew this, and the HyperAdapt definitely made a splash in the sneaker world. But what you might not be aware of is how high the resale price has become for these kicks. As Complex reports, these shoes retailed at $720, but are now worth an estimated $3,500.

11 Nike Air Foamposite

The Foamposites are still released to this day, but it’s the first ever release from back in 1997 that sneaker enthusiasts really go wild for. While some might find the brightly colored foam slightly garish, sneaker enthusiasts know that these are worth a pretty penny on the market today. According to The Idle Man, the shoes are worth about $2,000 today, which is quite impressive, given the fact that they retailed for under $200 back in the day.

10 Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded

For fashion enthusiasts, the name Jimmy Choo probably rings some bells. That’s because this designer is one of the biggest names in the shoe industry. Although he’s famous for making women’s shoes (usually formal styles), he really does try to make shoes of all different types. Probably one of the most notable shoes he’s ever made was a one of a kind sneaker, called the Belgravia High Top. These shoes are reportedly worth about $2,000, which is a reflection on how big the designer has become.

9 Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks

This is one of those stories that just blows your mind. Why would anyone want a pair of sneakers dipped in gold? Apparently this is more of an “artistic statement,” and the artist behind these shoes probably didn’t expect anyone to actually wear them. Nevertheless, the shoes are definitely worth mentioning in this article, as they are something of a legend in the sneaker community. As you can see on the label, these kicks are priced at a cool $4,500.

8 Lebron 10 Peach Jam

Of all the sneakers in this article, the Lebron 10 “Peach Jam” might just look the most delicious. It’s no wonder why this shoe is so highly praised among sneaker fanatics, as the color scheme is really quite beautiful. There’s definitely something special about these shoes, and it’s not just down to the playful coloring. These shoes are also incredibly rare, with sneaker fanatics fighting bidding wars against each other to get a pair. These kicks are worth about $1,500 in resale value today.

7 Air Jordan III “Grateful”

According to Complex, the resale value of these bad boys was a whopping $13,250 back in 2017. Why are these so expensive? Well, they were designed as part of a collaboration between Nike and the famous music producer, DJ Khaled. As a special promotion, only select people who bought his album were awarded a pair. As a result, the shoes were phenomenally rare, and the resale value quickly rose. People are still trying to get their hands on a pair to this day.

6 Adidas NMD “Red Apple”

Adidas fans went insane for these shoes, and they’re still one of the most sought after kicks on the market today. Rarely does a sneaker brand release a shoe dedicated to a specific city, but the Red Apple was a notable exception. Dedicated to New York, the “Big Apple,” these Bapes were released in limited quantity in New York, and the resale price has since skyrocketed, according to Complex. Although the Red Apple 2.0 has since been released, the original kicks, known as “R1,” are now worth about $7,000.

5 Adidas Futurecraft 4D White/Ash Green

People keeping tabs on Adidas in 2018 will know that the Futurecraft 4D is one of the biggest things to have ever happened to the sneaker industry. To say that these shoes are technologically advanced would be a massive understatement. According to Shelf Life, the soles on these shoes are actually made from oxygen and light, using a process called digital light synthesis. The white version of these shoes are by far the most popular and the most valuable, being released at a special event. Apparently, the retail price is $300, but because of their rarity the resale value is about $1,200.

4 Balenciaga Triple S (MR PORTER Exclusive)

We all know how popular Balenciaga is nowadays with the sneaker crowd, and you can often hear these kicks being praised in rap songs. In 2018, one of the most popular releases from Balenciaga (and one of the most expensive), is the Balenciaga Triple S, but the MR PORTER exclusive is the most truly expensive pair. That’s because for whatever reason, people really loved the color scheme on this one. Shelf Life reports that these kicks are worth $850 for their retail price, and about $1,400 in resale value.

3 Nike x OFF-WHITE Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi

Not all Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are created equal. In 2018, there’s one pair of these shoes that are more sought after than any other, and these are the Nike x OFF-WHITE Chuck Taylor All Star. We all know that All Stars have been around for decades, and they never seem to go out of style. But these are incredibly futuristic looking, while still keeping the classic silhouette of the shoe that we all know and love. As High Snobiety reports, the shoes are worth a whopping $1,099.

2 Y-3 Runner 4D

According to Shelf Life, these are the most expensive Adidas sneakers available in 2018. The Y-3 label is probably well known to all of those with even a casual interest in sneakers, as it’s proven to be one of Adidas’ most popular collaborations. These were of course designed with Yohji Yamamoto at the helm, and the result is pretty spectacular. Highlights include a “4D” sole, an intricate lacing system, and a Primeknit sole. Apparently, there were only 200 of these shoes ever made, with a retail price of $535, and a resale value of $1,744.

1 Louis Vuitton Don “Patchwork”

Let’s end things off with a shoe that everyone likes to talk about. Louis Vuitton makes sneakers that are often some of the most praised in the world, and every shoe that Kanye West touches seems to swell astronomically in price. So what happens when these two huge names get together? Well, you get the Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Don “Patchwork,” a luxurious, slightly over the top shoe, which High Snobiety reports is worth about 3,500 big ones.

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