25 Futuristic Things Sold In Japan We Can’t Find Anywhere Else In The World

Somewhat envied by people from around the world, Japan is known to sell a huge amount of products that are virtually unavailable outside of the country. As a result, when you hear about an item that is for sale there that catches your fancy for one reason or another, it can be really disappointing that you have to jump through so many hoops to get it. Worse yet, if the product in question would actually be a boon to your life its lack of availability becomes downright frustrating.

Known to be technologically more advanced than many other countries, in the video game world alone there are more gadgets available in Japan than anywhere else. Only a single example of how advanced the country can be, the list of Japanese gadgets that seem straight out of sci-fi is long. Realizing all of that inspired us to put together this list of twenty-five futuristic things sold in Japan we can’t find anywhere else in the world.

In order for a device to be considered for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be readily available in Japan but not in the majority of the world. We do want to make it clear that in the age of the Internet you can buy pretty much any product from any region of the world as long as it is legal and you are willing to pay an exorbitant price. Additionally, we want to make it clear we can’t attest to these items all working as promoted. We were also open to including yet to be released Japanese products that have been announced.

25 Cooler Fan

Have you ever felt like deodorant wasn’t getting the job done no matter how liberally you apply it? Have you been mortified after raising your arms only to have sweat stains in your armpits exposed? Then you may want to hope that this Japanese product comes to your neighborhood store sometime soon. A little fan that can be clipped to an arm sleeve and directed at your armpit, this product is designed to keep your body cool in a sensitive area and ensure sweat stains don’t form.

24 Incredible Home Planetariums

A product that brings a large scale planetarium directly into your home, this piece of technology is the perfect gift for any youngster with a curiosity about space. Far more than the kid’s toys that put multi-colored stars and the moon on your ceiling, this red ball projects sixty thousand stars into a child’s bedroom. On top of that, mars is also projected and if this ever comes to North America it will allow us to see the sky from Japan’s perspective.

23 Hello Kitty Sound Blocker

An item that does a couple of things, right off the top if you are a fan of all things Hello Kitty, as many people are, then you’ll like it for including her likeness alone. More than that, however, if you are sensitive about relieving yourself in public then it has an ability that you may cherish. Once engaged this product emits a sound that fills a room with the noise of running water which is the perfect cover for anyone that doesn’t want to be heard doing their business.

22 Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic

A feeling of freedom that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, letting go and singing along with a song with all of your heart is a wonderful thing. That said, if you are anything like us and your voice is far from stellar the people around you may feel differently. In that case, the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic would be perfect for you as it dampens your singing up to 70%. It also helps you to hear your fully unleashed voice which allows you to practise and improve your singing.

21 Constantly Updating Navigation Systems

Technology that has come to be seen as a must have for a lot of people, navigation systems have eliminated fears of being lost for many people. That said, in Japan, things have been taken to a far more advanced and awesome level. Able to communicate with a database, they have navigation systems that direct you to the closest gas station and tell you where to go if you want to find the cheapest petrol product. On top of that, it can warn you of traffic jams in some areas as it tracks specific roads that tend to be highly populated.

20 Nail Lights

Quite possibly the gaudiest product to appear on this list, these artificial fingernails are for people that feel like their hands need to be more distracting. Similar to acrylic nails, the main difference is that these contain LED antennas that interact with your phone through an NFC signal. Able to light up and make your fingernails blink or shimmer in more than one way, you will definitely stand out if you have these on in a dark nightclub or even in the light of day.

19 Cheero Sleepion Sleeping Device

One of the most important things that people do, if you’ve ever experienced difficulty sleeping then you already know how devastating it can be to all aspects of your life. After all, if you are exhausted it becomes impossible to enjoy things and there are also major consequences for your health. That is why the Cheero Sleepion Sleeping Device which emits light that looks candlelight or moonlight, soothing sounds, and relaxing fragrances seems like such an awesome idea. Sadly, outside of Japan, they are hard to come by.

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18 Hay Fever Micro-Current Stick

An extremely frustrating aspect of life, suffering from hay fever means that the air you breath in results in symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, and worst of all, red, itchy, and watery eyes. A problem in many areas of the world, evidently the Japanese are especially afflicted with it and came up with a product that ostensibly makes it go away. Said to emit a weak solar-generated electrical current that is supposed to relieve signs of pollen allergies, if it works as advertised all people should have better access to it.

17 Water Temperature Control Panel

A regular aspect of life, taking showers or baths is a must which is why any tech that makes that experience better seems like a fantastic idea. That is why we wish our showers would contain the same control panel that appears to exist in most Japanese homes and hotel rooms. The part that makes us most jealous of is the exact water temperature control this panel provides its users. After all, to never have to endlessly fiddle with things to get the right temperature only to fail in your effort to find the sweet spot again sounds awesome.

16 Robi Companion Robot

The kind of toy we dreamed of having when we were kids, nothing like this existed at that time but our own little ones are in luck. Well, at least they would be if they were in Japan. Known as Robi the robot, its name may not be the most creative but what it can do more than makes up for that. Possessing twenty motorized joints, it moves in a life like manner, knows around two hundred Japanese phrases, responds to people using sensors, sings, dances, and can act as a TV remote control.

15 Sony Aromastic

Designed to change the mood of Japanese workers that need a pick me up, we’re entirely certain that people all over the world could use anything that helps them get through their work day. Known as the Sony Aromastic, this product releases aromas that bring to mind happier things in life and allow people to temporarily escape the doldrums of their professional lives. Certainly, an unorthodox idea, if you’ve ever been overjoyed to smell things like a summer field, campfire, or freshly baked bread you probably agree it has merit.

14 Mini Washing Machine for Shoes

Something that may come across as ridiculous at first blush, if you ask us this is actually a pretty ingenious idea. We say that because in the past we’ve had several pairs of shoes we really liked that have gotten far too dirty. In that moment, we’ve never really wanted to hear them bang around our big laundry machines, which frankly make us kind of paranoid. Therefore, a tiny one that is designed for our shoes seems pretty rad, even though we fully admit it likely wouldn’t get pulled out very often.

13 One-Touch Ultrasonic Server for Cans

A restaurant experience that you haven’t been able to replicate at home unless you want to shell out a lot of money, having a properly poured drink while you are out is really great. That is why we were so interested to learn of this product put out by a company named Greenhouse. Said to vibrate cans the exact right amount to result in the perfect amount of froth, this battery powered product is meant to make it seem like your drink came straight out of a tap.

12 Mobile Wallet Service

Something that seems inevitable in a lot of ways, this technology does exist everywhere but it is in Japan that it has been executed enough to actually work for people. Known as Osaifu-Keitai, this tech allows people to pay for goods and services by bringing out their phones due to hardware within it. While there are businesses try to do this in North America, the difference is that in Japan there are “more than 71,000 convenience stores, bookshops, and coffee chains” that accept this form of payment.

11 Deodorizing Clothes Hanger

A problem that can be easy to avoid a lot of the time, if you shower regularly and keep your clothes clean then you can avoid being the stinky person in the room most of the time. However, if you were staying in a hotel and clothes stink and don’t have time to get to a laundromat you were out of options until this hanger was invented. Said to release “nano-sized negatively charged particles into the air” if the tech works as it should whatever clothes you put on it will smell much better before too long.

10 Dekotora

Not a product that is being released by a company, if you want to purchase an already created Dekotora you will need to acquire it second hand. That said, this art form has been popularized in Japan which makes buying one in that country possible so it qualifies for this list. Trucks that are decorated in the most colorful ways possible, these vehicles look like they jumped out of a sci-fi film. Extremely flashy, these fully functioning trucks feature things like expensive fabrics, lots of chrome and lights, and much more.

9 Slim Standing Scanner

An office tool that has been around for many years at this point, typically scanners are these massive machines that take up a big part of your desk. Far from the case with this futuristic looking device, the King Jim Desk Shot slim standing scanner is tiny and cool looking. Also able to do things other scanners can’t, with the use of a fluorescent pen that comes with it you can ensure that it only takes the image of a specific area. On top of that, it can also scan an entire document with the greatest of ease.

8 Underwater Two-Way Radio

A form of technology that has been around for a long time at this point, two way radios, or walkie talkies, are readily available around the world. However, the Casio Logosease stands out because it works up to forty meters, or one hundred thirty-one feet, underwater. On top of that, users can be anywhere between fifty and one hundred meters apart and still communicate with this product. Able to do this through the use of ultrasonic waves, this product that attaches to diving masks and works with air regulators is amazing.

7 Laugh Sensor for Seniors

Technology that at first seems about as useful as a sarcasm detector, this laugh sensor for seniors is actually one of the best items on this list in our view. Designed to be attached to the clothes of a senior, this product that is named WaratTell detects when its user laughs, talks, or coughs. Created in order to track the way seniors interact with the world, it allows their loved ones that can’t be with them to have an idea of how happy they are. This allows you to make changes in their lives and keep an eye on the results.

6 Clothes Washer and Stain Remover

Clearly, a country that has put a lot of thought into how to keep apparel as clean as possible, this Japanese item is designed to deal with very specific problems. An experience we’ve all been through, you are wearing a shirt and you spill on it, this accident can result in a stain or the need to get changed. However, if you have the Thanko Handheld Clothes Washer and Stain Remover you can use the device to clean a small area on your clothes with hot water and “ultrasoundic waves”.

5 Body Odor Checker

An app and sensor that come together to be incredibly useful, if they work as advertised we can’t believe this product hasn’t made its way over shores. Said to be able to detect things like “perspiration”, “aging”, and “middle fat” odors, they may need to work on the verbiage but this should have nearly universal appeal. Used in concert, the add-on detects the chemicals that result in bad smells and delivers that information to the app. Then the user gets a read out that details if they smell bad and if so what part of their body does so it can be dealt with.

4 Can Cooling Box

One of the most satisfying things you can experience on a hot day, if you’re overheated and you have a cool drink it truly can be wonderful. On the other hand, if you have that in mind and find out that all of your drinks are warm the disappointment can be all too real. At least that is the case as long as you don’t own a can cooling box, a Japanese product that can make your drink cold in ninety seconds, whether it is in a can or most bottles.

3 CaloRieco Calorie Scanner

Potentially one of the best-weight loss device ever created, if you are serious about getting in better shape this product could make all the difference. Able to detect how many calories the food contains to an accuracy range of 20%, the fact that it isn’t exact may be why it has been limited to sales in Japan so far. Either way, for people that don’t have time to pour over food labels and add up every ingredient they use in their cooking this product will give them a far better understanding of what they are eating.

2 Lyric Speaker

Quite possibly the least useful item to appear on this list, with that in mind, you may be left wondering why it is so high in our ranking. Well, that is because Cotodama’s Lyric Speaker is really cool. After all, it allows us to people enjoy music in a whole new way. A translucent speaker that looks rad even when it is off, when it plays music the song’s lyrics are displayed on its screen. Additionally, it detects the mood of the song and adapts its animation style accordingly.

1 Playful Lantern Speaker Bottle

Another speaker that appears here, the reason why the Playful Lantern Speaker Bottle is so high on our list is that it can do so much more. First off, it obviously can play music through Bluetooth and as the name implies can function as a lantern as well. Far from through, however, it also can charge other devices through a USB connection, serve as a flashlight, and even works as a water bottle. Looking for a a more nostalgic feel to your Friday night, that is no problem as this product can be used as a multicolored lava lamp too.

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