29-year-old mom dies during botched Brazilian butt lift

A British mom-of-three died after a cosmetic butt lift surgery at a Turkish clinic.

Leah Cambridge, 29, collapsed shortly after the start of the $4,000 operation. The clinic in Turkey boasts that clients get “UK standards of care.”

Cambridge’s partner says that he is still trying to find out what went wrong.

It is believed she died in the operating room, but the cause has still not been revealed.

Partner Scott Franks, who was in Turkey last night with her parents preparing to fly Cambridge’s body home, said: “I just wish this was a bad dream.

“Two days ago I was happy. Now I’m a broken man and will be forever. I’m hurt so bad and this is only the start. My life has crashed.”

Scaffolding manager Franks, 31, warned others considering similar cosmetic surgery to take note of the risks. He added: “People need to be aware of situations that can happen with this treatment.

“We are still waiting for answers and are also trying to get a flight to bring Leah home.”

Beautician Cambridge was at the Elite Aftercare clinic in Izmir for the Brazilian butt lift.

Its website says it has done plastic surgery for a number of British reality TV stars.

Lauren Goodger, who starred on “The Only Way Is Essex,” posted online earlier this year about the clinic saying: “Hi guys I’ve just arrived at Elite Aftercare and I’m very excited to let you know what I’m having done soon — so keep watching.”

The controversial butt lift procedure involves taking fat from the waist or stomach and inserting it in the buttocks.

It is popular with women who want a more perky bottom or an hour-glass figure.

Surgeons at Elite Aftercare say it is safer than other bottom-boosting procedures because it involves using the body’s own fat rather silicone implants.

It is believed complications set in soon after they began the procedure on Cambridge.

Her condition worsened and doctors and nurses said they could not save the mom of three boys.

Franks, Leah’s partner for 10 years, said: “It’s like a nightmare. Leah wanted to get married and we definitely would have in the next few years but instead, I’m going to have to plan a funeral.

“I’m looking at her face on video and I think it can’t be true.”

Franks, writing on Facebook as he and her parents headed off to collect Cambridge’s body, said: “I can’t believe I’m setting off to say my goodbyes to my little darling.

“This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve done. I can’t imagine being in house without her.”

Emotional Franks, speaking directly to Cambridge, said: “I will always leave a space for you at the table and make sure our kids remember you.”

The Brazilian butt lift takes between one and two hours and involves a tiny cannula being inserted into a 2-millimeter hole to extract fat.

The fat is then purified and re-injected into the buttocks.

The clinic’s website says the procedure is one of its most popular and is normally carried out by surgeon Dr. Ali Üçkan. It is not known if he operated on Cambridge.

The website says: “You will be able to walk normally after just one day and shouldn’t have much pain.

“Our surgeon and nurses will check on you and advise regularly to see an optimal recovery is made.”

It adds: “Surgery should not be taken lightly as there are risks in all procedures.

“Complications can rarely occur. Although uncommon, areas of concern can include; bleeding, infection, anesthesia problems, fat necrosis and decreased sensation.”

The clinic did not reply to requests for a comment.

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