30 Castles Around The World That Probably Cost The Most To Build

Castles can be pretty cool and can actually give some decent insight as to how and what happened in our history. They are structures that have stood hundreds of years and some of them have even withstood the winds of time and managed to stand stall even after a millennium.

Castles are generally pretty large and differ from one another because of the many different environments they were built in and to withstand. A castle built in the desert cannot be compared to one built in the plains of England. The weather would simply be far too different which would result in different defenses, tower sizes and more. It’s impossible to really find the direct cost of a castle since there are so many aspects and different people would yield different results.

This article is going to focus on the cost of the castles but since not every one of them is for sale and we cannot incorporate the cost via materials or currency from the medieval ages so we’re going to go by the size. As some of you might be aware, the most square footage or advantages of a home or piece of land might have, the more costly it might be. This would also incorporate square footage and a price per square foot would be in hand.

30 Castle of Chenonceau – France

This castle is by far one of the most unique ones out there. It would be worth quite a bit since the castle has got water coming underneath it and is basically only accessible from two locations.

Other than that, it’s likely to have tons of rooms that are large, which is always going to raise the price of anything. This particular castle would be worth a lot since it is quite old, it is a 16th-century building and has been kept in pristine condition, at least on the outside. (Source: Castlesworld)

29 Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

This castle is situated on a skyline and is essentially one long line. It’s also on the skyline of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. Since it’s just one long line, it’s a pretty simple design and was not to hard to construct. It did, however, take a fair amount of time since it is an astonishing length.

It’s so long that it has a square footage of 35,737 square meters and that’s a long way around. This means that the castle can probably be sold for tens of millions of dollars. It can be sold for that insane price because of the potential for someone to turn it into a money-making machine. If someone was to run a hydroponics farm inside that castle alongside a museum, they could really roll in the dough. (Source: Touropia)

28 Buda Castle – Hungary

If there’s any castle that wins the eye-catching reward it is the Buda Castle. It would easily win that award because it’s got the ability to easily catch the eye of anyone that looks at it. It is situated right next to a port and manages to create a great view and cultural center.

Other than that, it would be worth tons because of the modern look to it, even though it is old. It’s got the look of a government building that has a lot of power but also the look of history, it’s a combination that is not so evident in other castles. (Source: Touropia)

27 Spis Castle – Slovakia

Spis castle is like that cousin that everyone loves because he has got the best of the best stuff in town. This castle is super old but still stands strong and is even used in films. Specifically the films Dragonheart (1996) and The Last Legion (2006).

It is also located in the countryside and provides anyone within its walls with both security and a wonderful view. This castle would be worth a lot of money because of its massive size and history regarding the filming locations of certain films. (Source: Touropia)

26 Hohensalzburg Castle – Austria

This castle looks beautiful and there is no another way to say it. In the summertime, there’s a lush, small, green forest on a hill right under it. The castle is white when in the sun and makes for a great contrast between the green and the blue sky.

Other than this, someone would need a pretty big checkbook to make the purchase of it since it is a very large piece of land and is going to run up the bills for any maintenance needed on it. (Source: Touropia)

25 Windsor Castle – England

This particular castle is really well-known for anyone that looks into the royal family. It’s well-known since the Queen, Elizabeth II sometimes spends many weekends at the castle during the year. It is also one of the biggest castles in England.

This castle is sure to cost a whack ton simply because the current queen has stayed in the location for quite a while and it’s one of the largest ones around. This castle even supports one of the best views that are simply breathtaking for anyone that has the need to view it. (Source: Touropia)

24 Prague Castle – Czechia

Prague Castle is going to sell for a lot one day for the pure reason of it being a little scary. It really makes someone think of a bad thing, perhaps it is the look of the castle but it is hard to put one’s finger on it.

For this reason alone, it could sell for a lot. The paranormal world is one that can generate a lot of revenue for anyone that is interested in chasing the facts and myths about it down. Prague Castle might just be that locations for anyone that wants to become a ghost hunter. (Source: Touropia)

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23 Mehrangarh Fort – India

Since the name has got fort in it, it’s safe to assume that there must have been some soldiers from the medieval ages who must have resided inside the castle’s walls. This castle, like many typical ones, is located on top of a hill and seems to be heavily fortified.

The cost of something of this size would run someone millions if not more. It would cost this amount since it’s not an easy castle to get into, is large and has got a lot of square footage. (Source: Touropia)

22 Malbork Castle – Poland

Malbork Castle seems like the name you would come across in a science fiction novel but it is in fact, a castle. A pretty big one that has got some unique aspects for anyone that is interested in making the purchase of this castle.

It’s most interesting aspects are the not so tall walls and close location to a body of water. This could generate a lot of historical questions since it does not seem like an ideal place to build a castle but someone wanted one and had it build there. (Source: Touropia)

21 Castle of Fontainebleau – France

If there is any castle that makes someone not want to attack it, it’s this one. It is so beautiful that you almost don’t want to disturb it. While that might seem odd, it’s the truth. This castle is gigantic and would simply run up the mill for anyone buying it but the gardening costs would be the really expensive part. There are plenty of expensive lawns but none as big as this one.

The cost would rise up even more if someone would have to pay another person by the hour. Other than that, it simply looks beautiful and well kept, so naturally, it would cost a lot more than something that looked pretty bad. (Source: Castlesworld)

20 Chateau d’Uriage – France

This castle is reportedly closed so it makes someone think of what might be lurking in the halls of it. While it might just be safety issue it is sure to cost someone a lot to fix.

Think about it, if it was actually closed, then it is going to take a long time and a lot of money to fix it up and buy the castle. Other than that, it’s got a bridge and several large windows, so, it’s going to cost anyone a whack number in the checkbook. (Source: Castlesworld)

19 Pena Palace – Portugal

This castle is going to sell just because it is so colorful. In fact, it just might be the most colorful castle in the world. If there is one thing that is going to draw people in, it will be something that is bright and has many colors on it, plus it has got to be big.

These things are everything that Pena Palace is in power of at the moment. Other than that, the castle is situated on top of a medium sized hill and will surely generate a lot of costs for the owner of said property. (Source: Castlesworld)

18 Bamburgh Castle – England

This castle has got more than a good view. Anyone in it can surely see the view of a great body of water and beach. This allows it to double as a technical beachfront property. It also seems like the only castle in the area for a great distance, so that is going to raise the price. It clearly brings a whole new name to the idea of owning a castle.

That is why it will raise the price for anyone that wants to own this. This piece of land is going to be worth more since it is right beside a beach. It’s located in Scotland so the water might be cold but some people like it that way. (Source: Castlesworld)

17 Atalaya Castle – United States Of America

The name of this castle is pretty nice. It is like a word rolling off your tongue and making you feel calm. Although that might not make this castle cost more it will make it seem more liable as a purchase. This castle is going to be worth a lot because of the tropical weather that is likely to surround location.

The actual castle might not be the most expensive out there but the location of the property will turn it into one of the most expensive ones out there. It’s a unique balance that just so happened to go down in the universe at the right time. (Source: Castlesworld)

16 Osaka Castle – Japan

Castles in Asia are always going to be worth a lot. Most castles have the same style of being built. In Asia, the style is completely different and this is sure to draw some attention to anyone in the market of buying castles. A castle-like the Osaka one is especially nice because of the style in which it was designed.

It manages to be a nice added piece of eye candy to the surrounding environment and will be sure to sell for a lot because of it’s unique design and infrastructure. (Source: AllTheRooms)

15 Hirosaki Castle – Japan

This castle may not be the largest but it makes up for that in the construction of the park that surrounds it and the stone hill that it seems to sit upon. These two things make the atmosphere look great and cause a great sense of exploration for anyone that loves nature and a small environment.

It also has that non-typical feel for a castle that is rather common in Asian nations. This castle also has a nice color contrast between pink and white. The pink being the leaves of the surrounding trees and white being the color of the castle itself. (Source: AllTheRooms)

14 Castle of Chambord – France

This castle does not follow the traditional walled style of most places and castles in the world but rather takes its own style. It is much like the Windsor castle and some French palaces. It’s like this because of the many windows and rooms that reside within it and the nice flat plane that it was built on.

Other than that, this place would cost a lot simply because of the sheer size of it, it’s massive and requires a special style of living to manage correctly. (Source: CastleWorld)

13 Citadel of Carcassonne – France

This castle might be of a typical style but manages to surprise people because of its size. It does not create some cool color palate either but is sitting on a hill that oversees other houses. It is somewhat like a reminder that everyone living beside this castle is a little safer since there’s like a castle right by it.

The hill that resides upon is also filled with nice green grass. It is also worth mentioning that the castle is fairly accessible so it’s going to be worth more and can be used for many different things such as starting a cool little start-up mall. (Source: CastleWorld)

12 BRAN CASTLE – Romania

Ah yes, this is a pretty well-known castle but it is going to be worth a lot of money because of that. Bran Castle is just one of the many places that manage to attract a lot of online attention and with attention comes offers.

So the most probable way this place would get sold is in a bidding war by a bunch of rich people. Those rich people would be willing to pay for basically the size and the name. It’s a fairly large piece of land and the castle is a very good bonus to that piece of land. (Source: NationalGeographic)


This castle may not be as well known but it is sure to draw some attention after someone sees the wonderful observatory style glass panels in the front of the castle. Other than that, there seems to be a pretty tall tower which would be a dream place for anyone that wants to look over their newly owned property from a distance.

This castle also has more than a cool looking color scheme. It’s got a maroon roof with a nice beige brick color. This would raise the price since the castle must be made of a more expensive style of stone and would thus cost more to anyone that wanted to buy it down the line. (Source: NationalGeographic)

10 Kenilworth Castle – England

Now, this castle is going to run up a really big bill for anyone that wants it. It’ll do this because they basically have to rebuild a castle, as this is clearly in ruins. They would have to spend money on rebuilding it and maintaining it.

It’s a historical site and is not going to be a cheap one to maintain, anything that has been destroyed or fallen apart and is of historical worth will cost more down the line. It’s like a right of honor for the item. (Source: HistoryLists)

9 Rheinfels Castle – Germany

This castle is somewhat like the previous one but is in far better condition. It’s like this because of the fact that nature is literally more than around this one. It’s got several hills that it was built on and is basically on a mountain. When all of these things are combined it will cost more than the average castle and is going to really make someone write a lot of checks because of its nature to look like a money pit.

The owner of this place is best to rent it out and try to turn it into a business before doing anything too big on it, since the investment into this property is going to cost millions no matter what. (Source: HistoryLists)

8 Citadel Of Aleppo – Syria

So this castle has got its own moat and that’s a really cool thing. It has often been played off in films and TV shows that moats were common but it does not seem that way at all. This castle would cost a lot because someone needs to foot the bill to fill up that moat with water if they want to make it look good.

Other than that, they will need to make the citadel a little more comfortable since the inside is just ugly at this point in time but they might also want to keep the history and just try to remember all that could have happened in that very spot. That’s why this place would cost a fortune, it’s also more than big so that can be added on as well. (Source: SmashingLists)

7 Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

This place has got to be one of the more interesting ones out there. It’s got the cool colors and is on top of a mountain. Generally, people would like more than one entrance so that is where the money pit will start to form and take all their cash. They will need to build another entrance to this place since one entrance is like shooting one’s self in the foot.

On top of that, they will need to make sure everything with this castle is okay, anything that is on top of a mountain is going to raise the price since it just looks premium but the towers will be a huge rise in price since not every castle has got that. (Source: 10mosttotday)

6 Kilkenny Castle – Ireland

While you might be thinking that this place is not worth a lot since it looks unfinished, you should think again, it’s worth a lot because of that reason.

Most castles look like places people would defend until death while this castle looks friendly and more towards a place someone would sign a peace treaty in. Other than that, the waterfront property would raise the price while the building alone is going to run someone a few million dollars at least. (Source: 10mosttotday)

5 Miranda Castle – Belgium

This castle is abandoned and needs a lot of work on pretty much every single part of it. That should not stop people from buying it, it’s still a castle after all. Other than that, it is a pretty appealing castle in the visual sense.

It looks spooky and as per the usual, anything that is spooky is sure to draw in the attention of anyone that wants to go ahead and do some ghost hunting. The property might be worth more because of that and the nice forest that is in the surrounding area. (Source: 10mosttotday)

4 Alcazar of Segovia – Spain

This castle is going to be worth tons and was a lot to build. It was really expensive in the construction process because of how far it seems to be in terms of distance from any form of civilization.

With that in mind, it would obviously cost more for anyone to build something. It is also going to be worth a lot of money because of how much beauty there is within the colors associated with it and the area around it. It’s located on a hill and is above a vast forest so that’s just normal in terms of costs growing. (Source: 10mosttotday)

3 Mont Saint Michel – France

Islands are just one way someone buying this castle is going to lose some money. It’s basically on an island so that means they need to have everything shipped in via a boat and that’s not going to be cheap no matter what.

Other than that, it’s a large castle and the square footage should be pretty large so when that is considered it will raise the price significantly. This would be a good purchase for anyone that is interested in owning their own piece of land, specifically an island for only tens of millions of dollars. (Source: 10mosttotday)

2 Conwy Castle – Wales

This place is more than unique. It’s not often that you hear of a castle being the central defense point for an entire city or rather a town. This is the case for Conwy Castle. It is the largest part of a wall that surrounds the city. The wall provides people with the ability to feel safe but also al little trapped. That’s why this place is going to be worth a lot of money.

People that want to feel the need to be called a hero will buy it and likely knock down the walls in the city or the castle itself. If they don’t do that they would just fork up a bunch of cash for a decently sized castle that they can explore and have a good time within. This would have cost a lot of money to build because it is right next to the water and needs protection if any floods were to happen. (Source: 10mosttotday)

1 Bodiam Castle – England

This castle easily has one of the best moats that the world has seen. This alone would have costed a ton to produce since it needed to be dug up, then filled with water, then maintained. The castle, because it is basically in the middle of a small lake at this point, would need a lot of construction and constant upgrades to maintain it’s value in the future.

However, the price would be high for anyone that wants to buy it because of the moat and the awesome location of this particular castle. (Source: 10mosttotday)

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