30 Places In The US Every Newlywed Couple Should Spend Their Minimoon

In the fast-paced world we live in, many people do not have the privilege to pack up and go whenever they want to, and that includes newly-wedded couples. After months of planning your big day, it comes and goes so quickly, and then it is already time to go celebrate your love as newlyweds on your honeymoon. However, maybe you do not have the time, or the finances right away to do so. Well, we have a solution for you!

If you’re not able to take off for an expanded amount of time immediately after the wedding, then follow the new minimoon trend to get a little taste of romantic heaven. Some newlyweds all together do not favour the grand, opulent and luxurious honeymoon and some do not like to travel too far from home — if you’re one of those, a minimoon is for you. As newlyweds, it will do you some good to get away after a stressful wedding, and you may not know that there are some secretive and gorgeous locations in the U.S. that will have you both feeling like you’re somewhere else. Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach, or wake up to the views of picturesque mountains or want to enjoy the rustic countryside, we have compiled a list of the top beautiful and romantic locations to celebrate your love without going too far away.

30 Indian Wells, California

Instead of opting for a dreamy international adventure, after spending so much moolah on your wedding, it is easy to feel like you’re in a luxurious 5-star hotel in the Caribbean while staying in California. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with impeccable views, posh resorts, and activities included to keep fit, then make the desert oasis of Indian Wells, California your minimoon spot. Boasting Californian hills, surrounded by world-class resorts, tennis courts, and golf ranges, we are sure Indian Wells will please you and your significant other aesthetically.

29 Clearwater, Florida

The U.S. has something to offer for everyone with its various states, and guess what? Feeling like you’re on a playa in Mexico with the tropical breeze is not out of reach. If you’re chasing the sun and want to enjoy your time with your spouse while having your toes in the white sand, then take the worthy trip to Clearwater, Florida — the name speaks for itself. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, your desire of being a beach bum after the big day is possible on the Gulf-coast town. If your other half is more active, they could opt for parasailing!

28 Big Slur, California

Some newlywed couples, after an exhaustive and stressful process of planning a wedding, prefer to close themselves off to the world and head somewhere serene. Lounging back in a rustic cabin and waking up to the view of impeccable mountains with your spouse sounds fantastic, right? Or maybe you want to try something new for your minimoon and stay in a treehouse. Whatever your heart desires, the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California will cater to all your needs. Want to wine and dine cliffside while staring out at the paradise of mountains? This is the place to be.

27 Sedona, Arizona

Maybe you’re looking for a little bit of adventure now that the wedding nerves are over and done with, and if so, make your way together to Sedona, Arizona. Here, you will be blissed by the desert town that is fundamentally a playground for those who have a high appreciation for nature. In Sedona, you might feel like you’re in Europe with its red-rock buttes and 1.8 million acres of national forest land. Want to be impressed and fall in love all over again? Take a hot air balloon over the red rocks!

26 Miami, Florida

Miami is stamped with the “spring breakers” label, but this luxurious, opulent and beach city has everything those going on a minimoon deserve. Want to soak in clear water? Head over to Miami. Want to put on your most flattering dress and tailored suit on and dine at a fancy restaurant? Head over to Miami. Want to be entertained all night long? Head over to Miami. Need we say more to convince you newlyweds? South Beach will definitely not disappoint!

25 The Big Island, Hawaii

Heading over to a beach paradise does not mean you need to just be a beach bum all day! Looking to stay a little active and explore with your significant other? Take the plane over to The Big Island, Hawaii and indulge in all this U.S. state has to offer. Hey, people all over the world dream of honeymooning in Hawaii! In Hawaii, you may find yourselves soaring high in a helicopter over the volcanoes or down under scuba diving with manta rays. Do not hesitate, make the escape to Big Island!

24 Napa Valley, California

Wine enthusiasts all know that the place to be in the U.S. is Napa Valley, California, and this may be the perfect location for your romantic mini getaway if you love wine. Seriously, what is more romantic than taking a stroll through the vineyards under the hot California sun with your significant other? Boasting the top domestic wineries, we should not have to convince you more of making this destination one of your minimoon choices — cheers!

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23 San Francisco, California

“Welcome to the hotel California…such a lovely place!” Seriously, The Eagles were not wrong — just about any renowned hotel in California will have you California dreaming, especially in the Bay Area of San Francisco. For those who want to stroll through a big and lively city while soaking up the rays, San Fran is the place to wander off to. With more than just the Golden Gate Bridge to stare at in awe, San Fran offers romantic activities like sea lion spotting at Pier 39 or taking the cable car.

22 New Orleans, Louisiana

Does your ideal minimoon include action and a city with lots of buzz? If so, we suggest you take your romantic getaway to New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy city is always so alive and never a bore; from morning to night, you will be infatuated by the jazz and blues scene with your spouse and it won’t be difficult to pig out either with their fantastic foods. What more do you need?

21 New York City, New York

We know most newlyweds want a relaxing getaway, but there are those who love to have a little bit of amusement and stay up all night long. And evidently, there is no better place to do so than in the city that never sleeps. Take in the bedazzling Times Square that has an abundance of things to do day and night, go on a romantic stroll in Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take in the stunning views of the Big Apple from the One World Observatory, and indulge a fine restaurant in the village where are the locals know each other. There is always a little something romantic do in NYC.

20 Anchorage, Alaska

We are here to remind you that Alaska is an American state and could actually be one of the most romantic place to visit with your sweetie. Who needs a beach when you and your spouse could go dog sledding and then cuddle up by a fire? In Anchorage, Alaska, if you and your official babe love a little bit of adventure and downtime, you can have both; you can do a bicycle tour to stay fit together or you could put on the bathrobe and plush slippers and enjoy a glacier cruise.

19 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

The beauty and serenity of nature is the perfect scene for romance, so those who have a grand appreciation for nature should not hesitate to take a minimoon to the scenic Snoqualmie Falls, Washington. There is something about gazing at waterfalls and listening to the sound of the water with your partner that is just so lovely. If you’re looking to explore and sweat it out together while hiking, you’ll be pleased to know that the 270-foot waterfall is situated on a two-acre park.

18 Atlanta, Georgia

Now that you’re married and vowed to spend the rest of your lives together, continuing to discover one another is crucial, and now that you’re hitched, might as well discover more delicious foods. If you head on over to Atlanta, Georgia, devouring new tasty foods together will not be too difficult. Hey, what is a minimoon without exquisite food and trying new things? Atlanta is a southern city that is on every foodie’s list and there is always something to do in this exciting city.

17 Maui, Hawaii

We cannot stress enough how much any newlywed couple should put aside work and pack their bags to say “aloha” to Hawaii. There are so many stunning islands in Hawaii, but Maui will have you singing love songs. After visiting Maui, we promise you won’t even need to dish out for a honeymoon! The island has stunning waterfalls and beach resorts that look like paradise — you’ll be sending postcards to your relatives back home in no time.

16 Knoxville, Tennessee

Can you really go wrong with a city that is named “America’s most romantic city?” Taking the trip to Knoxville, Tennessee with your S.O. we guarantee you will be perfect. This city is known for having things to do all year round, so whenever you decide to take a sojourn there with your spouse, you will have various activities to choose from to do together. Taking a BBQ class is one of them; learning how to do things together is a smart way to start a marriage!

15 Litchfield, Connecticut

To get away from family and friends and start off your marriage with some well-needed quiet time in a quaint and secret location, the Winvian in Litchfield, Connecticut is where you want to go. Cottages are always synonymous with being quaint, but this resort in a wondrous town has a lot to offer to newlyweds; here you can take a pasta-making class, indulge in breakfast in bed, make s’mores together, and even hop on a hot air balloon. Bonus: The rooms will be all set-up for your minimoon.

14 Traverse City, Michigan

With so many states, many do not know that they could get a taste of the Mediterranean without leaving the country! Where to newlyweds? Traverse City, Michigan. The northern Michigan estate looks like a scene straight out of a romantic movie. The Chateau Chantal (just the name is fancy) is an estate that will make you fall in love all over again with your partner with its 65 acres that boasts lush vineyards and a splendid view of Lake Michigan. And then, you can wine and dine like you’re in Italy!

13 Santa Barbara, California

Sometimes you just want to get pampered, and there is no place that sounds as relaxing as Santa Barbara, California. In Santa Barbara, you can expect to be relieved of all the after-wedding blues by getting a soothing massage, and once you are relaxed and distressed, you can attempt to paddle-board. This coastal destination is known to be laid-back, and as a bonus, there are many luxurious shops.

12 Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Ever thought of making Lake Tahoe your minimoon destination? If so, you newlyweds are geniuses. What we love about Lake Tahoe is no matter the time of year, it is just as magical and there is always something to do in its blissful nature. Whether you want to go to a secret hideaway or bathe yourself in luxury, Lake Tahoe has both romantic cabins and posh resorts. In the summer, you and your S.O. can sunbathe or hike in the wilderness, and in the winter, you can take a shot at snowshoeing.

11 Savannah, Georgia

Want to get a little freaky with your new spouse? Go to Savannah, Georgia. We are not talking rated-R stuff here though, Savannah is known as America’s most haunted city. Bizarre that we’re telling you to give this city a shot for your minimoon, right? This city is an actual diamond in the south; people visit Savannah with their partner to either taste its fabulous honey, enter one of their many speakeasies, or get a little thrill on a ghost tour.

10 Telluride, Colorado

When we say Colorado, you’re automatically going to think of skiing and snowboarding, but we can brag about Telluride, Colorado for hours. Here, you will find hot air balloons, romantic stargazing, and the most incredible ski slopes (even if you don’t ski, they are a marvel to look at with your sweetie). Do we need to convince you newlyweds even more? Evidently, being surrounded by nature, you can find many luxurious resorts that will treat you like the newlywed couple you are.

9 Carmel, California

California is dominating our list, but that is no surprise — who can say no to the sunny California coast? For those couples who have an appreciation for art, who love to kick back and relax in cottages by the water, and sip on some wine, Carmel is screaming your names. Did we mention that this small city that boasts some of the most beautiful beaches is one of the best cities in the world for romance? It actually looks like a scene out of The Last Song — just saying.

8 Charlottesville, Virginia

There is something about small town cities in America that have so much charm and enchantment; this means that trying to find a romantic old town in Europe is not necessary for a honeymoon. In Charlottesville, Virginia, you and your love will discover a city that is the perfect combination between nature, history, and spellbinding small-town delight. A history buff would want to head over to Thomas Jefferson’s home, and if not, take a stroll hand-in-hand through their many orchards and vineyards.

7 Charleston, South Carolina

Who isn’t infatuated by southern charm? Growing with popularity is the southern town of Charleston in South Carolina, and we suggest you make it a minimoon option quick. The city is booming much like NYC, except it is a whole new vibrant southern city to discover. And, if you and your sweetie are fans of seafood and everything fresh, Charleston will dine you with the most delicious seafood. How romantic, right? Also, waltzing through their markets together won’t be a bad idea, either.

6 Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The perfect love story does not always mean standing on a boat with your loved one like in The Titanic; romance is a combination of blossoming flowers, beautiful waterfalls, and huge pine trees. Now, if you can get all of that in one area, it would be the perfect way to kickstart your marriage. And in Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, it’s all there waiting for you both. First, indulge in the stunning scenery and take those Instagram-worthy pictures, then head over to the small towns to listen to music and have some mouth-watering southern cuisine.

5 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We think that starting off your marriage with an adrenaline rush is a great idea, right? Starting on the right foot, at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you and your honey can have both of your feet off the ground when you go paragliding. This will definitely make for a minimoon to remember, and after that, who cares about the honeymoon? Though it is a popular winter season destination, in the summer, you can go fishing, rafting, or horseback riding.

4 Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Who doesn’t love seeing cute farm animals wander around as they slowly approach you for some TLC? And who does not love stunning beaches? Ever heard of New England? That is where you will find all that and more. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts in the spring, summer, and fall is the dreamiest place an American newlywed couple could visit. With a 19-acre alpaca farm, several beaches that will have you dipping your toes in the Atlantic, and most uniquely, gingerbread cottages, you and your sweetie will fall in love all over again.

3 Santa Fe, New Mexico

You do not have to go to Spain on your honeymoon to feel like you’re in Spain when Santa Fe, New Mexico is near. Want to fall in love with history with your sweetie? Santa Fe, the country’s oldest capital city, is a lively city that is a rich blend of architecture, art with its almost 300 galleries, Spanish churches and guaranteed sunny weather. We love the Spanish culture the city maintains, so it’s no surprise that it has made our minimoon list.

2 Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Camping out could also be fun for a minimoon, right? Adventure awaits you at The Inn at Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. As a newlywed couple, engaging in some farming should be amusing and learning a new skill is always useful. Those who enjoy the rural life will certainly admire this town that is not too far away from Atlanta. We’re not saying that you are going to be planting on your minimoon, but this farm inn boasts many rural life activities such as bonfires, horseback riding, and feeding the farm animals — you both would have a moo-rable time!

1 Santa Cruz, California

We just had to end our list with another coastal city with Santa Cruz, California. Every city in California has the capacity to be romantic, but Santa Cruz, we could say, invented romance. The coastal city is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and vibrant pedestrian-friendly boardwalks — we all know how romantic that could be because of Hollywood films. And if ever you are feeling gutsy and want to take up surfing, this is the perfect area to do it!

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