40 Clever Captions About Wine That’ll Make You Stop, Snap A Pic, & Smell The Rosé

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day and un-wine-ding with a glass of your favorite. (I’m a Cabernet Sauvignon kind of gal myself.) You might enjoy it with dinner, in your nightly bubble bath, as a nightcap before bed, or any combination of those. But any way you enjoy it, it’ll definitely be a moment worth sharing with your friends, so you’ll need to be armed with some clever captions about wine for all the pictures you take.

I’ll be entirely honest with you: I used to not understand the hype around wine. I didn’t really like the taste of it. But as I’ve gotten older and my palate has gotten more ~refined~, wine has become one of my favorite go-to adult beverages when I’m hanging with the girls.

So whether it’s red, white, or pink, grab a bottle, pour a glass (or two), and enjoy your evening. Take lots of pictures so all of your social media followers can be jealous that you’re enjoying a glass of wine and they aren’t.

1. "Wine a little, laugh a lot." — Unknown

2. "You can’t sip with us." — Unknown

3. "I make grape decisions." — Unknown

4. "Say you’ll be wine." — Unknown

5. "Either give me more wine or leave me alone." — Rumi

6. "Stop and smell the rosé." — Unknown

7. "No wine left behind." — Unknown

8. "Wine flies when you’re having fun." — Unknown

9. "Great minds drink alike." — Unknown

10. "Sip, sip hooray." — Unknown

11. "Here for the right riesling." — Unknown

12. "Partners in wine." — Unknown

13. "I’m on cloud wine." — Unknown

14. "Everything happens for a riesling, right?" — Unknown

15. "My day just went from super to sip-erb, real quick." — Unknown

16. "It’s wine o’clock." — Unknown

17. "Time to wine down." — Unknown

18. "I need to re-wine my life." — Unknown

19. "Love the wine you’re with." — Unknown

20. "Wine not?" — Unknown

21. "Be kind, and re-wine." — Unknown

22. "Wine, because it’s not good to keep things bottled up." — Unknown

23. "A good day starts with coffee, and ends with wine." — Unknown

24. "Will you accept this rosé?" — Unknown

25. "I’m not a wino. I’m a wineYES!" — Unknown

26. "You’re the wine that I want." — Unknown

27. "Oh, sweet child of wine." — Unknown

28. "You had me at merlot." — Unknown

29. "Tonight’s forecast: 99 percent chance of wine." — Unknown

30. "Cabernet? More like, caber-yay!" — Unknown

31. "Back that glass up." — Unknown

32. "Hakuna Moscato. It means drink wine." — Unknown

33. "I mead more wine." — Unknown

34. "Read between the wines." — Unknown

35. "Adulting makes me wine." — Unknown

36. "You are so bottlefull to me." — Unknown

37. "Home is where the wine is." — Unknown

38. "Giving you more reasons to wine." — Unknown

39. "Wine is the answer. What was the question?" — Unknown

40. "Sip happens." — Unknown

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