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As if there’s any possible way you could’ve forgotten, Independence Day is next week, which means you’re probably either planning a patriotic outfit for the backyard barbecue you’re going to, or you’re prepping for the party you’re hosting yourself. If the latter sounds like you, we’ve got great news! There are tons of products on the market right now that can help kick your July 4th festivities up a notch. And, just as you’d expect, they’re patriotic AF.

Whether you’re thinking of getting some new USA-themed pool floats or fun photo props, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to make your party one for the books. Ready to see all of the red, white and blue products you never knew you needed? Here we go!

Giant Inflatable American Bald Eagle, $39.95

We all know that the best 4th of July parties are the ones where we get to lounge in the pool, so if you’re hosting and happen to have one, there’s a good chance you’re going to need some new floats to keep your guests relaxed and happy.

Since it’s Independence day, nothing screams independence like this bald eagle pool float. Not only is it on-theme for the upcoming holiday, but it’s also HUGE, so your guests will have a blast sharing the float (or trying to push each other off). Still, it’s a must. Don’t you think?

Uncle Sam Photo Backdrop, $12.99

Correct us if we’re wrong, but what’s a party without a photo opp? That’s why this Uncle Sam-themed photo backdrop is just what you need to make sure your guests get the perfect ‘gram by the end of the night. We mean… isn’t it hilarious?!

Set this backdrop up inside a doorway and, trust us… people will flock to it on their own. No one can resist a July 4th-inspired photo on Independence Day. It’s like, scientific fact.

‘Merica Beer Belt, $18.99

Although this is definitely NOT a cute fashion statement on any other day, on July 4th it’s perfectly acceptable, and it’ll probably make your guest extremely happy, too! Not only will you be showing off your American pride, but you’ll also be making life more convenient for, well, all of your guests!

That’s right! All you have to do is walk around the party with a bunch of canned beverages strapped to your waist so that your guests can just grab one whenever they pass you by! This way, they don’t even have to walk to the cooler to get a refreshment. Imagine that!

4th of July Photo Booth Kit, $5

As we mentioned earlier, photo opps are a must for every celebration, and your 4th of July party is no different. Luckily, you can find photo props like these for a very affordable price anywhere online, but these ones from Target are some of our faves.

Guests can choose to pose with a Statue of Liberty hat or torch, an Uncle Sam hat, or even some classic bowties, but one no matter what they choose, one thing’s for sure… once the photos surface on Instagram, other people will WISH they stepped up their July 4th game. Too late!

Inflatable Uncle Sam Hat Cooler, $19.99

When you’re hosting an outdoor party, you obviously have to make sure the drinks stay cold. Sure, you could just go with a regular Igloo cooler, but what fun would that be? Instead, keep it patriotic with this beverage cooler shaped like Uncle Sam’s hat! Cool (no pun intended), right?

Patriotic Push Pop Confetti, $9.98

Confetti is a major party staple, and for Independence Day, you can order these confetti poppers, which have red, white and blue star-shaped confetti inside! Once you start seeing those fireworks exploding in the distance, have some fun of your own and celebrate America by launching these stars in the air. Just make sure you have your camera ready if you’re trying to snap a photo of the big moment!

Giant Ice Pop Pool Float, $19.99

Decorating for your 4th of July party doesn’t get any easier than throwing a few patriotic-looking floats in the pool, and this ice pop float has to be one of our absolute favorites.

In addition to being super festive and nice to look at, the float is also big, which means that you or your guests could lie flat and do some sunbathing. After all, it’s the beginning of summer and you should probably start getting your tan on.

Inflatable American Flag Buffet Cooler, $14.99

Just like the beverages, the food at your party is going to need to be kept cool throughout the day, too. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect solution, which is this inflatable American flag buffet cooler that couldn’t be more perfect for your upcoming Independence Day bash.

Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, all you have to do is fill the cooler with ice and place all of the food that needs to stay cold, like salad and fruit, on top of it. This way, you won’t have to worry about all of your delicious food staying fresh all day! Amazing!

Patriotic Rubber Duckies, $11.99

LBR, rubber duckies take everything to the next level, and even though it may not seem like the obvious choice, these duckies can improve your July 4th extravaganza in a MAJOR way. Trust us.

If you order these red, white and blue rubber duckies in bulk, we can’t help but think it would be the cutest thing EVER if you threw a bunch in pool for a little extra decoration. Not only is it cute AF, but it’s the perfect combination of unique and patriotic as well.

Inflatable Uncle Sam on a Rocket, $34.99

Although we typically only put out lawn decorations for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, this inflatable decoration featuring Uncle Sam on a rocket is the perfect way to declare to your entire neighborhood that you’re grateful for your freedom, and we’re here for it!

Even though some may say it’s a little extra, we personally love the spirit. Plus, it’ll show all of your guests that the party’s about to be LIT before they even step through the gate to your backyard. Epic!

Patriotic Fidget Spinners, $14.99

We know it’s not typical to give away favors at a 4th of July party, but after we saw these American flag-inspired fidget spinners, we just couldn’t help but think that every single party guest at every single 4th of July party this year simply needs one, us included.

Not only will these make great favors, but they’ll also serve as a great distraction for kids who usually get bored while waiting for fireworks. Although we can’t say this is an absolute party essential, we do think your guests would appreciate the gesture because, honestly, who doesn’t love a good fidget spinner? No one. That’s who.

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