5 People Who Perfected Hilarious Lazy Christmas Decorating

Christmas is one of the happiest, joyous, most feel-good times of the year. It’s also one of the most stressful and anxiety-causing holidays. As kids, we don’t realize this. We are too busy focusing on candy, gingerbread houses, bundling up to look at Christmas lights, watching holiday cartoons and, of course, that sweet, sweet countdown until it’s finally present-opening time.

But adults have a slightly different experience come Christmas. It’s still fun and full of merriment, but we also have to deal with the magic-making that kids can often take for granted. With things like family issues that can arise during the holidays, wrapping up projects at work before the Christmas break, nursing colds and flus not to mention, finding the money to pay for all of those presents, sometimes decorating the house in the way that would earn Kris Kringle’s personal stamp of approval can be the last thing on our minds. Putting lights on the house involves a ladder, a staple gun, and most importantly, time and effort. Setting up a lovely Christmas tree can have very satisfying results but the thought of hauling the tree out from the garage and carefully unpacking all of the ornaments and lights sounds like a prime opportunity for procrastination. Getting a live tree from a farm sounds like even more work! It’s tiring just thinking of all of this holiday prep. No wonder these five slothful yet creative folks decided to decorate the lazy way.

Copycat Christmas Lights

It is so easy to imagine that the people who live in the house that is completely dark except for its “Ditto” sign were the kind of kids who copied off of others kids’ homework and put their names on projects that they barely contributed to. It would also reason that they are the same kind of people who might show up to a friend’s wedding with a card and toss it onto the gift table with the hopes that it might get confused as belonging to a gift that it had fallen from. But we really shouldn’t make assumptions about these homeowners who took the easy way out. After all, it’s not mandatory for anyone to decorate their house for Christmas unless the home is in one of those neighborhoods like the famous Candy Cane Lane where they make new homeowners sign contracts promising to go all out decorating their homes for the holidays. We think this is just a regular house with regular people living in it—people with a couple of boxes of white lights and a great sense of humor.

The Grinch Saves The Day

Talk about creative. This family thought up a very clever way to incorporate one of the most well-known Christmas movies of all time and decorate their house using the least amount of work possible. At first glance, the Grinch looks homemade, so it’s possible that the family constructed him on their own. However, upon closer inspection he seems to be very well made so it’s more than likely that the family purchased him either from a store or from a local crafter seeing as how making a Grinch yard decoration would take a trip to the local home improvement store, a jigsaw, paint and quite a bit of effort and the people who live in this home have proved to us all that they are the kind of folks to “work smarter, not harder” when it comes to dressing up their home for the holidays.

“Are The Lights Up?” “Yep.”

Well, you can’t say that from the technical standpoint, at least, the job didn’t get done. The lights are up!

This impatient person even bothered to plug them in so that when turned on, their neighbors will get to enjoy the yuletide ambiance provided by a clustered mess of a ball of tangled lights. The twisted chaotic ball of lights reminds us of the scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase hands Johnny Galecki a knotted ball of lights the size of an overinflated beach ball and says, “Little knot here. Work on that.” Was it just that untangling the complicated knot seemed like such an unbearable chore or does this person have a pretty funny sense of humor? It’s hard to tell. All we know is that this lazy light decorator will be giving their entire neighborhood something to either cringe or laugh at every evening until New Year’s Day.

An Easy Tree Alternative For The True Fans Of Christmas

How can you look at this photo and not admire the fact that this spirited Christmas fan took the time to put a red felt tree skirt on the base of this electric fan? We can’t help but wonder if they had the tree skirt already, but forgot to get the tree (or just didn’t want to) or if they went out on a mission to buy a tree skirt after it had been decided to repurpose their fan in the name of Christmas.

Something interesting to note is that the fan is plugged in and since none of the blades can be seen, we assume that the fan was on while this photo was taken. So that leads us to believe that these people live somewhere where the weather is hot enough to require a fan, even in December. If that is the case, maybe these folks were paying homage to their hot hometown by incorporating it into their holiday traditions.

A Tree With A Real Pine Scent

So many points for creativity here. We love that this resourceful person made good use of the backscratcher by turning it scratcher side up and holding it in place under the John Deere miniature box. With this simple yet smart use of everyday objects, this person has saved some moola on a tree (money for more presents?) and designated an undeniable spot to place the holiday gifts. As an added bonus, they don’t have to worry about the extra charge on their electricity bill in January or watering a messy live tree. Besides all of that, clean up will be a breeze! It shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds to get their house un-Christmas’d when January rolls around. And technically, there are presents under their tiny tree. Bravo, you lazy souls.

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