£5billion pumped into England’s flood defences ‘to protect 336,000 homes and businesses’

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The payout will be poured into 1,000 schemes in the next six years to help 336,000 properties. Around £860million will be spent during 2021-22, with the eventual aim to cut England’s flood risk by 11 percent. The Environmental Agency said the cash will help avoid £32billion in economic damages.

It follows recent flash floods in London and abroad.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said: “The tragic events in Germany and Belgium serve as a sobering reminder of how devastating flooding can be.

“We are standing by communities and will bolster defences against flooding across England, with many thousands more properties better protected by 2027.”

At least £8million will go to Greater Manchester’s Radcliffe & Redvales Flood Risk Management Scheme this year to protect 800 homes and businesses.

Around £4.4million will be pumped into Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme in West Yorkshire to better protect 400 properties in a community with a long history of flooding.

Changes for insurers mean they can pay for the installation of resilience measures after a flood – like air brick covers, flood doors and flood resistant plasterboard.

Meanwhile, local authorities have been given new flood risk guidance so they can improve compliance with planning rules.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “Our reforms will ensure that communities know that future developments will be safe from floods.”

There will be a separate Government consultation on flooding in the autumn.


Comment by Emma Howard Boyd

As the Olympic Games began in Tokyo, thunderstorms brought frightening floods to London – not far from the 2012 Olympic park.

In Germany and Belgium last week, floods killed dozens of people. German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the aftermath as “surreal, ghostly”.

With the climate emergency making storms worse there is a greater threat to people’s lives and the economy.

We have no choice but to deal with it. The Express’s Green Britain crusade is absolutely right – that getting ahead of climate change can create jobs, prosperity and a cleaner planet.

This means building flood defences and planting trees to restore the environment where once nature absorbed the rain.

If you want to be prepared, look up “Prepare Act Survive” online, check your risk and sign up for flood warnings. This could save your life.

As Britain’s athletes once again show they are among the world’s best, the planet is in an even greater race against climate change. I believe we can still win – but the starting gun has already been fired.

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