6 Reasons To Reject A Proposal, According To 13 Women

If your Instagram feed looks anything like mine, you may be getting swarmed by people’s "omg, just got engaged" posts. We, as a society, are always talking about people accepting proposals. So much so that we forget to remember saying ‘no’ is also an option. There are plenty of totally valid reasons to reject a proposal and, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies who have actually rejected proposals, themselves, shared the reasons they would reject a proposal. And every single one of them is totally valid.

Actually, before we dive into their reasons, let me make one thing super, extra, crystal clear: Every reason to say "no" is a perfectly valid reason. In fact, you could say "no" for no particular reason at all. Maybe you just had a feeling you don’t want to say yes. That’s enough of a reason to say no. It really is! So, while all of these reasons are totally valid, do yourself a favor and keep in mind that they’re just six out of an infinite number of perfectly reasonable and valid excuses not to marry someone. It’s as simple as that.

OK, now that we got that spiel out of the way, it’s time to dive into the six most common reasons to reject a proposal, according to ladies on Reddit.

You Never Talked About Marriage Before

— youmewlingquim

— Confetticandi

— wobblebase

— elliefunt

You Don’t Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Them

— LittleLady321

— queenthaisha

You Didn’t Feel Like It Was Romantic Enough

— sugarsodasofa

You Don’t Believe In Marriage

— childfree_IPA

— ConnieC60

— mytrustythrowaway458

— banananapixel

You Were Embarrassed By The Public Proposal

— ojandephedrine

You Don’t Love Their Family

— unhappy-clam

Again, the only reason you need for not marrying someone is that you don’t want to marry them. Simple as that.

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