7 very different (but equally brilliant) Instagram Lives to watch in lockdown

Looking to pass the time with some thought-provoking content in lockdown? You should definitely catch up with one of these engaging Instagram Live videos from people such as poet Rupi Kaur and novelist Marian Keyes. 

How’s lockdown three going? Already binged Bridgerton? Listened to 50 new podcast episodes on your daily walks? Mastered how to do a handstand in your living room? Finished the pile of books on your bedside table?

Yep, bordeom has well and truly hit a lot of us at this stage in the pandemic. 

If you’re looking for a new way to stimulate your mind, learn new things, engage with people and keep entertained, you might want to tune into the Instagram Lives that people are recording right now. And if you miss the original recordings, many of them are usually posted onto IGTV afterward so you can catch up.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Instagram Lives that you can go and watch right now. 

  • Reflect and set intentions with Rupi Kaur

    Poet Rupi Kaur asks us to start 2021 by checking in with ourselves and looking ahead to the new year. As part of her task, Kaur invites you to reflect on twelve prompts – including patience, anxiety and friendship – and write down your thoughts on a piece of paper that you then fold. 

    She says: “On the [first day] of every month we will open up the corresponding letter for that month. This will be a personal check-in, a moment of self-reflection, a moment to see where we’re at and set intentions for where we wanna go.”

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  • Novel writing with Marian Keyes

    Still trying to right that novel? Best-selling novelist Marian Keyes is here with a free four-week course to remind you the biggest rule about writing: you should have fun doing it. But she’s also on hand to give her hands-on knowledge, advice and tips. 

    Keyes answers your questions, shares her own experiences and sets weekly tasks. And she does it all using her on-brand wit and warmth. Even if you don’t end up writing a novel, it’s like catching up with a good (chatty!) friend. 

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  • Get your beauty fix with Stylist’s Sink Sessions

    How has lockdown affected your daily beauty regime? Battling with dry skin and maskne? Missing putting on your favourite lip colour and perfume? Well you can get your beauty fix with Stylist’s Sink Sessions

    In each session, our beauty director Shannon talks to a beauty expert about their skin routines. The latest video sees Shannon speaking with the CEO of nature-inspired beauty and wellness brand Crabtree and Evelyn, Ashley Souza. 

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  • Learn about sustainability with Aja Baber

    We all want to do our bit by being more sustainable in our daily lives – but where do we even start? Writer, personal stylist and style consultant Aja Barber’s Instagram feed is a great place to start. 

    In her lively talks, Barber explores all the issues we face with sustainability. But that’s not all. She’s also discussed the importance of setting boundaries, speaking truth to power and internet etiquette.

    In her latest Live recording, she is joined by fellow expert for a conversation about sustainability and Black Friday. It will definitely give you something to think about.

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  • Get some fitness motivation from Strong Women

    We all know that physical exercise is one of the best things we can do for ourselves in lockdown… and yet, it sometimes feels impossible to do. Luckily, Strong Women has a whole library of fitness videos to provide inspiration.

    From barre workouts to 30-minute strength workouts, flexibility workouts and a pilates session, there is something to suit every body and every level. 

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  • Take a deep breath with Fearne Cotton

    Sometimes you just need to take a moment to breathe. It might sound like the most simple and obvious thing in the world, but when was the last time you closed your eyes, took a deep and long breath, and really grounded yourself?

    In this breath work session, Happy Place podcaster Fearne Cotton speaks with  Breathing Tree founder Rebecca Dennis. The pair show you a quick and easy breathing routine that is a perfect way to round off your day before bedtime.

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  • Take on the 28-day challenge with Alice Liveing

    Personal trainer, author and all-round fitness guru Alice Liveing has set a 28-day challenge for anyone who feels up to getting stronger this month. 

     Liveing has set out a daily timetable and she records a live video each morning. The free challenge started on the first Monday of the month but you can always go through her feed to start from the beginning.

    Read? Set? GO. 

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