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JOGGING isn’t just an activity for those days when the sun is shining – in fact, it’s hard to beat the feeling of returning home after a run in the rain. But to enjoy it fully, a waterproof running jacket is a must.

The best waterproof running jacket will not only help keep the top half of your body dry during a downpour, but should keep the worst of the wind off, too.

When buying a waterproof running jacket, it’s important not to just focus on how waterproof it is – breathability is also key and will help keep you dry inside the jacket, too.

Another important feature to look out for is a hood to keep your head dry; one that can stow away is a bonus as it will stop it flapping around in the wind when not in use.

Other things to consider include pockets that can protect valuables such as a smartphone from water or sweat, reflective detailing for running in low light conditions and adjustable cuffs that can be tightened to prevent the wind or rain getting up your sleeves.

From race-ready waterproofs to shells that can be stuffed in your commuting bag just in case, these are the best waterproof running jackets for men on the market right now.

1. Adidas Terrex Agravic Rain Jacket

  • Adidas Terrex Agravic Rain Jacket, £130 from Adidas – buy here

Adidas’ trail running and hiking brand, Terrex, is well-known for making kit that can withstand extreme conditions when out in the wild.

The Agravic rain jacket is an ideal waterproof shell for stuffing in a running backpack because of how it folds away discreetly into its own built-in pocket.

It’s also great when on, providing protection from water and wind as the hood, cuffs and hems are fitted to prevent any water seeping in.

The stretchy fabric, made of 100% Nylon, gives you the freedom to move without restriction – handy when going off-road and needing to use your hands to overcome obstacles on hikes, or trail runs.

Also, what's more is that this running jacket is machine washable, too, just be sure to wash with the same colours on a cold wash.

2. Proviz Reflect360

  • Proviz Reflect men’s running jacket, £89.99 from Proviz Sports – buy here

If you’re after a waterproof running jacket made for inner-city, commuting, the Reflect360 is certainly it.

Constructed from an incredibly reflective material, the jacket effectively becomes a source of light when a vehicle’s headlights are shone on it – keeping you safe and seen in low lighting, making it ideal in darker winter months.

It’s also waterproof, windproof and breathable – even when wearing a rucksack – making it a wardrobe staple for those hardy souls running to the office throughout the highs and lows of British weather.

3. Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry running jacket

  • Gore Wear R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry, £299.99 from Gore Wear – buy here

Gore-Tex is widely regarded as the pinnacle of waterproof technology, but all that high-end tech sadly comes with an eye-watering price tag.

If you’re serious about your running and want to be able to train whatever the weather, the R7 Gore-Tex Shakedry might be a worthwhile investment.

Any water that falls on the waterproof membrane beads on the surface – rather than getting absorbed – keeping the jacket lightweight even in a thunderstorm.

It also gives it a cool feature where you literally just have to shake those beads off to dry it – hence the ‘Shakedry’ name.

Breathable, able to be packed away in its front zip pocket and with reflective detailing on the front, back and arms, this might just be the peak of waterproof running jackets for men.

It also comes in a range of sizes up to XXL, so all body types are accounted for.

4. Inov-8 Stormshell Full-Zip Jacket

  • Inov-8 Stormshell Full Zip Jacket, £180 from Runners Need – buy here

The Stormshell from trail running experts Inov-8 is favoured by those who compete in some of the toughest ultra-distance races on the planet.

Designed with mountain and hardy trail runners in mind, it’s certainly more heavy duty than the Gore Wear R7, and can withstand running with a bag or the odd snag that comes with exploring overgrown woodland paths.

Nice touches include a front zip that curves away from the face – increasing comfort by stopping any rubbing on your chin – and cuffs with adjustable hook and loop tabs for using with gloves.

5. On Weather Jacket

  • On Weather Jacket, £190 from Run and Become – buy here

Running jackets tend to come in two styles – shells that can be stowed away for emergencies and out-and-about winter jackets that can both keep you warm and protected against the elements if the weather changes fast.

The On Weather Jacket from Swiss brand On falls into the former category, but can also be relied on as an additional layer to keep the chill off in winter.

While it does all the things you’d expect of a waterproof jacket of that price (keeps you dry when conditions are changeable and is well ventilated to stop the build-up of moisture inside), it has a couple of nice finishing touches.

The front pocket is water-resistant, making it ideal for carrying valuables such as a smartphone, and its peaked hood includes a cap that not only keeps it in place when the wind is blowing a gale, but also offers more protection in a shower.

What's more, is it can be neatly packed away nice and tight into its chest pocket. Talk about an all-rounder.

6. Iffley Road Night Marlow Waterproof running jacket

  • Iffley Road Night Marlow Waterproof running jacket, £195 from Iffley Road – buy here

For the style-conscious man who wants to look good even in the depths of a downpour, then the Night Marlow from Iffley Road is the jacket you should set your sights on.

A slim, tailored cut with a minimalist design that wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of a fashion magazine, the softshell jacket can also handle itself in the wilds of the UK too.

Iffley Road boasts that the Night Marlow’s inner membrane has twice the waterproof requirement of most ultra and mountain races, meaning it will keep you cool and dry when you need it most.

One thing to note is that the jacket doesn’t have a hood, but this can easily be fixed with a waterproof running cap – and it can be squeezed down and packed away into the small provided pouch.

7. Omm Kamleika Race Jacket

  • Omm Kamleika Race Jacket, £190 from Omm– buy here

As your mileage increases, you’ll want to take extra supplies – like food, gels, and water – with you when you head out for a run, especially if you're hitting longer, high-altitude trails.

The Kamleika race jacket from Omm lets you leave the heavy running backpack at home thanks to its two large pockets on its torso.

While you’ll of course still need to take a running water bottle with you, the ability to have little nutritional boosts at hand will not only save you having to stop mid-run, but will make your whole set-up lighter in the process

The fabric is both waterproof and breathable, and the face draw cord allows you to adjust the hood on the go, keeping your head dry too.

8. Adidas Marathon Translucent Jacket

  • Marathon Translucent Jacket, £85 from Adidas – buy here

This is another corker from Adidas, and it boasts some seriously good eco-credentials – as well as being one of the more affordable options on this list.

The Marathon Translucent Jacket is made from a high-performance recycled material called Primeblue, made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic.

The windproof, water-repellent coating is lightweight and breathable, while keeping you dry in the wettest conditions.

There's all a packable front zip and sweat-guard phone pockets, to keep your valuables safe and sound, and as dry as you are.

9. Decathlon Kiprun Warm Regul

  • Kiprun Warm Regul, £59.99 from Decathlon – buy here

Looking for a waterproof, windproof and warm running jacket for a good price? This top-rated, budget-friendly option from Decathlon is ideal for runners who don't mind a bit of light rain, but running in extreme weather conditions doesn't quite take their fancy.

It's pretty sleek and stylish, while offering comfort and warmth between the temperatures of 0 and 10 degrees Celsius (claiming you can stay dry and warm with even a t-shirt underneath!).

There's built-in waterproof mittens, as well as a removeable neck warmer to extra comfort.

It's windproof, water repellent for light rain and has ventilation zones in those places that need much-needed breathability.

Plus, there's two front pockets, ideal for storing smartphones, keys and other valuables.

What is the best running jacket for winter?

The best running jacket for winter depends on the conditions that you’re going out in.

If you’re jogging in low light conditions, then the reflective nature of Proviz’s Reflect360 will help keep you safe and seen, while it’s hard to look past the water- and windproof features of Gore Wear’s R7 Shakedry jacket.

Should I wear a jacket when running?

You should only run in a waterproof jacket when the conditions call for it. The best way to approach dressing for running is to layer up using breathable, technical fabrics.

Lightweight waterproof shells are great to stuff in a running rucksack for emergencies , but can also be worn as an outer layer in their own right during spring and autumn months.

In the winter, it might be worth investing in something that is not only waterproof but has a thermal layer too.

What is the best rain jacket for running?

The Gore Wear R7 Shakedry jacket is the best men’s rain jacket for road running.

If you’re going off-the-beaten-track or want something that can withstand running with a rucksack, then the Inov-8 Stormshell waterproof or the On Weather Jacket are tough to beat to style and substance.

Are windbreakers good for running?

Windbreakers are good for autumn, winter, and spring running.

It’s worth noting though that a lot of waterproof jackets are windproof, so you might be better off investing in a waterproof jacket instead as it will offer two types of protection, compared to a windbreaker’s one.

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