9 Black Doulas And Midwives To Follow Now — Whether You're Expecting Or Not

It’s Black Maternal Health Week, which is an especially important time of the year to help inform people about the disparities Black mothers face when it comes to maternal care and the healthcare system at large. If we’re being honest though, this information is not something that should solely be a focus during times like this. It also shouldn’t be something that we as Black women wait to learn about until we’re preparing to bring a child into the world. It’s necessary to educate yourself early about options out there, and the true asset seeking out a midwife to deliver or having a doula at your side can be in the birthing process. All of it can aid you in learning how to advocate for yourself when dealing with obstetricians who may be pushy or not listen to your needs, which is, unfortunately, not a rare occurrence for expectant Black women. To help us all stay a bit more informed all year round, and feel safer when our time to deliver comes, we put together a list of experienced and passionate women in midwifery and doula services. There are many more of course, but these pages are a great place to start in getting enlightened.

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