A 1000-piece puzzle lets you build the moon and its real-life craters

Incomplete puzzles have pretty much become the universal symbol of lockdown.

But those after a new challenge can now enjoy this interstellar product, a 1000-piece puzzle of the moon.

The puzzle resembles the near side of the moon in spectacular detail, with a real-life image – courtesy of NASA.

It’s the clearest image of the moon to date and shows even the smallest of craters.

Naturally, the jigsaw comes in a circular shape and stretches to 26.5in in total.

What’s more, no two pieces are the same shape – which sounds challenging, but actually makes it a little easier to put together.

It’s currently being sold on Amazon for £15.98 with free delivery, although it says it may take a few weeks to arrive.

The company behind the puzzle, Crazywind, is also selling an Earth version, which comes in three different aerial views, including one of Europe and one of Australia.

But it seems these aren’t the only products that have caught the attention of nimble-fingered folk in lockdown.

Amazon is also selling a really difficult puzzle made up of the same colour – so puzzle enthusiasts have to rely on the shape of the pieces, rather than the shade.

One reviewer stated that some of the pieces feature patterns on the back, which hint at clues as to where they might fit in.

In addition to this, Kodak has just released the world’s largest puzzle – made up of an eye-watering 51,300 pieces.

The super puzzle features 27 different wonders of the world, with every spectacle forming its own 1,900-piece puzzle.

These then fit together to form an enormous jigsaw, coming in at 16.47 sq metres.

Now that’s a puzzle.

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