A 6-Year-Old ‘Scammer’ Took Her Parents For $350 – Via Toys She Secretly Ordered From Amazon

Let this be a lesson to all parents: Don’t leave your iPad logged into Amazon and unattended!

A 6-year-old girl is being called a “scammer-in-the-making” after secretly ordering $350 worth of toys from Amazon, thanks to her mom forgetting to log out.

As Yahoo News reports, in what may be the most adorable crime you read about this week, 6-year-old Caitlin, whose last name hasn’t been revealed, saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Here’s what happened.

Caitlin’s mom told her that she could order a Barbie doll via Amazon for her birthday, so mom and Caitlin sat down together and ordered the doll. However, Caitlin told mom that she (Caitlin) wanted to log back into Amazon to “track her package.” Mom allowed Caitlin to do that, and then – perhaps foolishly – thought nothing more of it.

So, the Utah mom clearly made a couple of mistakes, not the least of which was leaving a computer open on a web page that stored her credit card number and home-delivery address unattended. Unattended in the company of a 6-year-old, no less.

The next day, according to Buzzfeed News, the unnamed mom found out just how big of a mistake she had made when the delivery driver showed up at their door and started unloading toys – boxes and boxes of toys.

Caitlin’s cousin, Ria Diyaolu, caught the moment on Twitter, and the image of the little girl standing next to her toy haul, a bedeviling grin on her face, is too priceless for words.

The haul included just about everything you’d expect a 6-year-old with an unlimited budget and imagination to buy: board games, dolls, video games. Mom says that, when she looked at her Amazon account, she found that Caitlin’s order included three pages of toys.

Lest you think that this is an example of a small child failing to understand the complexities of credit card payments and delivery charges, think again: Ria says her cousin knew exactly what she was doing.

“I was so surprised that a 6-year-old knew how to do one-click, next-day shipping.”

By now you’re probably chuckling at this story, as are the delivery driver and Cousin Ria. Caitlin’s mom, however, doesn’t find it funny at all. Caitlin is now banned from the internet for a month.

Fortunately, Amazon’s customer service department was willing to cut the mom some slack and allowed her to return the toys. Everything except for the Barbie doll – the very toy that started this all – has been sent back.

On Twitter, other parents are sharing their own stories of what happened when their kids got into their parents’ Amazon accounts. One person said their neighbor’s son, for reasons known only to him, told Alexa to send the family a case of dish soap. To this day, they’re still trying to get rid of it.

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