A Petition To Free Gypsy Rose Blanchard From Prison Just Reached 150,000 Signatures

  • A petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison has reached 150,000 signatures.
  • The petition was created by Gypsy Rose’s father Rod Blanchard, who reentered Gypsy’s life after she murdered her mother, Dee Dee.
  • The petition was first created in 2017, but may have recently seen a surge in signatures after the show The Act on Hulu, a show based on the Gypsy Rose’s life, was released.

A petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard just reached 150,000 signatures—and that number continues to climb.

ICYMI, Gypsy Rose Blanchard is a 27-year-old Missouri woman who planned the murder of her mother, Dee Dee, in 2015, with the help of her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn. Dee Dee abused Gypsy her whole life—she suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy (now known as factitious disorder imposed on another), which led her to pretend Gypsy was severely ill and mentally and physically disabled.

Gypsy is currently serving a 10-year sentence in Missouri’s Chillicothe Corrections Center. She’ll be up for parole in 2024.

Gypsy’s story skyrocketed back into popular culture since the release of a new series on Hulu called The Act, which tells a dramatized version of the Blanchard’s life. The new series may have contributed to the the influx of signatures on the petition—which has been online since 2017—and many people have signed because they feel Gypsy was acting in self-defense when she planned her mother’s murder.

Her father, Rod Blanchard, created the Change.org petition, writing that he’s hoping for “any relief to Gypsy’s 10-year sentence, a shorter sentence, perhaps relocation to a mental facility where she can get the better help she needs.” While Rod didn’t see Gypsy regularly as she was growing up (mostly because Dee Dee tired to keep them apart and then they relocated from Louisiana to Missouri), he’s very involved in her life now.

He noted in the petition that Gypsy has a community waiting to support her when she gets out, including her stepmom Kristy and younger siblings Dylan and Mia. “She has suffered long enough. Please help her come home,” he wrote.

There’s no set goal on the petition, but eventually it will be up to Missouri Governor Mike Parson to decide what, if anything, to do with the petition. Gypsy has also publicly called for supporters to write letters to Governor Parson encouraging her early release.

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