According to Tinder, Millennials Actually Like Being Single

A new survey released by Tinder suggests that being single has never been cooler! It’s so cool that it’s ice cold, even, like the bottle of pinot grigio in your fridge that you don’t have to share with bae now, because there’s no such thing as bae. Except possibly the pinot is bae? IDK! Anyway, the point is that if a dating app is telling you that flying solo is the way to go, you know it’s legit.

The survey in question, conducted by consulting firm Morar HPI, asked over 1,000 single 18-25 year olds about their attitudes on singledom and dating. The results are fascinating—so much so that they inspired Tinder’s new “Single Is a Terrible Thing to Waste” campaign, promoting the single life as aspirational and adventurous in its own right.

Seventy-two percent of those surveyed said they’d made a conscious decision to be single “for a period of time.” So much for the shameful loner stereotype, TBH! Not only that, but 81% of respondents also agreed that being single benefitted them “beyond their romantic lives.” More room for growth at work, platonic friendships, and personal wellness were all cited as upsides to being un-cuffed.

The survey also revealed interesting data about single women in particular. Results showed that around 25% of women say they feel empowered about not being in a relationship, whereas that number is only 17% for men. It appears that single millennial women are increasingly more willing to prioritize their own needs ahead of dating, when compared to men. Sixty-two percent of women surveyed said they’d made a conscious decision to be single to prioritize their own needs (compared to 47% of men), and 47% of women specifically said they’d chosen to be single to focus on studying (compared to 34% of men.)

And when it comes to actually settling down, young millennials have THOUGHTS. In fact, 55% of those surveyed thought that other fellow singles were more fun and open to experiences than those in relationships. The fear of becoming boring in a relationship was A Very Real Thing for 39% of respondents in particular.

The fear of being with the wrong person was also front and center. According to the survey, 61% of women who felt uneasy about long-term relationships said they were worried they’d be settling with someone for the wrong reason—something only 46% of men agreed with. While 50% of women not hot on LTRs also said that they didn’t want to lose their independence, only 46% of men suggested that for a reason to stay single.

As someone who very much thinks they’re at their best when they’re single, these numbers definitely track. I’m willing to bet my dog’s life on the fact that I get way more social invites when I’m, you know, actively bitching about being alone versus when I’m dating someone consistently (and actively bitching about them). And I’m just sparklier when I feel untethered to a partner! Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to fall asleep at night alone—who knows???

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