Activists Bring Sea World Dolphin And Seal Shows To A Stop

MSN news reports that a protest group took to Facebook, sharing footage of their activist work via photographs and videos of several members of the animal group wading in water while holding up signs to the crowd that read, “animals are not entertainment,” “captivity is cruel,” and “dolphins belong in the ocean.” Due to their efforts, management at Sea World’s Marine Park on the Gold Coast was forced to call a halt to three live performances.

In the video, the protest group enters the dolphin pool and stops the show while holding up their signs. One protester spoke out loudly in the video, explaining what happened during the beginning of their protest and entry at Sea World as well as words about what they stand for and the overall success of their day.

“We were identified as potentially causing a scene and four of us made it in … the others have been escorted out. We are going to hold our ground until we are physically removed. Today has been a very successful day for Justice for Captives, we are very pleased with how we have conducted ourselves.”

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The crowd appears rather unhappy in the footage, and many of the audience members were throwing food and trying to remove the protesters’ signs directly from their hands. A spokesperson for Sea World made statements to reporters about how pleased the park was to see such a show of support from their guests as they “cheered when the group was escorted out of the presentations.” That same spokesperson also remarked that the park has been entirely aware that some people are not in favor of the fact that animals are kept at the park being cared for by Sea World employees. Despite some disapproval, Sea World claims that they are “passionate” about the work that they do, their “world class facilities” and the park’s “position as a global community leader in conservation and education.”

The park claims that the cancellations of the dolphin and seal shows happened due to safety concerns.

“We welcome constructive and professional dialogue with activist groups in a respectful manner, and find the tactics of this group unprofessional and dangerous not only to themselves but to the animals and guests.”

After the documentary Blackfish debuted, showcasing the treatment of orcas at Sea World, what was at that time called the “Blackfish Effect” caused a huge decline in Sea World attendance. Due to that, the park turned to a new wave of exhibits and shows, reported the Chicago Tribune.

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