Adorable young dancer and his partner steal the show on Baby Ballroom

Adorable young dancer, seven, and his SIX-year-old partner steal the show on Baby Ballroom as they tear up the dancefloor in their first performance as a couple

  • Arlo Conway-Ford and Lola Norton are two of the youngest dancers in the UK
  • In 5STAR’s Baby Ballroom they enter their first dance competition as a couple
  • The adorable pair reveal a shared passion for glitzy costumes and makeup

One of Britain’s youngest dancing couples have stormed – or waltzed – into the competitive scene in their very first performance as a pair.

Arlo Conway-Ford, seven, from Birmingham, appeared in last night’s episode of Baby Ballroom on 5Star with his partner of a mere four months Lola, six, as they prepare to take the dancing world by storm.

Viewers saw the pair get glammed up for the DPA Superleague competition in Bournville, Birmingham, with Lola Norton, from Newport, donning a luminous pink dress and Arlo getting his makeup done by his doting mother.

Arlo said he loves mascara and bronzer because he thinks it makes him ‘look prettier’, and his mother Becky even has to stop him wearing it when he goes to school.

Dance is his first love, and he adores the trophies he won as a solo performer so much that he kisses them every night before he goes to bed.

Arlo, seven, appears in Baby Ballroom with his partner of a mere four months Lola, six, as they prepare for their first competition as a couple

The pair performed Latin and ballroom routines for the competition, and were thrilled to come in at third place.

Arlo’s mum was full of pride at her son’s newfound hobby, and predicted he would have the same success as eccentric performer Louis Spence.

She said: ‘Arlo dances anywhere; to school, brushing his teeth, in his pants. I do genuinely think I have another Louis Spence on my hands, I think he’d give him a run for his money to be fair.’

A close second to his dancing passion is his love of makeup, as he revealed he has own collection of mascara, bronzer and eyeshadow.

The pair are two of the youngest ballroom dancers in the UK and have only been dancing together for four months

Their parents are trying not to put too much pressure on them because of their young age

Arlo’s other passion is makeup, and he enjoys wearing mascara, bronzer and eyeshadow for competitions

He said: ‘I love the makeup because it makes me look prettier. Even for school I just put a tad of bronzer on because I just want to make myself look brown.’

Just months after he met Lola their dance teacher Warren Bullock, who runs Wolverhampton-based dance school Zig Zag Studios with his wife Jane, signed them up for their first competition.

Lola had always wanted to be a ballet dancer when she started at the age of just two, but when she was paired up with Arlo their chemistry was obvious from the start and she moved to ballroom.

Despite their ambition, their families didn’t want to put too much pressure on the children to come first.

Lola’s original love was ballet, but her instant chemistry with Arlo meant they were a the perfect match for the ballroom

They attend Zig Zag Studios run by Warren Bullock and his wife Jane, who are firm with their pupils

Becky said: ‘You’ve got to remember that they are babies still. Its got to be about fun for them and not too much pressure.’ 

They had to perform two routines in front of a panel of judges and under the watchful eye of Warren, who was ready to critique their every move.

The instructor, who used to perform his with Jane, told Arlo his footwork was like a penguin’s walk in their Latin dance.

The pair performed Latin and ballroom routines for the competition, and were thrilled to come in at third place

In the ballroom routine the pair faired much better, and Warren said it was the best it had ever gone.

They were awarded third place in the competition and got to take home gold medals.

Arlo said: ‘It is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, especially with this dance partner.’ 

Baby Ballroom airs on Fridays at 9pm on 5Star  

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