‘AGT’ Live Blog: Final Round Of Acts Fight For Semi-Final Spots

The competition is winding down on season 13 of ‘America’s Got Talent’! — Tonight’s the last night for YOU to vote your favorite acts into the Semi-Finals! Follow along with us for LIVE updates from tonight’s episode!

It’s a big night for the contestants left in the running to become the season 13 winner(s) of America’s Got Talent. — Tonight’s episode will be the last time for you, the fans, to vote your favorite act into the Semi-Finals! So, remember to vote tonight. Now, follow along for LIVE updates!

The Future Kings — The dance family, who started their group because of the gang violence around their hometown, were extremely focused. They performed an upbeat routine in matching multi-colored outfits with neon orange sneakers. Their energy was crazy straight out the gate, as they kicked off the show’s opening with Kanye West‘s “Power”. The Future Kings showed their athleticism and their creativity tonight. The guys got a a standing ovation from Simon, who said their performance was like “watching a cool commercial.” While Mel B thought they’re choreography could’ve been better, she admired the group for their loyalty.

Us The Duo — The future trio, (Michael and Carissa Alvarado are expecting a baby), performed an emotional tribute to their baby. Michael said he was singing about wanting his baby to grow up to be like his wife. The creative couple incorporated a drum, tambourine and a guitar into their act. And, just like us, the judges all melted!

Daniel Emmet — The opera singer, who’s been judged as AGT’s wild card by judges, Simon, Heidi, Mel B and Howie, took the night by storm in the first 30 minutes of the episode! He performed a powerful rendition of Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Want Wanna Miss a Thing” with blazing fire burning on stage for dramatic effect. Each of the judges gave Emmet a standing ovation before they praised him for his best performance of the season.

Brian King Joseph — The passionate violinist put on an insane performance to Fall Out Boy‘s “Centuries”. Despite being diagnosed with a nerve disease that takes away the feeling in his hands and feet, he wowed the judges with his emotion, energy and overall talent. Background dancers lit up the stage behind, as King Joseph coordinated moves to go along with their routine as well. You could just see the emotion on his face, which made his performance even better. As you could have guessed, the judges were all for him.

Aaron Crow — Crow (fighting as usual) picked Howie out of the judges to come up on stage. He pointed a large knife at him and had Howie choose where to put the knife out of four vertical boxes. After Crow waved his hands around Howie’s head his pulled out a sledge hammer on a piece of wood and made Howie pound on the wood. As Howie pounded to the sound of a ticking timer, it was Howie who controlled which box Crow would choose to ultimately risk cutting himself by pounding it with his bare hand. When it came down to crushing two empty boxes, he then took Simon on stage to try and pound the boxes (aka risking Simon’s hand). Crow faked out the crowd and pulled Simon’s hand to an empty box… PHEW! Although the crowd gave Crow a standing-O, Mel B and Heidi weren’t impressed. In fact, they thought the act was “too long.”

Joseph O’Brien — The 20-year-old, self-described “hopeless romantic” sang a love song on the piano for his real-life love interest, Brianna. His fairytale story is what sold a lot of people on O’Brien, but, when it came down to it, the judges pretty much ripped him apart. Ultimately, the judges said his performance wasn’t strong enough at this stage in the game.

Accordion Hans — The critically acclaimed cabaret performer put on wild rendition of “Spice Up Your Life” by the Spice Girls, which made Mel B thrilled. He incorporated his accordion (of course), along with a piano, and multiple backup dancers. The performance was thee most energetic of the night.

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