Aldi Christmas advert 2018 – Kevin the Carrot has to save family from rotten parsnip

But now Aldi's latest festive commercial shows that the lovable vegetable has survived his perilous journey to star in a new adventure.

Aldi's latest advert – which airs on Friday – will delight worried fans who thought the character might be killed off after last week's advert showed him crashing a truck that looked an awful lot like Coca-Cola's famous festive vehicle.

Georgia on Twitter was among a handful of frightened viewers, and wrote: "I swear to God if this carrot dies I'll start a riot, I've never cared about a vegetable so much in my life."

But this week's 60-second advert shows the carrot alive and well – and defeating an evil, rotten parsnip called Pascal in a fairytale-inspired story.

To celebrate the launch of the new commercial, Aldi is once again selling its popular £3.99 plush toy versions of the Kevin the Carrot family – as well as a new soft toy version of villain Pascal.

For the first time this year, there's also a giant one-metre tall Kevin the Carrot toy available for £19.99.

Growing popularity for Kevin and Katie saw an unprecedented demand for the plush toys last year forcing Aldi to restrict customers to just two per customer this Christmas to stop people cashing in and reselling them on eBay.

Lots of shoppers even shared pics of their soft toys in VERY funny positions.

Narrated by veteran actor Jim Broadbent, this year's advert shows Kevin navigating Christmas food obstacles to set his family free from a locked birdcage.

Naturally, the parsnip is French in a nod to the centuries-old rivalry between this country and France.

Thanks to some impressive gymnastics by Kevin, evil Pascal falls into a bowl of nuts on the table and the family are safe.

Adults will have to stifle a giggle in front of any children as Kevin quips "right in the nuts" when the parsnip is defeated.

The end of the advert reveals the cute carrot family – Kevin, his wife Katie and three children: Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper – weren't ever in real peril as Kevin was just reading them a story.

Aldi is set to release more fairytale-inspired adverts featured the lovable carrots in the coming weeks.

Adam Zavalis, marketing director at Aldi UK, said: “Kevin the Carrot is loved by our customers and we felt it wouldn’t be an Aldi Christmas this year without the carrot clan.

“Whilst Kevin gets up to more adventures, this time it’s all within the context of fairy tale stories being read to the family and each story brings to life our very best Christmas produce.

"From starters and turkeys to fresh meat offers and desserts, the campaign reminds our customers that with Aldi’s everyday amazing value, everyone can have a fairy tale Christmas."

As well as the plush Kevin and Katie the Carrot toys, you can also buy a £2.99 Kevin and Katie storybook and a novelty gift mug for £2.99 this year from Aldi.

All the toys will be available to buy from November 22 and purchases will support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This week customers may also get a glimpse of the Coca-Cola inspired Kevin the Carrot trucks which will be travelling across the country making deliveries to stores.

Last year's Aldi Christmas advert saw Kevin fall in love with Katie and have three little baby carrots together.

Tesco also released its Christmas advert this week which shows the very different ways families celebrate the season.

Meanwhile anticipation is building ahead of the release of the John Lewis advert – but is this the teaser trailer for it?

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