Aldi Christmas advert 2018 – Kevin the Carrot is back but will he survive his festive adventure?

The spirited little root vegetable is once again the star of the supermarket's Christmas advert campaign.

The first advert is set to air at 5.45pm tonight on ITV and its clear Aldi are keen to pay homage to the famous Coca-Cola Christmas advert.

Viewers will see Kevin at the wheels of his very own orange truck, lit up with large bulbs as well-known music plays.

We wonder if this is a cheeky nod to Aldi's success creating copycat products of luxury items such as its Jo Malone lookalike candles.

But then things take a dangerous turn as the veg spins out of control and it is left hanging at the edge of a cliff.

Kevin quietly says: "Help" and the hashtag "Save Kevin" appears on screen.

Aldi is expected to release a series of adverts, as they did last year, giving viewers a chance to follow a story.

The supermarket first launched its Kevin the Carrot advert back in 2016.

In previous years the advert has been narrated by award-winning actor Jim Broadbent, although we're unsure of who it will feature this series.

Last year Kevin returned and this time he was looking for love. 

Fans of Aldi loved watching the happy conclusion of the tale, when Kevin and partner Katie welcoming the arrival of three baby carrots – Jasper, Baby Carrot and Chantenay.

Growing popularity for Kevin and Katie saw an unprecedented demand for the plush toys, forcing Aldi to restrict customers to just two per customer this Christmas to stop people cashing in and reselling them on eBay.

Lots of shoppers even shared pics of their soft toys in VERY funny positions.

Sadly, one of the ads featuring bottles of booze was banned by the advertising standards authority for appealing to children.

But we can't wait to see what will happen in the next installment of Kevin's adventure. We just hope he doesn't end up in a pickle.

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