Aldi commits to removing single-use plastic from all own-brand tea bags by end of year

ALDI has committed to removing single-use plastic from all of its own-brand tea bags by the end of this year.

The UK’s fifth-largest supermarket will replace the oil-based plastic sealant on the bags with biodegradable materials.

It follows a similar move by Sainsbury’s in January.

Aldi said the outer plastic wrapping on boxes will also be dropped.

The move means 1.4 billion pieces of single-use plastic will be removed.

Richard Gorman, of Aldi, said: “The changes we’ve made to our tea range will help us reduce our environmental impact and offer our customers even more environmentally sustainable options.”

He added: "By the end of this year, all of our own-brand tea bags will be biodegradable and contain no plastic whatsoever."

The supermarket has pledged to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses by 2025.

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