Alex and Olivia Bowen unveil jaw-dropping refurbished mansion with incredible staircase and home gym

Alex and Olivia Bowen have exclusively welcomed OK! into their recently renovated Essex mansion after purchasing the sprawling property in 2020.

After falling for each other on Love Island in 2016 and tying the knot two years later, the sweet couple tell TheOK! VIP Club the five things they love most about their country house as they show us around in an exclusive video.

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“Our first favourite thing is the kitchen,” Olivia, 26, revealed. “We’ve just had it all renovated.”

“It used to be over on the other side of the house,” she continued. “But we moved it because it’s bigger and it has better light.”

Olivia went on to explain that her newly renovated kitchen, which features warm hanging lights and eggshell white cabinets, is “perfect for entertaining and having parties”.

Alex, 29, later revealed that he and his wife of two years made an agreement that he’d make her a cup of tea every morning, so the couple purchased a hot water tap which makes life that little bit easier!

“It saves so much time,” laughed Olivia. “It’s the best thing we’ve had put in here.”

Another part of their home which they couldn't get enough of was their impressive white staircase which is currently decorated with festive christmas decorations.

“This was the main thing that I noticed when we walked into the house,” Olivia revealed. “It was brown and blue carpet but as you can see it’s had a big transformation!”

The cinema room was another highlight for the couple who, explained that it was converted from the original games room.

“It’s the cosiest room,” said Olivia before joking that Alex had replaced its original fireplace into a space for “the biggest TV he could find”.

Alex couldn’t help but list his brand new gym as another part of the mansion that he loved and explained that he’d “always wanted one” when he was growing up.

“Olivia took control of the house and I got to take control of the garage,” he said. “So, of course I turned it into a gym.”

But the reality star said he wasn’t going to stop there, as he revealed his big plan to “fill it to the max” with even more gym equipment.

Finally, the couple showed OK! their glorious countryside views which they claimed was the fifth thing they enjoyed the most about their new home.

“Personally, this is my favourite,” Olivia confessed before explaining she’d grown up in the countryside and it was her dream to live there.

The couple also explained exactly what they've had done to the house, saying they shared ideas and concepts for the property.

"Downstairs is pretty much done. It’s just a case of doing room by room upstairs now," Alex explained.

While Olivia added: "We’ve taken our time because we know this is going to be our forever home. Upstairs we’ve got five bedrooms and four bathrooms to do, so there’s a lot still to go. But downstairs is looking lovely. The plus side of lockdown was that we had a lot of time to get things sorted."

The reality star recently shared an update of how their ensuite had been built into a “enclosed full space”.

Putting it to their 638k followers, the Love Island stars asked whether they had any recommendations as to what towels and bath trays to buy alongside a picture of a large white bath tub.

Along with their new ensuite bathroom, the couple’s new dressing room also seems to be coming along well.

On their home renovation Instagram account's stories, Alex and Olivia uploaded a video of the new doorway into their his and hers dressing room.

"This is the room the new door leads onto," they wrote. "Which will in time become the sassiest his & hers dressing room!"

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