All my new boyfriend wants me for is sex

DEAR DEIDRE: ALL my new boyfriend wants me for is sex.

I’d like to go out on dates, watch movies together or just chill in bed, but he gets excited really quickly and says he needs sex.

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We’ve been together for only two months. I’m 22 and he’s 24.

I was a virgin until we met and, even though I agreed to sex, I feel like he pressured me into it.

The truth is, I don’t enjoy it that much but I go along with it to keep him happy.

He tells me how sexy and beautiful I am, but we never really talk or do anything together.

It’s as if he thinks having a girlfriend is only about the sex.
I want more than that.

He says he’s falling in love with me, but I worry that he’s only in love with my body.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Yes, it is concerning that you felt under pressure to lose your virginity, and say you don’t enjoy sex.

Perhaps your boyfriend gets carried away, but that’s no excuse for his behaviour.

Nobody should ever force you to do anything sexually that you don’t want to do.


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He needs to know how you feel. My support pack Standing Up For Yourself should help you to talk about this.

If not in the mood for sex, just say no, and suggest another activity.

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