All ‘SNL’ Wants For Christmas Is For Mueller To Complete His Investigation

2018 is coming to an end, and the women of SNL closed their December 2 show with a heartfelt ode to the one thing they want before the year concludes. While anyone watching SNL when the opening notes of "All I Want For Christmas" started playing surely knew a parody was ahead of them, viewers were in for a surprise then Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Leslie Jones — eventually joined by the rest of the women on the cast — sang about how they hoped Christmas would bring the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation. SNL‘s "All I Want For Christmas Is You" parody struck a chord with its audience, and may go down as one of SNL‘s most memorable holiday tunes.

For the first few lines, on could be fooled into thinking that the women of SNL were going to just sing Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas tune, as they don’t change the first few lines in any way. However, by the time a framed image of Robert Mueller wearing a Santa hat descends from the ceiling, it’s clear that the SNL cast won’t be singing about love — they’re going to end the episode by singing about justice.

The women explain that for the Holiday season to be truly festive of contain even "a frickin’ ounce of cheer," there needs to be a conclusion to the Mueller investigation, preferably finding Trump guilty. "I just really want my life back / oh my god its been two years." they sing, communicating how weary some people feel entering the third year of Trump’s presidency. They continue,

The women of SNL sing out about how desperate they are of Trump being guilty of anything from collusion to having "kidnapped JonBenet," and throw out rapid-fire references to the complicated case, mentioning political figures like Roger Stone and Alex van der Zwaan who some viewers may need to Google for a refresher on their involvement in Trump’s presidency. But perhaps the most relatable moment in the song is when Cecily Strong goes off-rhythm and devolves into an angered rant, begging "won’t you bring us a sense of normalcy / where everything doesn’t feel so completely upside down and out of control because I can’t take any more anxiety medication — they won’t let me," before crying out "What about Ivanka’s e-mails?"

While there’s no promise that Mueller’s report will be complete before Christmas, the fact that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in the days leading up to the episode could indicate that Trump’s presidency could be in jeopardy, and a damning report from Mueller could only hurt the sitting president. While there are plenty of things that would be a welcome surprise under a Christmas tree, the women of SNL have their eyes set on Mueller’s report. Unless, according to McKinnon "the report has like zero new information cause then we would rather it never come out," because, as Strong explains, "It is our last ray of hope and I’ve already drunk all the wine."

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