Almost half of working people don't believe the 'dream job' exists

The ‘dream job’ may actually be a fantasy as, according to new research, almost half of the nation do not believe it’s a real thing,

In fact, 46% of adults believe the dream job doesn’t exist – with 64% not currently in the industry they hoped they’d be in, and 71% not in their intended role.

The survey of 2,000 workers also found that 41% admitted their own ideal career isn’t a realistic goal.

In terms of where the ‘perfect job’ falls, it seems healthcare, creative arts and design, as well as leisure, sport and tourism are the top industries favoured by employees.

But 54% don’t think they’ll ever be in their dream job role or industry.

As for what this dream job looks like, flexible working was the main priority as well as strong financial rewards. The opportunity to travel (35%), regular pay rises (45%) and not being stuck behind a desk all day (26%) also ranked highly.

Other perks would include no day being the same (25%), free food and drink (21%) and opportunities to go to events (20%), or work in other countries (18%).

The research also revealed that perception and reality often don’t align in our careers, as 32% of those polled have less job satisfaction than they thought they’d have – and 24% feel their role isn’t what they expected it would be.

The research, which was commissioned by Accor, found that 32% of those polled have worked in the hospitality industry at some point and 60% were satisfied with the job.

Likewise, the typical worker has been in their current role for eight years, but 41% aren’t earning as much as they’d like to be at this stage.

While 20% are frustrated they haven’t progressed further than they have.

Top 40 things a dream job would include:

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