Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Mansion Attempted Burglary Turns Into Car Chase

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos’ Beverly Hills Mansion was targeted by a trio of burglars on Wednesday.

According to TMZ – The burglars successfully smashed a window into Bezo’s mansion, but they eventually fled the scene. This caused to a car chase that went on for 25 minutes, and the burglars eventually escaped, evading the police by foot.

Although the burglars’ smashed a window, nothing was seemingly taken from Jeff Bezo’s Beverly Hills Mansion. Local Police think that this trio of burglars was the same group that successfully broke into another mansion in the same neighborhood as Bezo’s home.

Bezos also owns another mansion in the Beverly Hills area. They said it was more than likely nobody was home when the event occurred.


Jeff Bezos—CEO of Amazon has a net worth as of the latest is a whopping $139.2 Billion Dollars. He graduated from Princeton in 1984 and started working for Hedge Funds. He is the first person to top $100 billion dollars in the Forbes list of World Billionaires. He founded Amazon in a garage in 1994.

Not only does Bezo’s own 66 percent of Amazon. He also has his own AeroSpace Company called, Blue Origin. They are currently developing a reusable rocket. It is said that this rocket would be able to bring tourists into space—even fitting six passengers. The company says that tourists might be able to visit space in 2018. Bezo’s shared a sneak peek of the rocket capsule on his Instagram post in January, featuring a dummy named Mannequin Skywalker showing the interior of the capsule.

Not only does Bezos have these two companies under his belt – he also bought The Washing Post in 2013. It is one of the major daily newspapers in the United States that started in Washington D.C. With this, he managed to explore its readership through technology. The newspaper has now upped its game by reinventing the website, and mobile app through Bezo’s leadership.

Whoever thought that a man selling books from his garage would grow this big?

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