Amazon to open high-tech supermarket with no tills in Britain after launching stores in US

The Amazon Go stores let customers pick up their shopping and leave without going through a checkout – instead they are charged automatically through their phones.

There are already several of these stores in the US, Seattle, where the tech giant is based, Chicago and San Francisco. It is reportedly planning another in New York.

Now the internet giant wants to open it's first British real-life store close to Oxford Circus, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

In order to use the futuristic stores customers must install the Amazon go app on their phones.

On entering the store they scan a code and are tracked as they move around the shop by hundreds of cameras and facial recognition software.

When they leave their credit card is automatically charged.

So far Amazon has been opening continence shops which sell staple items.

It has reportedly been looking at a vacant shop space in the UK for several months.

The company did not comment yesterday.


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