AMC Has a New Monthly Subscription Plan That'll Make You Say, "MoviePass, Who?!"

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MoviePass better sleep with one eye open, because AMC Theatres is about to snatch up its customers faster than you can say, “Extra butter for the popcorn, please.” The movie theater chain just announced its very own monthly subscription plan, dubbed AMC Stubs A-List. Starting June 26, the brand-new service will allow subscribers to see up to three movies every week for just $19.95 per month. I know, I know — this isn’t quite as cheap as MoviePass’s monthly fee of just $9.95, but there’s a wealth of perks that just might convince you to fork over that extra $10. Here’s the scoop:

  • Whereas MoviePass only allows moviegoers to see 2D films, AMC’s program allows customers to watch movies in upscale formats like IMAX, RealD, 3D, and Dolby Cinema. How fancy!
  • If you’re the type to watch new movies over and over again, you’re in luck. AMC Stubs A-List allows you to watch the same movie multiple times, a perk MoviePass doesn’t offer.
  • On a similar note, if you enjoy binging on movies from sunrise to sunset, AMC’s subscription plan lets you see all three movies from your weekly allowance on the same day. You just have to allow for a two-hour buffer between movies. Hello, hungover Sunday plans!
  • As soon as tickets become available for a movie, you can reserve them for free via the AMC Theatres app or website, while MoviePass subscribers must be within a certain distance of a theater to do so.
  • There are no blackout dates for AMC Stubs A-List subscribers, which is also a perk offered by MoviePass.

So, are you sold yet? If you answered “hell yeah!” to that, you can sign up for AMC’s new subscription plan starting June 26 at See below for live footage of us binging on all the new Summer movies knowing that we’re saving some serious dough:

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