An Exhaustive Investigation into Noah Centineo's Dating History

Hey, congratulations, I hear you have a new boyfriend! But before your relationship with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Noah Centineo gets *too* serious, we should probably do the obligatory deep-dive into his past relationships. Because we have some very important questions.

Does Noah have a girlfriend? Is it Lana Condor? Who else has he dated? Does he believe in life after love? Can he feel something inside him say “I really don’t think you’re strong enough?” Am I just quoting Cher for no reason at this point?

To spare you the trouble of combing through Noah’s relationship history while your friends wonder if your obsession with YA heartthrobs is a cry for help, I did it for you. No need to thank me—here’s what I discovered!

Noah Has Dated Several Talented Women, Including:

Kelli Berglund

Apparently, Noah and Lab Rats actress Kelli Berglund dated briefly about five years ago. But because neither of them were particularly famous back then, there’s very little evidence save for some old Instagrams from 2013. That’s right, I scrolled back five full years to show you this:

Noahhhhh ? @ncentineo

A post shared by Kelso (@kelliberglund) on

Noahhhhh ? @ncentineo

A post shared by Kelso (@kelliberglund) on

Angeline Appel

Rumor has it that actress Angeline Appel and Noah dated for over two years, and there’s tons of evidence to support it. Like, this cute video:

“Do it for the vine”, “I ain’t gon’ do it” “Do it for the vine”, “I ain’t gon’ do it” “Do it for the guy”, “I just might do it” ?: @ncentineo

A post shared by Angeline Appel (@broadwaybarbie) on

And this kissy picture (which, please note, was actually posted by a fan account—a fan account that has borrowed Angeline’s name…):

They are literally perfect! Two great actors….and I think that is sterling! Ahh

A post shared by ANGELINE APPEL (@angeline_appel) on

They are literally perfect! Two great actors….and I think that is sterling! Ahh

A post shared by ANGELINE APPEL (@angeline_appel) on

And this cute pool moment:

Seeing you so happy makes me want what you have ???

A post shared by ANGELINE APPEL (@angeline_appel) on

Seeing you so happy makes me want what you have ???

A post shared by ANGELINE APPEL (@angeline_appel) on

Lauren Kolodin

The internet seems to low-key think Noah and singer Lauren Kolodin briefly dated, which is maybe true based on this photo from yet *another* fan account:

It makes me happy that Lauren and Noah are such good friends because I absolutely love now that he plays Jesus on The Fosters.It’s been my favorite tv show ever since it came out and I was upset that Jake T Austin wasn’t going to play Jesus anymore l,but I’m happ Noah was the one to take his place as Jesus♡

A post shared by Lauren (@laurennicolekolodin) on

Cute, but take this one with a grain of salt.

So, Is He Single?

Wow, thanks for asking! An intense scroll through many cryptic tweets leads me to believe that yes, Noah is single (unless he’s secretly dating Lana Condor). And it looks like he’s been a free-agent since the spring of this year when he started doing stuff like this:

To the girl in the high waisted denim shorts, dark spaghetti strap t-shirt and red clip in her hair who I haven’t stopped thinking about since earlier today when I didn’t even attempt to talk to you as you walked past me…i’m still thinking about you. And it’s heartbreaking ?

And this:

I keep falling for strangers

And also this:

What is the definition of “smitten”?

Me, right now, in this airport, dreaming about a stranger.

FYI, His Perfect Date Sounds Incredible

So, what does Noah get up to when he is taken? Oh, you know, just some casual sunset reading sessions. Back when he used to live at a hotel like some sort of hunky Eloise, Noah experienced what he describes as his best first date ever. “She’d come over late afternoon sometime close to sunset or just before and I said bring a book, and we traded,” Noah explained, causing me to turn into a literal puddle. “I gave her The Celestine Prophecy and she gave me You Are the One by Kute Blackson, and we read. For, like, three hours.”

But That’s Nothing Compared to the Most Romantic Thing He’s Ever Done

Ugh, guys, I have no words, so I’ll just let Noah tell this story: “I would say one of the most romantic things I’ve done is I’ve taken a girlfriend back to her hometown when she hadn’t been back for years,” he said. “It was in Puerto Rico, and we stayed there for about a week and a half. She showed me the different places she grew up around.”

^Me RN, after hearing this story.

P.S. He’s Super Dirty with the Girls He’s Dating

Noah might give off a ~I wanna read to you shirtless and then play some acoustic guitar also while I’m shirtless~ vibe, but apparently he really just wants to talk dirty all day. At least, according to a viral video (which I won’t show here!) featuring him musing, “So, are you gonna show me how you squirt or what?” Honestly, I have no words. But this GIF seems appropriate:

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