ANDEN Crafts Sustainable and Chic Cameo Mirrors for Your Minimalistic Home

East London-based design house ANDEN has released a new product called the Cameo mirror. It appears in both a matte black ebonized finish and a natural golden hue — with the latter better showing the grain of the solid beech timber wood that it is made from — and ANDEN has produced the Cameo with sustainability in mind.

Not only are each of these mirrors made-to-order, thus cutting down wastage, but the materials used are all sustainably sourced and each mirror is hand-finished using eco-friendly oils. ANDEN even presents the Cameo mirror in plastic-free packaging, adding to its sustainable focus.

The mirror itself is simplistic, chic, and fuss-free. Made from just two pieces, the Cameo uses a ball and socket joint instead of any fastenings, which means the mirror can rotate freely and be used at all angles. It measures at H220 x W170 x D70mm and can be lifted by hand to use as a mirror for all your close-up needs.

ANDEN’s Cameo mirror costs £149 GBP (approx. $193 USD) and is available to purchase on ANDEN’s website now.

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