This App Helps You Find The Perfect Gift For Literally Anyone & It’ll Change Your Life

My plan for adulthood was to become the kind of person who would be really good at getting people gifts, who would never forget a birthday, and who would never show up empty-handed. But, somewhere in between work and life, I lost that goal. Instead, I became the person who is constantly telling people they owe them a gift, and who often has trouble finding the right present for the people important to me. That’s exactly the issue that Ari & Elle, a new app that will help you find the perfect gift, is trying to fix. After all, there’s a lot that goes into getting someone a gift — the shopping, the gift wrapping, the card-writing, the delivering — so, as an app, Ari & Elle will just do it all for you.

In the time it would take you to look up a store to start perusing gift ideas, you can pick a present for whoever you’d like through the app, and have it wrapped and sent off to the recipient.

The genius of this app really lies in the detail involved in finding the right gifts. For instance, if the recipient is your best friend, you can offer the app’s AI chatbot some helpful facts about the person that will prompt it to guide to you to the best gift for them. However, if you don’t know the recipient of your gift well, the chatbot will ask you a few questions to help you find something relevant and thoughtful anyway. With access to hundreds of gift boxes from thousands of vendors, Ari & Elle feels like a mall in an app.

Not only does this app simplify the gift-giving process, but it’ll also help you be a better gifter. Also, this app is so dynamic, it has gift boxes for people who are having a bad day! (Note to friends: if I ever text you that I’m having a tough day, the answer is yes, I definitely want a gift box, and it will definitely make me feel better.)

Here’s how to use the app:

Declare The Recipient & The Occasion

Add the gift of your choice to your cart, and head to the check-out. The gift will ship out in a box with proper packaging and wrapping, along with your own special message. And all with just the tap of a button!

Pick A Delivery Method

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise of the gift but don’t know the best mailing address for the recipient, the app has a solution! You can order the gift and the app will send them an email letting them know there’s a gift waiting for them, and they can put in the best address themselves. Of course, if you have an address handy, you can simply send it direct — but for those people who you don’t know well enough to have their home address stored in your phone, this is a savior of an option.

You can check out Ari & Elle in the Apple App Store here.

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