Apple AirPods: Next Generation Could Be A Major Leap Forward

Apple’s next generation of AirPods might be a huge leap in technological achievement.

When Apple released the AirPods in late 2016, it was to huge consumer hype and expectations. Sure, wireless in-ear headphones already existed, but this was the first time that Apple would be making them.

As it turns out, the AirPods were good, but they weren’t the reimagining of the wheel that some people were hoping for. They used Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your aux-port-missing iPhone (or any phone with Bluetooth connectivity), they provided decent sound, and that was it. One of the main criticisms of the AirPod was just how expensive they are in comparison to similar Bluetooth earbuds.

But that was then. Now we’ve got reports of Apple making a brand new set of AirPods that are said to be a huge breakthrough in wireless, in-ear headphone technology.

According to many anonymous sources from within the company all speaking to Bloomberg, Apple has plans to add a host of new features to their wireless earbuds that are all aimed at improving the experience for the music-lover on the go.

First up is adding water resistance. The current AirPods aren’t all that great if you happen to take them to the gym and get all sweaty, but the next-generation AirPods will be able to deal with a drop of sweat as easily as it can a drop of rain. Swimming is out of the question as these new AirPods aren’t going to be waterproof, but they’ll take inclement outdoor conditions a lot better.

Also set to be added is noise cancellation so you can jog outdoors or at a crowded gym without having your tunes drowned out by ambient noise. That’s a huge boon for any set of headphones, but especially for earbuds that don’t have a lot of natural noise protection.

On top of these features, Apple wants to make it compatible with the upcoming AirPower wireless charger, as well as possibly add some biometric sensors that are already found on the Apple Watch.

Don’t expect this to be cheap, though. The regular AirPods are already pretty pricey at $159 per pair, and the new, feature-packed version will be even more expensive than that. But if Apple brings all those features to the table, the price jump will be worth it.

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