Are the circles moving? Mind-bending optical illusion will leave you baffled

If you think you're good with an optical illusion, you might change your mind once you've seen this one.

The latest mind-boggling brainteaser asks people whether or not the circles in the image are moving.

It was shared on Optics4Kids and shows black, blue, green and white colours on a background.

The image looks as though it is forming a pinwheel sort of shape.

And by looking at the optical illusion, the little shapes will make you think that they're constantly moving in circular motions.

But that's where you're wrong and the confusing brainteaser isn't as complicated as you think.

So are you looking for the answer?

According to the website, the pinwheels aren't actually moving.

It is an example of a Moiré effect which occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots on another set of lines or dots.

The effect can be seen when looking through ordinary window screens at another background.

Revealing the answer, the website said: "Look closely, they aren't moving."

  • Mind-bending optical illusion asks you to stare at the centre for 20 seconds

If that was far too simple for you, don't worry we've got more.

Previously, a mind-bending grid optical illusion asks users to "count all the black dots".

The image was an example of a Hermann Grid Illusion which occurs by "ghostlike" grey blobs on a black background.

It's not the first time we've seen that sort of optical illusion as well.

Reddit users were left baffled by an Apple Mac keyboard optical illusion.

The user, under the name DontShowMyFriends, shared a photo of his laptop on the open forum.

When it was shared, one said: "Yeah I would never be able to concentrate."

Another added: "I can’t f***ing see it."

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