Are Toni Braxton & Birdman Back Together? Why Her Family’s ‘Rooting’ For Them

What’s going on with Toni Braxton and Birdman? After they called off their engagement, he surprised her onstage at her concert on Jan. 23! Now, her family is all for a reconciliation! Here’s Why!

Are they, or aren’t they back together? That’s the question fans are buzzing over after Birdman showed up to Toni Braxton‘s concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on January 23 — just three weeks after they called off their engagement. After the tumultuous couple shared a sweet embrace onstage, Toni, 51, escorted the rapper, 49, backstage for some private time. So, what’s the deal?

“Birdman and Toni aren’t back together yet,” a source close to the pair tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY! However, he’s trying everything to win her back. And, although Toni is receptive to his cute gestures, it’s not a done deal. “She still loves him, but she was the one that walked away and it’s going to take more than him showing up on stage to make her change her mind,” the insider explains, admitting that a reconciliation isn’t off the table either, though. “Still, it’s very possible he will be able to make it happen. — They have a special bond and a lot of love and history.”

While Toni is a bit hesitant to jump back into an engagement with Birdman, her family is hoping the two can work things out. “Toni’s sisters and her mom all really like Birdman,” the source says. “He made a big effort to win them over, especially her mom — and it worked, because they’ve totally welcomed him into the family. They were all sad when Toni called off the engagement.”

Although the family is all for Toni and Birdman as a couple, they don’t want to interfere. “None of them are stepping in and telling Toni she should take Birdman back, but they’re rooting for them. The Braxton family would love to see Toni and Birdman make it down the aisle.”

As we previously reported, both music veterans wiped their Instagram accounts clean of any sign of one another in January — a move that caused fans to worry they had called off their engagement. Toni fueled the split rumors when she uploaded one new photo of herself, captioned with a quote about “starting a new chapter.” Meanwhile, Birdman did the same when he posted and then deleted the words “It’s over” on his Instagram Story.

The two never actually confirmed they had split, but their cryptic social media posts gave fans enough evidence to be worried. However, it looks like these two are on better terms after Birdman’s onstage surprise. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next!

Toni and Birdman announced their engagement last February. Back in November, she admitted that they had planned to tie the knot by the end of 2018.

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