‘Are You The One?’ Reunion: Who’s Still Together After Season 7 Finale?

The cast from ‘Are You The One?’ season 7 reunited for a post-show special and spilled the tea on who’s still together and much more. Here’s a recap of what went down!

The Are You The One? season 7 reunion special brought all 11 perfect matches back together to give an update on where the couples stand today. Since Maria and Shamoy were the first confirmed perfect match way back on week three, it made sense to catch up with them first. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t make it past most of their time in the Honeymoon Suite. At the reunion, Maria revealed that Shamoy told her that he actually had a girlfriend back home while they were spending alone time together.

“I’m not the person to hurt someone’s feelings, but when it starts getting a little intimate and stuff..I came up with something to tell her, like, I wasn’t feeling it,” Shamoy explained. “I didn’t lie. I just said I wasn’t really feeling you.” Although Shamoy tried to play it like he didn’t have a girlfriend and only made that up to distance himself from Maria, she wasn’t having it. “You can say you made it up, but there’s pictures on Reddit,” she ranted. “Just have some big d*** energy and say you have a girlfriend!” Needless to say, these two are not together!

As for the season’s second confirmed perfect match, Tevin and Kenya, things are on much better terms, but they also revealed they’re not together. “I think we are a perfect match,” Tevin admitted. “But I would say you can have the perfect person and not have the perfect timing.” Meanwhile, Kenya spilled that she and Tevin were basically living together after the show…until she saw a video of him making out with AYTO season 6 contestant, Diandra. “He didn’t even tell me, I had to have people show me [the videos],” Kenya said. “He had a bag full of stuff at my house. I found out and took that right outside in the pouring rain!”

Of course, Kenya and Tevin were involved in a love triangle with Jasmine all season, but there’s no bad blood between Jasmine and Kenya any longer. “Me and Jasmine are definitely cool,” Kenya confirmed. “What reason do we have not to like each other?”

The third confirmed perfect match this season was Brett and Nutsa, who are also not together after filming. The two went off on each other at the reunion, with Nutsa slamming Brett as “fake”and him trying to defend himself. “I just didn’t like you as much as you liked me,” he told her. “I didn’t not give a s*** about you.”

Speaking of Nutsa, she also had a bit of a fling with Zak, this season’s biggest player, after filming ended — and things ended REALLY badly. She explained that the two hung out on Fourth of July weekend, which prompted him to buy her a one way plane ticket and move in with him. Despite seeing Zak’s behavior all season, Nutsa actually went along with it, which she said she regrets now. “It was fake as s***,” she ranted. “I’m so stupid for not seeing that with him.”

Meanwhile, Zak went on to hookup with Geles from AYTO season 6, as well as Nilsa from MTV’s Floribama Shore. He also had a brief relationship with AYTO season 1 vet, Shanley, who showed up at the reunion to reveal some shocking scoop of her own about him. Shanley accused Zak of blackmailing her by threatening to release “screen recordings” of the NSFW FaceTime sessions they had during their month-and-a-half long, long distance romance. “How could you ever even threaten that?” she asked. “It’s so nasty, so terrible. I lawyered the f*** up.” Zak tried to explain that he didn’t actually have the screen recordings, but Shanley fired back, “It’s just the fact that you had the audacity to threaten me with something like that.” Yikes!

Of course, all season long, Zak was in a love triangle with two different women, Bria and Morgan. He’s not together with either of the women now, but they revealed that they’re finally on good terms with each other. “Morgan and I are great,” Bria admitted. “I don’t think there was ever really an issue except we liked the same person. We’re cool.”

Another tumultuous relationship in the house was that of Daniel and Samantha’s. They left the show planning to stay together, but made it clear at the reunion that that was no longer the case. While Daniel called Samantha “possessive” and “spiteful,” she fired back that he was a “horndog” and claimed that their sex “wasn’t even that good.” She also explained that she felt he was “super fake” because he acted completely fine toward her before the reunion cameras were rolling, but when filming started, he “popped off.” Samantha is now dating her ex-boyfriend, which Daniel was not happy about — but she couldn’t care less. “I’m in love wit him and I’m gonna marry that dude,” Sam said. “So I don’t really give a f***.”

Meanwhile, Kayla and Cam were hot and heavy most of the season, but cooled off a bit when they found out they were a perfect match. However, they left the show on good terms, although they’re not together. “We decided not to try things out because he’s going to law school and I still need to figure myself out,” Kayla revealed. “We might not be in a relationship right now, but I still have so much love for him.”

Also not together? Jasmine and Kwasi, whose relationship fell apart when he hooked up with Maria on the final night of filming. “We weren’t playing a game anymore [at that point],” Jasmine explained. “It hurt me.” As for Lauren, who was rarely shown all season, she’s back with her ex and super happy. “I don’t think I would have let him back in my life if it wasn’t for the show.”

There is one couple who did make things work, though — Cali and Tomas! Although they weren’t a perfect match, they connected on the show, and confirmed at the reunion that they’ve been dating ever since. Aw!

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