Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson: Is She Overwhelmed By His Tattoos For Her? The Truth

Ariana Grande seems to have new boyfriend Pete Davidson smitten after he proudly showed off two new tattoos he got that were inspired by her. How does she feel about his permanent displays of love?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s new romance has surely been heating up after Pete shockingly got two Ariana-inspired tattoos and although it’s a HUGE gesture, the singer is flattered with his permanent ink. “She thinks that the tattoos that Pete has got are really cute but her friends are telling her she may be dealing with a clinger and it might be too much too soon,” a source close to Ariana EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The honeymoon phase is in full effect with them so she really isn’t listening to her friends’ concerns and she doesn’t think it’s creepy but her friends are going to keep a close eye and are looking out for her best interests. They hope that it doesn’t become something more a few months down the line when reality sets in.”

Despite the concern of Ariana’s friends, the relationship between the two lovebirds seems to be going well. Shortly after news got out that they were casually dating, they posted photos of each other on their social media accounts and openly commented on each other’s posts. Their actions definitely prove that they’re thoroughly enjoying getting to know each other and we have to admit that it’s quite adorable!

Ariana and Pete first made headlines shortly after Ariana and ex Mac Miller‘s breakup ruled the news on May 9. There’s been speculation that the new couple started dating before the breakup since Pete also ended things with an ex around the same time but we don’t know anything for sure. All we know right now is that Ariana and Pete are taking full advantage of the time they have together and we wish them all the best!

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