Ariana Grande Is ‘Worried Sick’ About Mac Miller Following DUI Arrest — Can’t Help Blaming Herself

Mac Miller’s scary DUI car crash is weighing heavily on his ex Ariana Grande. We’ve got details on how she’s blaming herself and wanting to reach out to him.

Ariana Grande just confirmed her breakup from boyfriend Mac Miller on May 10 and just one week later on May 17 he was behind the wheel of a terrifying drunk driving wreck. Now the 24-year-old songbird is beside herself over what happened. “Ariana is worried sick about Mac, and even though people keep telling her not to, she can’t help thinking she’s partially to blame for him going off the rails,” a source close to the singer tells EXCLUSIVELY. Mac allegedly drove his Mercedes G-Wagon into an electrical pole in LA’s San Fernando Valley in the early morning hours and the damage was so bad it caused a three block power outage. Mac, 26, fled the scene but was arrested at home and taken to jail on charges of DUI and hit and run.

“Mac was so amazing after the horrific Manchester bombings, he was there for Ariana at every turn, and she will always be grateful to him for that, he was her rock and she doesn’t know how she would have coped without him,” our insider continues. After a bomb exploded outside her UK concert on May 22 of last year killing 22 people, he was right there to hug her when she got off the plane after flying home to Florida. The rapper also participated in her triumphant and star-studded One Love Manchester concert that followed on June 4.

Ariana seemingly tweeted to Mac “pls take care of yourself” in the hours after news broke about Mac’s DUI arrest. She really wants to get in touch with him but those around her are telling her not to. “Ariana really wants to reach out to Mac, because it’s obvious he’s going through some bad sh*t himself right now. But everyone is advising her against it — they’ve split up, and they both need to move on — that’s not going to happen if they start talking and hanging out together again. There’s no doubt Ariana and Mac will be friends, but not right now, the emotions are still too raw at this stage, they both need to give it time,” our source adds.

The “No Tears Left To Cry” singer confirmed their sad breakup in a May 10  Instagram story, where she called Mac by his real name Malcolm McCormack and wrote that he is “one of my best friends in the whole world” and “favorite human beings on the planet.”: Ari continued that she “respects and adores him endlessly” and is “so proud of him”. She added, “Unconditional love is not selfish. It is wanting the best for that person even if at the moment, it is not you.” Just five days later they really made things official by unfollowing each other on Instagram.

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