Ariel Winter Makes Us Wish Christmas Came Sooner [PHOTO]

Ariel Winter is making fans wish that Christmas came sooner after she posted a super sexy photo of herself on Instagram.

The Modern Family actress took to social media to give fans an early Christmas present. She is sitting on top of a couple of presents in knee-high boots,  short shorts, and a turtleneck mid-drift top, that shows off all of her assets. Her hair is all pulled back in a very put together and classy bun. Adding more allure to the photo is that it was taken in black and white.


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Winter did not caption the picture with words. She only put a little heart emoji next to it. However, there is really no need for the actress to say anything. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Her fans were clearly thrilled with the Christmas photo, as many were quick to compliment her on the shot. One user said “looking good Queen”, while another called her a “classy lady”. There was no shortage of praise for the brunette beauty.


However, along with the praise came the haters. Despite a large number of supportive remarks for her new photo, there were a number of comments that criticized the actress. For example, one user claimed “Dude, stop being nasty. Can you do anything without selling your body? Please. Can we be creative??” Another user referred to her as a “hooker”.

This is not the first time that the actress has come under fire for a picture she posted on social media. However, all the haters haven’t stopped her from being confident about her body and posting whatever she wants on Instagram.

Ariel Winter’s latest Instagram photo certainly made her fans wish Christmas came sooner and it was not just because she looked fabulous. The boots she is wearing in the photo became a quick topic of conversation. A lot of her fans want to know exactly where she got the amazing boots. It appears that her boots were just as much of a hit as the actual picture of the actress.

What do you think about the Christmas photo that Ariel Winter’s posted?

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