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ASDA shoppers have been left furious after noticing a big price change at the tills.

Shoppers who use the Scan and Go service at the budget supermarket have noticed they are being charged more than advertised.

With Scan & Go, you use the app on your smartphone or a handset provided in store to scan the barcode of each item as you shop.

However customers have realised that many items have been marked up when using the system.

Sean Clegg used the technology to shop in his local branch in Gravesend, Kent, and claims he was being tricked into spending more.

During his last shop he snapped pictures of five discrepancies between prices on the shelves and prices on the app.


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It meant his bill was £2.15 extra than those who paid at the till.

He told KentOnline: "The stated ticket price on the shelf is different from the actual price you pay. I spotted it on five items in one shopping session.

"I would have bought them and been totally unaware of the first one had it not caught my eye.

"There is probably a multitude of other mispricing around the shop, which if you were using a manned check-out you may not notice.

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"It annoys me that if anyone didn't have the means of checking they would be paying more than expected.

"And in these times of hardship it's very unfair on the families that are struggling and have to shop on a budget."

Another shopper, Karren Niblett, also spotted the price difference.

The mum said: "I've told staff several times over several months about advertising the wrong prices. Evidently it falls on deaf ears.

"All I do now is take pictures of the advertised price and show the checkout person and they cancel the item and change it to the advertised price. It's getting to be a joke now though.

"All prices are increasing by 25p, 50p or 75p now. Such a hike is more than the odd penny here and there.

"I have to buy lactose-free items and the prices were going up but they weren't advertising the correct price. I was telling staff for at least three months."

A spokesman for Asda said: “The process of price changes mean that shelf edge labels should be changed at the same time as they are updated on Scan & Go.

"If an item scans at a different price as to that shown on the shelf edge label, the customer should alert a colleague who will be able to confirm the correct price to be paid.”

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