August 21 and 22 horoscope: How Uranus and the Blue Moon will impact YOU

NASA explain what a 'blue moon' is

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Uranus, the planet of revolution, has stationed retrograde and we’re already feeling the effects of that. Funnily enough, the Blue Moon is occurring in Aquarius – Uranus’ ruler – on Sunday. This combination leads to a seriously revolutionary and expansive mood over the weekend. It’s going to be electric, exciting and awakening, but also stressful and shocking for some of us. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out the horoscope for YOUR sign this weekend – it’s recommended to read your horoscope for your Rising sign, for your Sun sign and then for your Moon sign.


Any changes to your self-esteem or bank balance will provoke you into action this weekend, Aries!

Francesca said: “Whether you’re celebrating and treating your friends or commiserating and turning to your friends to support; their involvement in your growth is inevitable.

“All roads lead to Rome eventually and your network is your most important asset.”


That situation you’d given up on may be back on the cards, Taurus.

Francesca explained: “It’s time to take the lead!

“Your instincts are faultless at the moment and your practical approach is what’s needed to guide others who are not as secure and grounded as you are.

“Resilience is your gift, and you are great at shouldering responsibility!

“Know when to cut and run but also make sure you’re not shirking your responsibilities.”


The signs, synchronicities and magic that appear in your dreams are invaluable. Gemini.

Francesca said: “Channeling your insights and sharing them with the world is your medicine.

“Teach, preach, explore the worlds and words you engage with.

“The seeds you sow inspire others to take their own journey; whether it’s to the library or on holiday! Freedom begins in the mind.”


Being rejected by your friends or rejecting them before you give them the chance creates space for you to dive into your supreme intuitive gift, Cancer.

Francesca advised: “Invest your time and energy in what feels right because therein lies the gold.

“The people who push you to see things differently are catalysts but always read between the lines.

“There are not enough words to express every nuance and idea at this time, reading the mood is your gift.”


This is the romance Lunation of the century for you, Leo.

Francesca said: “If you’re single, go and mingle.

“Set your sights on someone ‘above your station’.

“Someone at work may be involved in a new partnership, whether it’s romantic or simply really lucrative!

“This is the perfect astrological weather for punching above your weight!”


Someone from a different background to you may inspire a whole new way of thinking about the world, Virgo, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

Francesca instructed: “Put any new insights into action, set up some new daily habits and watch your world of work expand.

“Any new contacts made at this time could be very important for your future progression. Remember the name of everyone you meet!”


A fresh understanding of the psychology of others is enough to set you free from concerns about how they treat you, Libra.

Francesca said: “This is liberating and the Full Moon encourages you to down tools and have fun.

“You never know who you might meet on the dance floor and how they could expand your world.”


Uranus stationing in your relationship sector is either going to do one of two things for you, Scorpio.

Francesca said: “Uranus retrograde in your relationship sector is either going to blow up romances into full-blown magic or highlight every problem there has ever been.

“Communication is the key to all potential doors and this could be the best thing that has ever happened to you, making you feel more at home than ever.

“Either that or the shackles are cut and freedom feels better than you expected!”


Your daily routine is shot to pieces, Sagittarius, but that’s not necessarily a negative.

Francesca said: “This is no bad thing for someone who loves change as much as you do.

“Any unexpected health complaints are a message from your body, listen to them.

“Conversations with siblings, books you come across and dormant ideas are desperate to come to fruition as you educate others with the insights from the lessons you’ve learned first hand.”


Summer’s here and it’s time to play, Capricorn.

Francesca said: “The people you meet whilst you’re out and about having fun paradoxically could be integral to your future financial successes, strategy isn’t the only way forward.

“Enjoy the process of manifesting what you want, blocking the flow with restrictive routines is not the one!”


All eyes on you this weekend, Aquarius!

Francesca said: “Your family or home situation is changing and it’s exciting and stressful in equal measure.

“Expansion is yours in many senses, so go and take it!

“Supportive partners are here to shine their love into you and give you the confidence to become more than you’d ever dreamed possible.”


Your ideas are always great, Pisces, but at the moment they are divinely inspired.

Francesca said: “Take the time away from the crowd to let everything flow.

“The potential growth for your growth is infinite and magic.

“The ideas funnelled from your dreams are fresh and you understand that every moment we are co-creating our reality. What are you manifesting?”

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