Avril Lavigne Did Our 'Expensive Taste Test' On a Slight Champagne Buzz

For the Expensive Taste Test, Avril Lavigne kicked things off by singing “Girlfriend” in Japanese, so this episode’s iconic status was obvious at the top. I had such high expectations for this punk princess and literally, all of them were exceeded. Oh, joyful day.

Let’s discuss Avril chugging the champagne we gave her, just to confirm how expensive it is. That’s really my kinda girl. Everyone should have to do the Expensive Taste Test slightly buzzed from this day forward. Feels like that would help heighten the senses or something, IDK.

We had her try out some gummy worms, liquid eyeliner, and platform boots, because duh, it’s Avril. This is probably why she managed to dominate the challenge so severely. Like, it was almost a clean sweep. Avril knows! Her! Stuff! Watch to see which of the items managed to stump this icon. Also check out Avril’s latest album, “Love Sux,” out now!

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