‘Bachelor’ Nation’s Jade & Tanner Just Shared Another Sonogram Of Baby #2

As the first family from Bachelor in Paradise, Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s second child on the way is a huge deal to the fandom. The couple has been very open about their journey to expand their family throughout the years. And recently, Jade and Tanner shared a major pregnancy update: their son’s sonogram. Even their daughter Emmy Tolbert (or whoever runs her account) mentioned the sonogram on her Instagram Story.

Along with the photo, Jade shared a very detailed explanation about her son-to-be’s medical issue. She told her followers,

An article on the Rush University website states, "Pyelectasis is when a prenatal ultrasound detects extra fluid in unborn babies’ kidneys. The condition often resolves itself before or shortly after birth."

In her Instagram post, Jade kept it positive. She remarked, "Looks like his daddy to me!" The soon-to-be mother-of-two also shared, "He was super wiggly and we got lots of fun pictures of him. Emmy was even fascinated by the baby on the screen!"

Before the sonogram appointment, Jade expressed some concerns on her Instagram Story. She wondered if she was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions or if there was something else going on, since she felt "weird." Thankfully, they had an ultrasound appointment that same day.

Tanner shared a couple of images from the sonogram and simply captioned it, "Hello, son…" Sure, that’s a very brief caption, but anyone who’s been following him since his time on Bachelor in Paradise knows how much he has wanted to add a son to their family.

In an April 2018 interview with Us Weekly, Tanner shared, "I’m going to keep trying until we have a boy." And soon enough, they’ll have one of each. Does this mean that the Tolberts will be a family of four forever after their son is born? Or will they add more kids to the mix?

While Jade and Tanner shared photos of their unborn son, he actually has his own Instagram account already. So of course, someone was going to post an image from the ultrasound on his account. The post was captioned, "Got my picture taken today," but this is far from the first time. There have been plenty of sonogram and baby bump photos posted on Tiny Tolbert’s account and he hasn’t even been born yet!

While Jade, Tanner, and the unborn baby shared photos from yesterday’s doctor’s appointment, Emmy’s account reminded Bachelor Nation that she is the original Tolbert baby. In her Instagram Story, she shared a side-by-side comparison of her sonogram photo and her future little brother’s.

It’s been so great to follow along with the Tolberts post-TV lives. They have been so open as they’ve grown their family, showing their followers that when it really comes down to it they’re just like us. Who wouldn’t be excited over a new addition to the family? More pictures, please.

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