‘Bachelor’ Nation’s New Show Is Filming Soon & You Can Actually Watch The Drama Unfold IRL

Stop what you’re doing, because Bachelor Nation is offering an opportunity to truly get up close and personal to all the action with their next show. Fans can get tickets to a taping of The Proposal, the franchise’s latest offering. According to Vulture, the actual show won’t premiere until the summer, but production is apparently getting a jump-start on filming. The website providing the tickets, On Camera Audiences, listed the first taping as right around the corner, with two timing options available as soon as April 27 at 11 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

But even if you can’t make it to the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles for either of the showings on that day, there are several other dates scattered through late April and early May, with more likely to come. And while a free ticket to a Bachelor Nation taping and being one of the first fans to catch a glimpse of this new project might sound too good to be true, it seems to be real. After all, the the information came from Mike Fleiss himself.

Later on Tuesday afternoon, the same evening that The Proposal was announced, the Bachelor creator tweeted a link to the ticketing site to his 89,000+ followers:

It’s an exciting opportunity, but even if you can’t drop everything to take advantage of it, there’s still more to glean from the announcement. For one thing, it yields a little more information about the series, which fans can’t help but be hungry for, especially because the format isn’t exactly the easiest to understand.

It’s already been reported by sites like The Hollywood Reporter that the series will be 10 episodes long and premiere in Summer 2018. Also, Chris Harrison will cede hosting duties to Bachelor Nation alum Jesse Palmer, who’s making his first reappearance since helming The Bachelor Season 5. But the format itself is trickier to grasp, so it’s nice that the ticketing site has a cute little blurb to help with comprehension. It promises that "each episode is like binging a whole season of The Bachelor," and describes the format as such:

According to THR, the rounds will be loosely connected to familiar Bachelor Nation tropes. The first is the impression round, clearly taken from the First Impression Rose tradition; the second is beachwear, which feels like a nod to Bachelor in Paradise; and the third and fourth are answering romantic-themed questions and vying for the approval of a family member, which sounds like a distilled version of Hometowns.

All of that will be crammed into one hour-long episode, so viewers — whether from home or in the audience — will be along for the ride on an entire relationship, from start to finish. It’s a massive compression of the already-tight time period of shows like The Bacheorette and BIP, but it’s still supposed to end in a proposal, so this could get pretty wild.

If contestants like Peter Kraus and Arie Luyendyk Jr. can’t be sure of their decisions even after weeks of knowing someone, just imagine how things will be escalated on The Proposal. Or if you’re free for the filming days, you don’t have to imagine — you can watch for yourself. This is probably the most involvement you could ever get in a Bachelor Nation show without being a contestant yourself, so fans shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

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